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Meera Syal, James Runcie, Elliot Ackerman, Philip Hoare

Libby Purves meets actor and writer Meera Syal; writer and director James Runcie; former soldier Elliot Ackerman and Philip Hoare, author, (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p03nsm3n.mp3

Patricia Rozario, Nick Davies, Lachlan Goudie, Sita Brand

Nick Davies is professor of behavioural ecology at the University of Cambridge and an expert on cuckoos. Based at Wicken Fen, the National Trust (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p03pgy2p.mp3

Julian Clary, Wendy Cope, Carmen Aguirre, Patrick Deeley

Libby Purves meets poet Wendy Cope; performer Julian Clary; poet Patrick Deeley and actor and playwright Carmen Aguirre. Wendy Cope OBE is a (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p03q6699.mp3

Maureen Lipman; Paul Whitehouse; Chris Bull; Desmond MacCarthy.

Libby Purves meets actor Maureen Lipman; writer and comedian Paul Whitehouse; tightrope walker Chris Bull and farmer Desmond MacCarthy. Chris (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p03qybsy.mp3

Hunter Davies, Daniel Evans, Henry Normal, Fiona Bird

Libby Purves meets writer Hunter Davies; artistic director Daniel Evans; poet Henry Normal and forager and cook Fiona Bird. Fiona Bird is a (...)

  • Category: RADIO-NEWS
  • play episode http://open.live.bbc.co.uk/mediaselector/6/redir/version/2.0/mediaset/audio-nondrm-download/proto/http/vpid/p03rmkym.mp3

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