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He's at the center of the transgender bathroom debate

23 February[ —]
When Gavin Grimm announced his transition, he was initially told he could use the boys' bathroom. But that soon changed.

Trump administration withdraws transgender bathroom protections

23 February[ —]
The Trump administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama-era guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools.

Chicago public schools to keep ICE agents out

23 February[ —]
Chicago Public Schools say they will deny federal immigration agents access to district buildings and personnel unless served with a criminal warrant, the latest in a series of steps taken by US school officials to protect undocumented students.

Wanted: 'Missing' lawmakers

23 February[ —]
Some Americans would like you to believe their Republican members of Congress have mysteriously gone missing. Those constituents have turned to some creative ways to voice their displeasure.

Bannon and Pence send contradictory messages to EU

23 February[ —]
White House strategist Steve Bannon described the European Union as a flawed institution to Germany's US envoy a week before Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed the US commitment to the EU in Brussels, two diplomatic sources with knowledge of the conversation told CNN.

Democrats debate their future tonight at 10 p.m. ET

23 February[ —]
Democrats are days away from choosing a new party leader in a race that will help determine how to fight President Donald Trump. But to get there, they also are revisiting the bitter split of the 2016 presidential primary.

Pence visits desecrated Jewish cemetery

23 February[ —]
Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday strongly condemned a recent spate of anti-Semitism before visiting a vandalized cemetery outside of St. Louis.

Constituent to senator: 2020, you're done!

23 February[ —]
At a town hall in Louisiana, after Senator Bill Cassidy did not immediately answer a question regarding Obamacare, one angry constituent stood up and yelled, "2020, you're gone!"

Media more trustworthy than Trump, poll finds

23 February[ —]
Republicans trust Donald Trump. Everyone else trusts the media. That is the finding of a Quinnipiac University poll which shows a dramatic split between Republicans and other Americans when it comes to matters of trust.

Get ready to cast your Oscar ballot

22 February[ —]
The Academy Awards can be perplexing, unless you're especially well versed in the difference between "sound editing" and "sound mixing." But that doesn't mean you can't have a competitive advantage with your Oscar ballot, even if you don't have money riding on it.

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