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And the 'DWTS' host doesn't seem thrilled

21 August[ —]
It appears that not everyone is thrilled with the new cast of "Dancing With the Stars."

This little-known meme site has hosted two mass shooting threats this month

21 August[ —]
Two young men arrested this month for threatening mass shootings posted those threats to a website known more for its memes than its menaces: iFunny.

Former military records technician accused of bilking millions from US soldiers

21 August[ —]
Federal prosecutors accused a former military medical records technician of bilking millions of dollars from thousands of US servicemembers and veterans in a far-reaching identity theft scheme, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

The President loves to say shocking things. His attempt to purchase a country from Denmark is no different.

21 August[ —]
Donald Trump won't be going to Denmark in 10 days. Because the Danes won't sell him Greenland.

'Lady and the Tramp' star is a 2-year-old rescue dog from Arizona named Monte

21 August[ —]
An Arizona rescue dog will make his film debut in Disney's live-action remake of "Lady and the Tramp." And he certainly looks the part.

Fidel Castro's crocodile bites man at party

21 August[ —]
A man has been hospitalized after being bitten by a crocodile that once belonged to the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

US to allow indefinite detention of migrant families

21 August[ —]
The Trump administration on Wednesday announced plans that could hold undocumented families detained together indefinitely, replacing the decades-old agreement that set a 20-day limit for holding children.

Flight attendant: What new FAA chief needs to do to keep the misery out of flying

21 August[ —]
The other night I took a flight from Seattle to Dallas, and as I was maneuvering into my window seat in economy class, I couldn't help but wonder: If it's this difficult to get into my seat under regular conditions, how would I be able to get out in an emergency situation? And how could all the people on the plane get out in 90 seconds if there was an emergency evacuation?

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