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Aleppo: UN fears for 100,000 trapped civilians

9 December[ —]
Hundreds of men are allegedly missing after crossing from rebel-held eastern Aleppo in Syria to the government-controlled west, the United Nations said Friday, as it voiced fears for the fate of some 100,000 civilians still trapped in the east.

Japan is using QR stickers to track down the elderly

9 December[ —]
Some people microchip their pets to ensure they're easily found when lost, but now a city in Japan wants to apply a similar approach to their elderly -- and they're turning to QR code stickers instead of microchips.

Man coughed and heaved for 13 minutes during execution

9 December[ —]
An Alabama death row inmate coughed and heaved for about 13 minutes during his execution by lethal injection on Thursday night, AL.com reported.

1,000+ athletes benefited from 'state-sponsored doping'

9 December[ —]
More than 1,000 Russian athletes across 30 sports -- including football -- benefited from state-sponsored doping, according to the latest findings of a report commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

83 suspects in soccer sex abuse

9 December[ —]
There are now 83 potential suspects and 98 teams involved in the inquiry into historic child sexual abuse in English football, the National Police Chiefs' Council revealed.

Trump's SBA choice gave him $7M

9 December[ —]
President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to run the Small Business Administration gave millions to support his presidential campaign -- including a newly disclosed $1 million donation just weeks before the election.

Which foreign policy sacred cows will Trump slaughter next?

9 December[ —]
Donald Trump shook up America. Now it's the world's turn.

How Trump ended Democrats' 144-year winning streak here

9 December[ —]
Through folded green valleys and down roads paved atop mountain ridges sits a place like many others in this impoverished and beautiful region. But one thing is not the same.

S. Korean Parliament votes to impeach President

9 December[ —]
South Korea's parliament's vote on whether to impeach the country's embattled leader is underway.

Real or fake: What Christmas tree is best for the planet?

9 December[ —]
Like a birthday without cake or a Thanksgiving meal without turkey, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a tree.

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