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US citizen trapped at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak says she's angry and scared

26 January[ —]
A US citizen trapped at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China described her fear of living in a city that's cut off from the rest of the country by transport restrictions.

Death row inmate who argued a racist juror voted for his sentence has died, attorneys say

26 January[ —]
A Georgia death row inmate who had argued a racist juror voted to put him to death because he was black has died, according to the Georgia Resource Center.

Trump's attorney goes to hell in 'Saturday Night Live' cold open

26 January[ —]
President Donald Trump's attorney Alan Dershowitz, played by guest star Jon Lovitz, wound up in hell during the "Saturday Night Live" cold open.

Hunters put the squeeze on 80 snakes in Florida's Python Bowl

26 January[ —]
Once again, we have a winner in the annual contest of your dreams -- your very, very bad dreams, that is.

Opinion: The World Health Organization should sound the alarm on Wuhan coronavirus

26 January[ —]
As the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread around the world, the World Health Organization's decision to hold off on declaring the outbreak "a public health emergency of international concern" is baffling.

Parnas' attorney: There are more Trump recordings

26 January[ —]
CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Lev Parnas' attorney, Joseph Bondy, about the recently released recording of President Donald Trump at a 2018 dinner with Parnas and Igor Fruman.

The nearly 90-minute recording features the President and the indicted businessmen Trump has said he doesn't know

26 January[ —]
A nearly 90-minute recording released Saturday of President Donald Trump at a 2018 dinner with indicted businessmen he has claimed he doesn't know includes Trump speaking animatedly about removing the US ambassador to Ukraine -- at one point stating, "Get rid of her!"

Boeing's huge 777-9X airplane takes its first flight

26 January[ —]
The world's longest and largest twin-engine airliner, the Boeing 777-9X, has finally taken to the skies for its maiden flight, offering a ray of hope for the troubled US aviation company following months of grim headlines.

North Carolina man charged with human trafficking after police allege he kept a sex slave for 5 years

26 January[ —]
A North Carolina man is facing a human trafficking charge after police alleged he kept a person in sexual servitude for five years.

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