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A YouTuber and his friend jailed near Area 51

18 September[ —]
Two Dutch friends said they just wanted a good look at the mysterious Area 51 before leaving the US, but they ended up in a Nevada jail, instead.

The law fails victims of violence on tribal lands

18 September[ —]
Imagine that you're walking down the street in your neighborhood when you see your ex-boyfriend lurking near your apartment building. The next day, you see him at your workplace. Soon, he's everywhere, and witnesses can testify that he's following you. But your stalker goes free because your town doesn't have the power to prosecute the person who is shadowing you. How safe would you feel?

Giant panda's sudden death in Thai zoo sparks Chinese investigation

18 September[ —]
A beloved giant panda on loan to Thailand has died suddenly in a northern Thai zoo, prompting an investigation by Chinese experts.

Prosecutor: State senator charged with having child porn

18 September[ —]
Pennsylvania State Sen. Michael Folmer is facing charges of possession of child pornography, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Tuesday in a news release.

Elizabeth Warren stopped cold by Colbert's question

18 September[ —]
Stephen Colbert asks Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if she "agrees with President Donald Trump on anything?"

Conservation group wants to buy world's largest remaining private giant sequoia forest

18 September[ —]
A San Francisco conservation group has kicked off a public fundraising campaign to buy and protect the world's largest remaining privately owned giant sequoia forest. It just needs $15 million.

Hiker survives after crawling with broken leg for two days. Now he has a message for other hikers

18 September[ —]
An experienced Australian hiker crawled for two agonizing days, carrying his broken leg, to find help after falling down a waterfall during a solo mountain hike.

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