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Stress eating these days? Here's some help

31 March[ —]
Stress eating is something that many people struggle with on a regular basis, when things are "normal." But with the coronavirus pandemic challenging us in different ways each day, it seems to have become an equal opportunity problem, affecting even those who don't typically eat in response to anxiety or other emotions.

Children's author and illustrator Tomie dePaola has died

31 March[ —]
Tomie dePaola, a children's author and illustrator known for his book "Strega Nona," died Monday.

One reason why things went wrong with virus in the US

31 March[ —]
CNN's Drew Griffin explains why early testing is key in combating the spread of Covid-19 and points to South Korea's low death rate as an example of its importance.

Coronavirus deaths in the US top 3,000

31 March[ —]
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Andrew Cuomo to Chris: You're the meatball of the family

31 March[ —]
CNN's Chris Cuomo and his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took turns poking fun of each other after a discussion about the coronavirus efforts in New York.

Woman said goodbye to her mom before she died thanks to a nurse

31 March[ —]
Michelle Bennett didn't think she'd be able to say goodbye to her mother before she died.

Coronavirus death rate is lower than previously reported, study says

31 March[ —]
How many people die after being infected with the novel coronavirus? Fewer than previously calculated, according to a study released Monday, but still more than die from the flu.

Federal judge blocks Texas order liming abortion access over coronavirus

31 March[ —]
A federal judge has blocked a Texas executive order banning non-essential medical procedures from limiting abortion access during the coronavirus outbreak, a win for abortion rights activists as the fight over abortion rights intersects with the worsening pandemic.

Trump again touts unproven drugs for coronavirus, and other misleading statements

31 March[ —]
• Analysis: The deep leadership flaw revealed by Trump touting his press conference ratings • Lemon: Trump turns briefing into reality show

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