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Kanye's anti-vax stance is a risk for Gap

8 July[ —]
Last month, Gap's announcement that it was partnering with Kanye West's fashion brand Yeezy on a clothing line in 2021 sent the retailer's shares soaring.

Opinion: How far will Clarence Thomas go?

8 July[ —]
"I would have gone further."

Ivory Coast's PM dies after cabinet meeting

8 July[ —]
Ivory Coast's Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly has died, the country's President announced.

Trump now in open dispute with health officials as virus rages

8 July[ —]
Five months into a still-raging pandemic that has killed more than 130,000 Americans, the long-simmering tensions between President Donald Trump and the health experts who staff his government have escalated from private griping to shrugging disagreement to now open dispute.

Birdwatcher in Central Park 911 call has not cooperated with prosecutors, NYT reports

8 July[ —]
• SCOTUS rules employment discrimination laws don't protect religious school teachers • Opinion: McConnell, show black lives matter

Facebook removes Roger Stone from Instagram after linking him to fake accounts

8 July[ —]
Facebook announced Wednesday it had shut down pages and accounts linked to Roger Stone and Proud Boys, a far-right group Facebook has banned under its hate policies. Stone's own Instagram account was shut down as part of the takedown.

Why this sheriff refuses to enforce a face mask mandate

8 July[ —]
Sheriff Richard K. Jones says he will not enforce the mask mandate issued by the Republican Governor Mike Dewine despite a high level of virus spread in his county.

Holocaust survivor invites DeSean Jackson to tour Auschwitz after the NFL star's anti-Semitic posts

8 July[ —]
A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor has invited NFL star DeSean Jackson to visit Auschwitz, where an estimated 1.1 million people were killed. The invitation comes after the Philadelphia Eagles' wide receiver shared a series of anti-Semitic Instagram posts, including a quote falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler.

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