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Iran seizes foreign oil tanker with 12 crew, state media says

18 juillet[ —]
• Pompeo claims Iran is willing to talk missiles. Iran says that's not true

Google will build 15,000 Silicon Valley homes as part of a $15 billion project

18 juillet[ —]
Google is teaming up with an Australian developer to build $15 billion worth of homes, offices and retail space in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How to stay safe in this week's heat wave

18 juillet[ —]
A heatwave is expected for much of the eastern half of the US in the coming days -- and it has the potential to be deadly.

Flying ants invade Britain in swarms so large they were seen from space

18 juillet[ —]
On one day every year, as per tradition, Britain is invaded by swarms of flying ants -- and this year, the insects arrived in such vast numbers they were seen from space.

Meghan and Catherine dispel rift rumors

18 juillet[ —]
There's nothing like a baby to bring families together and the British monarchy is no exception. While rumors of a rift between the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex were just that, the palace never claimed the two women were close either.

Woman billed $105,000 after 'dangerous' behavior forced flight diversion

18 juillet[ —]
A passenger whose "extremely disruptive behavior" caused a flight to be diverted with a military escort has been sent a bill for £85,000 ($105,000) and permanently banned from the airline.

4 things to know before the bell

18 juillet[ —]
Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.

Cambodia to send plastic waste back to the US and Canada

18 juillet[ —]
Cambodia has become the latest Asian country to reject shipments of waste sent to its shores by Western companies for processing.

Man caught with pound of cocaine under toupee

18 juillet[ —]
A man was arrested for trying to smuggle drugs underneath his hairpiece while attempting to go through security at the airport in Barcelona, Spain, according to Spain's national police.

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