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Betty Everything is a show for the woman who plays many parts on the great stage of life. We hope to be a catalyst to help elevate you to better (...)
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Is 40 Too Old To Have A Baby by BettyEverything

Is your biological clock ticking fast and stressing you out? Don't Panic! Today, Dr. Suzanne Hall from Gyno Groupie joins BE to fill (...)

  • play episode http://bettyeverything.com/app/public/audio/Is%2040%20Too%20Old%20To%20Have%20A%20Baby/Is%2040%20Too%20Old%20To%20Have%20A%20Baby.mp3

Style And Organize Your Home by BettyEverything

Do you need to get organized? We can help! Today, our guest Julie Cole, a founder of Mabel's Labels joins BE to talk about (...)

  • play episode http://bettyeverything.com/app/public/audio/Style%20And%20Organize%20Your%20Home/Style%20And%20Organize%20Your%20Home.mp3

How To Handle A Picky Eater by BettyEverything

Kids can be picky eaters, making it difficult for them to get proper nutrients and leaving parents frustrated in the process. On today's show, (...)

  • play episode http://bettyeverything.com/app/public/audio/How%20To%20Handle%20A%20Picky%20Eater/How%20To%20Handle%20A%20Picky%20Eater.mp3

Help Your Daughter Have A Positive Body Image by BettyEverything

Body image is something that many women struggle with and sadly it affects girls younger and younger. On today's show, we talk to Clinical Social (...)

  • play episode http://bettyeverything.com/app/public/audio/Help%20Your%20Daughter%20Have%20A%20Positive%20Body%20Image/Help%20Your%20Daughter%20Have%20A%20Positive%20Body%20Image.mp3

Talking Your Way To Better Sex by BettyEverything

Talking about sex with your partner can be uncomfortable, but it's so important for a fulfilling relationship. On today's show, sexual health (...)

  • play episode http://bettyeverything.com/app/public/audio/Talking%20Your%20Way%20To%20Better%20Sex/Talking%20Your%20Way%20To%20Better%20Sex.mp3

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