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The Willie Lawson Show I just say out loud what other people are thinking. This show all about solutions to the challenges that face all of us. (...)
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Does LGBT Trump Everything?

The so-called Equality Act is a thinly veiled effort do destroy the church and send Christains scattering.

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Morning Report #35

Today: College for the rich - Whisltbower Unmaked- Trump has broken the NYT

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Morning Report #33

Today: Judge reverses decision on Sandmann vs. Wapo               2nd in command of ISIS Dead              Pelosi pushes forward in impeachment (...)

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Morning Report #32

Today: John Coyners Death              ISIS Founder Killed In US Raid               Katie Hill Resigns

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Biden and The Brat are both torched today!

The morning report talk about Joe Biden and his connection to the Ukraine though Hunter Biden We also look at what the the Climate brat may (...)

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