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Guys, Games, and Beer is a podcast made up of gamers from middle school on up to middle age. We talk about what games we are playing, news, and (...)
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G2B Ep. 291: Mod Night Jan 2018: Amiga, Gamboy SP, Handhelds and Show and Tell

There is a whole lot going on in this episode: Modding an Amiga CD32, Gameboy SP, and some vintage handhelds. In Beer Court we have Leinenkugels (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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G2B at GameHole Con 2019 Pt. 2: Larpers, Podcasters and Pancakes!

Dancakes. Pancake art with Dan and Dana Art you can eat Eclectic Media Project. Chad (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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G2B at GameHole Con 2019 Pt. 1: Onyx Path and Pick Up and Go Games

Travis from Onyx Path Publishing as well ass Heather and Scott from Pick Up and Go Games face the hot, hot lights of G2B justice as they answer (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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G2B Live: Pitfall Vs Jungle Hunt

Few rivalries have caused as many broken friendships, damaged families and failed marriages as the battle between lovers of Pitfall's disdain for (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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Guys Games and Beer Plays Holy Diver

Join the Gutter Geeks as they play a few rounds of one of the harder NES games: Holy Diver!

  • Category: SCIENCE
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