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Guys, Games, and Beer is a podcast made up of gamers from middle school on up to middle age. We talk about what games we are playing, news, and (...)
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G2B: Beer Court Double Ender!

Ladies and Gentlemen: In honor of Mech Day 2020 G2B presents a Beer Court Double-Ender! Low Phunk by Mobcarft Brewery takes the stand and Son of (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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Guys Games and Beer: Our Favorite Free Games

The Gutter Geeks discuss our favorite free games of all time and where you can find them! Audio Only Version Below

  • Category: SCIENCE
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G2B: our Favorite RPG's EVER!

The Gutter Geeks chat about their favorite RPG's ever. From the early 80's to today some of the greatest adventures are discussed by a bunch of (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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G2B Interviews: Runaway Parade on Fire Tower: Rising Flames Expansion

Ya know what is better than Fire Tower? MORE Fire Tower! The Gutter Geeks chat with the fine folks at Runaway Parade about the Kickstarter for (...)

  • Category: SCIENCE
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Games We Have Been Playing Forever!

Ever had a game that stuck with you for weeks? Then those weeks turned to months then years and before You knew it a lifetime spent punctuated (...)

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