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Where right wing dignity goes to die. If you recall such great radio comedy satire as The National Lampoon Radio Hour and the great Firesign (...)
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I Seem to Be Irritating Mr. Hoge Somehow

Let’s review. I care less what Hoge thinks. He is a bug. Bugs do not think. Bugs scurry and eat filth until they are stepped on. Hoge maintains I (...)

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I Am Actually Sad to Write This.

William John Joseph Hoge. Maybe there was a time when that name meant something other than a source of ridicule. He had quite a life in the (...)

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Mr. Hoge is just not a particularly intelligent individual.  When reading laws, he picks the parts he likes and disregards the rest. In the past, (...)

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Hoge Hubris = Underestimating the Opponent

I’m not really sure what WJJ Hoge expects is going to happen in the first few weeks of September. From reading his self-important bloviations on (...)

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I Am Not a Victim: I Am Hoge’s Worst Nightmare!

Let’s look at WJJ Hoge’s post from earlier today about how I am not a victim but everybody else is. Lee Stranahan is no victim. Lee Stranahan is a (...)

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