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P O D C A S T :  Hypnosis and NLP-Donald Currie, MH, NLP.P

Donald Currie, MH, NLP.P, Naturotherapist shares with you powerful tools and techniques to help you on your life’s journey. In this podcast you (...)
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Episode 31 - Hidden Hypnotists, Positive Suggestion & Ego Strengthening

In today's episode, we will be discussing how hypnosis exists all around us…all the time in the form of suggestions that are given through (...)

  • Category: Family Health
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Episode 30 - Neuroplasticity, Creative Visualization, Creative Visualization Session

In this episode, we will discuss how hypnosis can influence the brain's ability to make change through neuroplasticity, the power of creative (...)

  • Category: Family Health
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Journey Through Consciousness and Awareness

While hypnosis can help you to achieve goals, change your thinking and improve your life, it can also act as a vehicle that allows you to explore (...)

  • Category: Family Health
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Thought Stopping Exercise - Experience the Power of Neuroplasticity!

Experience a free hypnosis session from my "Ultimate Self Hypnosis Course." Learn how to use the power of neuroplasticity to rewire your brain to (...)

  • Category: Family Health
  • play episode http://donald68517.podomatic.com/nofollow/2016-10-07T19_30_53-07_00.mp3

Forgiveness and Compassion

Experience a mini hypnosis session that will guide you through the first steps of forgiveness. You will learn how to acknowledge and honour your (...)

  • Category: Family Health
  • play episode http://donald68517.podomatic.com/nofollow/2016-02-23T11_00_04-08_00.mp3

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