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Come join the adventures of two average boys trapped in the body of adults as they try to figure out the world around them, and argue against the (...)
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Snowden: hero or traitor? Plus Trump and Alex Jones 69 each other, Hillary has pneumonia, and Norwegian musical artist AURORA – The Devil’s Advocates Episode 170

Snowden is the new film out from Oliver Stone. It tells the story of Edward Snowden, the CIA employee and high level clearance contractor who saw (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://media.blubrry.com/thedevilsadvocates/s3.amazonaws.com/DApodcast/TheDevilsAdvocatesEpisode170.mp3

iPhone SE7EN – What’s in the box?!?! Plus Demi Lovato the dunce and prison vs. marriage – The Devil’s Advocates Episode 169

iPhone releases are kind of like birthdays - they happen every year, the people who show up for it have nothing better going on in their lives, (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://media.blubrry.com/thedevilsadvocates/s3.amazonaws.com/DApodcast/TheDevilsAdvocatesEpisode169.mp3

Lyft driver fights off a social justice warrior! Plus Pamela Anderson says porn caused Anthony Weiner’s behavior problems, and the burden of children – The Devil’s Advocates Episode 168

Lyft is a company that has a very interesting business model. Their plan seems to be to do everything exactly the same as Uber, but to not be (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://media.blubrry.com/thedevilsadvocates/s3.amazonaws.com/DApodcast/TheDevilsAdvocatesEpisode168.mp3

Burkini babes from outer space! Plus the Hillary Clinton health conspiracy, the alt right, Alex Jones, People of Color and an ending that will give you nightmares – The Devil’s Advocates Episode 167

Burkini babes are something you won’t find anywhere except France, and even there it looks like those wearing a burkini are in trouble. The (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://media.blubrry.com/thedevilsadvocates/s3.amazonaws.com/DApodcast/TheDevilsAdvocatesEpisode167.mp3

Katy Perry has a secret lover… but she doesn’t know it yet. Plus the Rio Olympics, lying swimmers and one of us gets our car stolen – The Devil’s Advocates Episode 166

Katy Perry is out of your league. It doesn't matter who you are, because she's a pop star who looks like a porn star but hasn't shown (...)

  • Category: COMEDY
  • play episode http://media.blubrry.com/thedevilsadvocates/s3.amazonaws.com/DApodcast/TheDevilsAdvocatesEpisode166.mp3

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