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Uber clarifies harassment stance to users deleting accounts, and Poland's 'Fat Thursday'

23 February[ —]
Find out what's buzzing in the social media world today

Artist plans mock 'Pray for Sweden' event at embassy

23 February[ —]
Organiser says the ironic event is a protest against fake news.

Russia's anti-fake news site mocked online

23 February[ —]
A Russian government website debunking fake news has left users unimpressed by its lack of evidence.

Jack Barsky: The KGB spy who lived the American dream

23 February[ —]
The remarkable double life of undercover agent Jack Barsky who lived the American dream at the KGB's expense.

Moscow to demolish 8,000 Soviet-era housing blocks

22 February[ —]
Plans to rehouse more than a million people in massive clearance of Soviet-era homes.

The housemates who found a lost plane wreck

22 February[ —]
Eastern Airlines Flight 980 crashed into a mountain in Bolivia in 1985. Dan Futrell and Isaac Stoner spent an unusual holiday trying to work out why.

Cake or biscuit? Why Jaffa Cakes excite philosophers

20 February[ —]
It's a delicious structure consisting of sponge, chocolate and orange jelly. But is a Jaffa Cake actually a biscuit? And what can it teach us about philosophy?

Hidden Figures: How Nasa hired its first black women 'computers'

19 February[ —]
The history of black women working for Nasa goes back much further than the 1960s - the period of the film Hidden Figures - and their struggles continued afterwards.

Who is trolling the Pope?

18 February[ —]
Posters and spoof news stories criticising the Pope have been springing up across Rome. What's going on?

Quiz of the week's news

17 February[ —]
A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

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