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The sadness of living without sex

18 May[ —]
Responding to the story of Joseph, a man who had no sex until he was 37, readers tell their own stories of living without intimacy.

Quiz: Which animal's bed is cleaner than a human's?

18 May[ —]
7 days quiz: It's the weekly news quiz - have you been paying attention to what's been going on in the world over the past seven days?

Why shouldn't a man dance a Rumba with a man?

17 May[ —]
Meet the pioneers of same-sex ballroom dancing in the UK.

'My lovely dad tried to kill me'

16 May[ —]
Robyn Hollingworth was just 25 when she left her job in London to help care for her dad who had early-onset Alzheimer's.

A social media star... in North Korea

16 May[ —]
Photographer Aram Pan documents a mostly unseen side of North Korea. But is it the whole picture?

‘OK, I’m fat - and this is how it feels’

13 May[ —]
One woman talks honestly about why she calls herself fat and how her weight shapes her life.

The boy who could save your life

10 May[ —]
Max Johnson waited seven months for a heart transplant. Now he could change the law.

'I'm sad that I didn't have sex until I was 37'

10 May[ —]
Joseph didn't have sex until quite late in life - but he says his involuntary celibacy didn't make him angry towards women.

The 'Belsen boys' who moved to Ascot

6 May[ —]
After WW2 a group of Holocaust survivors came to recuperate in the UK - and became an unexpected sight in a town known for races attended by the rich and famous.

How to find the therapist for you

4 May[ —]
Like Minds: How do you find a therapist who can help?

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