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Kim Jong-nam 'killed by VX nerve agent found on his face'

24 February[ —]
The N Korean leader's half-brother was killed by a substance classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

Oscars 2017: Which celebrities will get political?

24 February[ —]
Will this year's Oscars need to create an extra award - for best anti-Donald Trump speech?

The woman who knows who's won the Oscars... but won't tell

24 February[ —]
Martha Ruiz counts the Oscars votes and talks about the measures she takes to keep the results safe.

The designers with 8.5 miles of movie costumes

24 February[ —]
Angels Costumes's designs have earned the UK firm 36 Oscars over the years. The Victoria Derbyshire programme has been to visit its vast archive of clothes.

Reality Check: Is Malmo the rape capital of Europe?

24 February[ —]
Nigel Farage claims Malmo is the rape capital of Europe.

Jasvinder Sanghera: I ran away to escape a forced marriage

24 February[ —]
Honour crime campaigner Jasvinder Sanghera recounts her blighted childhood and her fight for change.

Colourism: 'There's not just one way of being beautiful'

24 February[ —]
A teenager and aspiring community leader shares her perspective on colourism - discrimination based on the darkness of a skin tone.

How special effects helped create Dr Strange's Oscar-nominated worlds

24 February[ —]
How to create special effects worthy of an Oscar nomination, by one of the creators of Dr Strange's worlds

Quiz of the week's news

24 February[ —]
A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

Are you holding your breath in your sleep?

24 February[ —]
Like Mohammed, most people with this serious sleep condition don't realise they have it.

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