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Heathrow airport expansion 'approved'

25 October[ —]
Expansion of Heathrow airport is approved by a committee of ministers, sources tell the BBC.

Labour fined over 'Ed Stone' general election costs

25 October[ —]
Labour is fined for not declaring all of its general election expenses - including the 'Ed Stone'.

UKIP contender Bill Etheridge quits leadership race

25 October[ —]
UKIP leadership candidate Bill Etheridge pulls out of the contest, calling rival Paul Nuttall "the only person who can effectively unite our party".

Ceta talks: EU and Canada hold out hope for trade deal

25 October[ —]
The European Union and Canada say they remain hopeful for their landmark trade deal Ceta, despite three Belgian regions led by Wallonia blocking it.

Aid to be cut unless it is value for money, says Patel

24 October[ —]
Major multinational aid funding may be cut unless it provides better value for money, International Development Secretary Priti Patel says.

Calais migrants: 'Several hundred' more child refugees to arrive in UK

24 October[ —]
"Several hundred" more children will arrive in Britain from Calais's "Jungle" camp in the next three weeks, Home Secretary Amber Rudd says.

Warning for UK

24 October[ —]
Regional governments in Belgium have blocked the EU's trade deal with Canada - could they do the same to the UK?

Sturgeon warns May referendum 'not a bluff'

24 October[ —]
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warns Theresa May she is not "bluffing" over her promise to hold an independence referendum if Scotland's vote against Brexit is "not respected".

Government to review 'fixed-odds' gambling machines

24 October[ —]
Ministers announce a review into controversial fixed odds betting terminals to "minimise" the risk of harm from gambling.

MP Helen Goodman giggles at question on mating birds and Brexit

24 October[ —]
Labour MP Helen Goodman gets the giggles as she asks a minister about Brexit and birds' mating habits.

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