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'Horrible' offices look to tempt back workers

7 July[ —]
Landlords are hoping cleaner, more convenient and more intelligent offices will tempt back workers.

Hong Kong: Facebook, Google and Twitter among firms 'pausing' police help

6 July[ —]
Twitter and Telegram also put a halt to processing data requests, but Apple has not commented.

Nintendo condemns alleged abuse in Smash Bros community

6 July[ —]
The Super Smash Bros maker condemns 'absolutely impermissible' behaviour in its competitive scene.

Huawei: UK government weighs up ban of Chinese firm's telecoms kit

6 July[ —]
The National Cyber Security Centre has presented its report into the Chinese firm to government.

Drone and light aircraft in 'near miss' outside Perth

6 July[ —]
The drone put those on board the aircraft in danger as it flew in restricted airspace near Perth, police say.

Last of Us 2 developer condemns death threats and harassment

6 July[ —]
People who work for game developer Naughty Dog have revealed abusive messages they've received.

Reddit and LinkedIn to stop copying iPhone clipboards

6 July[ —]
Both apps were found to be regularly looking at the clipboards.

Robotic scientists will 'speed up discovery'

6 July[ —]
Robotic scientists could speed up scientific discovery, while human scientists work from home, developers say.

Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan

6 July[ —]
The programme will offer "unprecedented flexibility" to 80,000 workers in Japan, says Fujitsu.

Black Lives Matter: Can viral videos stop police brutality?

6 July[ —]
Do viral videos like the one captured of George Floyd's death actually reduce police abuse?

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