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Luke Evans: ‘I had to drink Charles Dance’s blood’

7 décembre, par John Hind[ —]

The actor and singer on baking with his mum, the joys of a kebab after work and which films have the best on-set catering

I remember once spending a Christmas with a friend’s family as our guests and as they arrived the electricity went off in the house. I had to phone the next door neighbour (who’d gone to his parents’ home with his wife and kids) and ask: “Please can I let myself in and cook my turkey in your oven?” In the spirit of things, he said: “Of course.”

My very first memory is of Marie biscuits. They were in a green packet, thin and like Rich Tea biscuits but with more writing. We’d always have butter on top. It’s a very Welsh thing, putting butter on your sweet Maries.

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'Bike not included': Peloton 'wife' in new ad selling gin for Ryan Reynolds

7 décembre, par Guardian staff and agencies[ —]

An actor who appeared in a widely criticized Christmas ad for the exercise bike maker Peloton has a new role – selling gin for the actor Ryan Reynolds.

The tongue-in-cheek video ad for Aviation American Gin, tweeted by Reynolds on Friday, racked up more than 4m views in its first day online.

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Emma Thompson’s ludicrous Last Christmas is the perfect Brexit festive movie

7 décembre, par Hadley Freeman[ —]

The success of this film says quite a lot about Britain 2019

So I’ve finally seen Last Christmas, the critically panned rom (ummm) com (errrr) written by Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings, and the first thing to say is, “Hooo boy.” The second thing is, “Whatever Emma was smoking when she came up with that movie’s plot twist, which has now ruined Wham! for ever, well, I’ll have what she’s having.” Actually, you know what? I’m all right, Emma. Keep it for yourself.

Last Christmas is one of those films that is so deranged it feels like a strange fever dream. In this sense, it’s like the 80s comedy Mannequin, a charming romantic comedy about a man finding true love with a plastic doll. Or maybe it’s closer to Soul Man – another movie, like Last Christmas, that ruined a good song by stealing its title – in which a white kid takes a load of tanning pills in order to baggsie a Harvard scholarship for African Americans. Yes, this is a movie that actually exists.

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Daisy Ridley: ‘JJ Abrams warned me that Star Wars is a religion’

7 décembre, par Nosheen Iqbal[ —]

She was working in a pub when she was cast in the franchise. Six years and three movies later, is the force still strong?

Daisy Ridley’s earliest childhood memory is of a party hosted by her parents at their family home in west London, when she was three, maybe four. She was surrounded by grownups, towering above her, when she abruptly and dramatically declared: “I’m shy!” before running out of the room. “My mum told me I did that, so maybe I’m remembering half an imprint of someone else’s memory,” she says, laughing at the irony of both commanding attention from her audience and then immediately rejecting it. It’s a trait that has somehow stuck.

At 27, Ridley finds herself at the centre of the universe. With three Star Wars films under her belt, the actor is adjusting to multiple layers of fame: there’s the gilded A-list Hollywood kind that comes with red carpets, stylists and outfits gifted by the most sought-after designers; then the sort of fame that has tabloids tracking her most mundane moves, breathlessly documenting Ridley’s “brave” trip to the dry cleaner’s (with no makeup!) or strolling through London wearing – gasp – a daisy print skirt. And then, of course, there’s the fierce, cult-like superfan fame, where the force of millions of Star Wars obsessives will always be with her, the legacy of being plucked, as a fresh-faced 21-year-old unknown, by director JJ Abrams to play Rey, the scrappy scavenger mentored by Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill).

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Streaming: the BFI’s blockbuster musicals season

7 décembre, par Guy Lodge[ —]

From golden-age Busby Berkeley to a transgender rock opera, there’s an all-singing, all-dancing film to suit everyone

December has always felt like a month for movie musicals. The TV schedules start filling up with them as the year winds down, while in cinemas, lavish new musicals almost always wait until the final month of the year to spring themselves on tipsy, receptive audiences. This year, Cats fills the noble Christmas-time slot previously taken by the likes of Les Miserables and The Greatest Showman.

The British Film Institute’s blockbuster musicals season (titled simply, but with apt jazz-hands punctuation, “Musicals!”), has been well timed, beginning in October but crescendoing just as everyone kicks back for Christmas. For those who can’t get to participating cinemas, however, the BFI Player offers a generous slice of the programme to stream at home – a cosier option that, for one thing, allows you to sing along as lustily as you like.

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Disney under fire over Aladdin spin-off starring minor white character episode download
7 décembre, par André Wheeler[ —]

News that Billy Magnussen will reprise small role from remake follows reports actor who played Aladdin struggles to find work

Disney is facing criticism for its decision to produce a spin-off film focused on a minor white character from its live-action remake of Aladdin.

The project was revealed to the Hollywood Reporter on Friday afternoon, and will see the actor Billy Magnussen reprise his role as the affable, goofy Prince Anders. Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme will act as screenwriters. The film is to premiere on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+.

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Selling James Bond: why No Time to Die is a product placement dream episode download
6 décembre, par Catherine Shoard Film editor[ —]

The trailer is not only a shopfront for the film but also for some of the world’s priciest brands

The official trailer for the new Bond film, No Time to Die, was released only on Wednesday but has already been viewed tens of millions of times, which is an efficient sales job for a film its producers hope will make at least $1bn.

Appetites have been whetted and nerves calmed in the run-up to the film’s release in April after a bumpy production. The budget for the movie – Daniel Craig’s last in the lead role – is estimated to have exceeded $250m (£190m), having rocketed after the departure of the director Danny Boyle in August 2018, who left at the 11th-hour citing “creative differences”.

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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg review – delightful Deneuve reigns supreme episode download
6 décembre, par Peter Bradshaw[ —]

Catherine Deneuve brings an unworldly, subtly erotic charm to Jacques Demy’s rereleased pastel rainbow of a musical

Jacques Demy’s 1964 movie The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is now revived in cinemas as part of the Musicals seasons at London’s BFI Southbank, and it has to be one of the most famous non-Hollywood musicals of all time: entirely sung through, like a light opera of the semi-swinging French 60s.

Catherine Deneuve plays Geneviève, a beautiful 17-year-old (bafflingly, Demy’s lyrics describe her as not beautiful) demurely working for her mother (Anne Vernon) in a quaint umbrella shop in Cherbourg. She is dating handsome young auto mechanic Guy (Nino Castelnuovo) and they are very happy, but she is devastated when Guy is called up for military service in Algeria, and even more upset when he stops writing to her. Meanwhile, her mother has serious money worries and is steering poor, bewildered Geneviève into smiling on the wealthy young man, Roland (Marc Michel), who wants to marry her.

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Harvey Weinstein has violated bail by mishandling ankle bracelet – prosecutor

play episode
6 décembre, par Associated Press[ —]
  • Prosecutor tells court Weinstein unaccounted for for hours
  • Ex-producer’s case scheduled to go to trial in January

Harvey Weinstein has violated his bail conditions by mishandling his electronic ankle monitor, sometimes going hours at a time unaccounted for, a New York prosecutor argued on Friday.

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi spoke at a pre-trial hearing for Weinstein and asked the judge to increase his bail from $1m to $5m. Prosecutors accuse him of leaving at home a piece of the monitoring technology that keeps the ankle bracelet activated.

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Gremlins review – Spielbergian satire still has bite episode download
6 décembre, par Peter Bradshaw[ —]

Like some evil twin of its producer’s earlier film ET, this sharp and wacky 1984 kids’ horror movie makes fun of American materialism and Christmastime commercialism

In 1984, Steven Spielberg produced this cheeky horror movie for kids, directed by Joe Dante and written by Chris Columbus – now on rerelease. It is a wacky, satirical spectacle of chaos. It consciously alludes to other films, such as It’s a Wonderful Life, The Wizard of Oz and Indiana Jones, and has characters watching Clark Gable and Barbara Stanwyck in To Please a Lady on TV. But on the unconscious level, or semi-conscious level, it surely alludes to Spielberg’s own ET. In fact, Gremlins is ET’s late-spawning evil twin.

Hoyt Axton plays Randall Peltzer, an inventor who lives in a sweet, Bedford Falls-type small town, one of whose local characters is an old drunk who rails against foreign automobiles and foreign things generally and claims that US planes in the second world war were sabotaged by evil alien sprites called “gremlins”. On one of Mr Peltzer’s sales trips in a far-off city, he stops by an exotically imagined Chinatown to buy a Christmas present for his teenage son Billy (Zach Galligan); this turns out to be a mogwai, a sweet little bat-eared creature that everyone adores. But Billy breaks the rules about caring for the mogwai, and it spawns horrifying Mr Hyde-type things called “gremlins”, and soon the town is in anarchy, culminating in an uproarious visual gag involving an old lady’s stairlift going haywire.

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