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Microsoft is now pushing out Chromium-based Edge to all Windows 10 users

6 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
It is a while since Microsoft adopted the Chromium engine for the new version of Edge, and reception to the browser has been broadly positive. Until now, Microsoft has given Windows 10 users the choice between whether they what to use the new Chromium-based Edge, or stick with the old legacy version. But now that's changing. The company is pushing out the browser via Windows Update to Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909, and 2004 -- and it is not possible to keep using old Edge, however much you want to. See also: Microsoft Edge ads appear in Windows… [Continue Reading]

Apple has a new open source project to help improve password security

6 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
Apple has launched a new open source project designed to promote collaboration between the  developers of password management software to help improve security for users. The Password Manager Resources project has been created to make it easier for the developers of password managers to work together to ensure interoperability with websites, and to create a better experience for users. The aim is to integrate the strong password generating capabilities of the iCloud Keychain platform into password management apps. See also: Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with new battery extending feature Apple's new 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with the much-improved Magic… [Continue Reading]

How to free up disk space after installing Windows 10 May 2020 Update

6 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
With Windows 10 May 2020 Update now available, many people are rushing to install it. We already know that the update contains various bugs and problems, but even if you've had a problem-free installation, you may be surprised at just how much disk space you've lost. This is particularly true for anyone with an SSD, which tend to be smaller, but there are steps you can take to claim back this space and free up several gigabytes. Here's what you need to know. See also: How to disable Cortana in Windows 10 May 2020 Update -- or even uninstall it… [Continue Reading]

More tech companies issue statements about George Floyds death and the continuing protests

6 de juny, per  Alan Buckingham[ —]
Obviously, unless you've just returned from hiking the Appalachian Trail, you know the current events in the world. If you haven’t been absent from society then the news has been hard to avoid. Now two more tech companies have added their voices to the incident in Minneapolis that involved four law enforcement officers and one citizen, George Floyd, and resulted in his death. Protests, some peaceful others violent, have broken out in cities across the US, including in small towns not accustomed to such events. They have even somewhat spread to other parts of the world, including London and Paris. Many tech… [Continue Reading]

Zoom isnt giving non-paying users end-to-end encryption because they could be criminals

5 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
Zoom's meteoric rise in popularity due to COVID-19 forcing more people to work from home led to a great deal of interest in the video conferencing tool's security and privacy. The lack of end-to-end encryption was a major concern for many users, but following the recent acquisition of Keybase, Zoom CEO Eric S Yuan said it would "help us build end-to-end encryption that can reach current Zoom scalability". Well, end-to-end encryption is here. But only if you're a paying Zoom customer. Anyone using a free account is being left out in the cold. Why? Because, Yuan explains, "we also want… [Continue Reading]

Chromebook owners get Android versions of DOOM and DOOM II for free -- Heres how

5 de juny, per  Brian Fagioli[ —]
Chromebooks are wonderful computers. In fact, the underlying Linux-based Chrome OS is arguably the most secure desktop operating system on the planet. Yes, it is more secure than Windows or macOS. If you have to access a website for banking information or other sensitive data, a Chromebook is probably the safest way to do so. With all of that said, they aren't just good for surfing the web or education, but for fun stuff too. Not only can you enjoy streaming media on a Chromebook, but you can actually do some light gaming too -- thanks to Android support and… [Continue Reading]

Make the Windows Package Manager WinGet easier to use by adding a GUI

5 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
With the recent launch of WinGet, Microsoft brought a Linux-style package manager to Windows 10, making life easier for system administrators and anyone looking to automate software installation. But while the Windows Package Manager is undoubtedly useful, it's also a little intimidating for many people. The command line driven tool can appear very off-putting, so why not add a graphical front end to make it more approachable? We show you how to create software installation scripts without having to use the command line. See also: Microsoft finally gives credit to AppGet for inspiring its WinGet package manager How to use… [Continue Reading]

How to schedule tweets from the Twitter website

5 de juny, per  Mark Wyciślik-Wilson[ —]
While Twitter is used for sharing live news, real-time reactions and the like, it's also used for promotion -- and promotion means planning. There are numerous apps and services that you can turn to if you would like to be able to send a tweet at a date or time in the future, but now you can do it direct from the Twitter website. The ability to tweet when you're not at your computer can be extremely useful, so here's what you need to know about scheduling tweets. See also: Twitter hides Trump tweet for violating rules about glorifying violence… [Continue Reading]

LibreOffice 7.0 Beta 1 arrives with ODF 1.3 document support

5 de juny, per  Nick Peers[ —]
The Document Foundation has released the first public beta of its upcoming LibreOffice 7.0 office suite for Windows, Mac and Linux. Users are encouraged to download and test the software -- which installs alongside any existing production release -- ahead its final release, expected to be in August. The new release doesn’t boast any major new features, but does update ODF support to 1.3, plus unveils improvements both major and minor to the suite’s major components -- in particular Writer. The GUI gains a new icon theme, dubbed Sukapura. It follows the Apple color palette and is the recommended theme… [Continue Reading]

IBM launches innovative encryption toolkit for MacOS and iOS

5 de juny, per  Ian Barker[ —]
Usually files are encrypted while in storage or in transit but are decrypted in order to be used, providing a window of opportunity for hackers to access the information. The technique of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) solves this problem by allowing the manipulation of data by permissioned parties while it remains encrypted, therefore minimizing the time it exists in its most vulnerable state. However, FHE is more difficult to integrate into applications, which is why IBM is making available an FHE toolkit for MacOS, iOS with Linux and Android versions to follow soon. This allows developers with basic platform tool… [Continue Reading]

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