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SteelSeries launches QcK Prism dual-surface RGB illuminated premium gaming mousepad

26 April, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
When you are a PC gamer that seemingly already owns everything for gaming, what is left to buy? Besides your hardcore gaming rig, you probably already have a mechanical keyboard, mouse, and headset, right? Heck, you may even have a fancy mousepad. But does your pad even glow, bro? Today, SteelSeries launches the QcK Prism dual-surface RGB illuminated premium gaming mousepad. Yeah, it is a gaming mousepad that glows thanks to RGB lighting. While not the first RGB mousepad, SteelSeries says it is the first-ever dual-sided variant. You see, one side is cloth, while the other is hard plastic. "The QcK Prism… [Continue Reading]

New platform uses behavioral science to cut cyber security risks

https://betanews.com/2017/04/26/behavioral-science-cyber-security/play episode download
26 April, by Ian Barker[ —]
With the right training and knowledge, many cyber attacks can be avoided. Addressing this human aspect of security is the idea behind a new platform from British start-up CybSafe. Human error is a major cause of data breaches and security training needs to be able to positively change user behavior. Using intelligent software and proprietary analytics, CybSafe's cloud-based platform learns an individual's knowledge level and their behavior patterns to deliver a personalized e-learning program. Delivered through a mobile app or online, the GCHQ-accredited e-learning platform is aimed at saving businesses money, not just by reducing their risk of falling victim… [Continue Reading]

Flexible working is great -- as long as you do it right

26 April, by Tim Stone[ —]
Is flexible working all it’s cracked up to be? It’s a question that’s popped up a lot recently, following IBM’s recent "clampdown" on remote working. It’s a valid question. In a world of apps, robots, drones and countless other technological advancements, it’s important to challenge what’s valuable and what isn’t. For this reason, we recently did some research into workers across the globe on the topic of flexible working. There were some interesting findings across the 25,000+ global workers surveyed, but in answer to the question; yes, flexible working is all it’s cracked up to be. If it’s done right.… [Continue Reading]

Arcserve launches new email archiving technology for businesses

26 April, by Ian Barker[ —]
Businesses of all sizes are under increasing pressure to protect corporate email records and make them easily accessible for audits and legal discovery. Data protection and recovery specialist Arcserve has acquired email archiving technology FastArchiver and is making it available through its Arcserve UDP solution portfolio. UDP Archiving efficiently stores archived on-premise, public or private cloud email in a location independent of the primary mail system. It allows businesses to reduce the risk of email service outages or malfunctions, and access archive email 24/7, plus meet legal requirements with features like full text search, tagging, hit highlighting, save search, search… [Continue Reading]

Dalenryder Password Generator is a versatile security toolkit

https://betanews.com/2017/04/26/dalenryder-password-generator-is-a-versatile-security-toolkit/play episode download
26 April, by Mike Williams[ —]
Dalenryder Password Generator is an interesting collection of simple security tools, nicely presented in a big-buttoned, touch-friendly interface. Tap "Quick Password" and the program generates and displays a strong 12-character long password. You can optionally include symbols or change the password length to anything from 4 to 30 characters, then generate a password and copy it to the clipboard in a couple of clicks. A "Password Lab" takes this further by allowing you to include (or not) numbers, upper or lower case letters, umlauts, brackets, mathematical or even custom symbols. Once it’s set up you can again generate a single… [Continue Reading]

77 percent of British consumers have worries about new payment methods

26 April, by Ian Barker[ —]
This week South Korea takes the first steps towards becoming a coinless society as shoppers will be handed pre-paid cards instead of change in a country-wide trial. If the trial is successful, bank officials will allow change to be transferred straight into the shoppers' bank accounts by next year. But a new report from global law firm Paul Hastings shows that security fears are preventing many British consumers embracing new payment technologies. The study of over 2,000 consumers finds 77 percent are worried about using new payment methods. The risk of fraud is cited as the main reason (59 percent)… [Continue Reading]

With little fanfare, Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update begins to roll out

26 April, by Wayne Williams[ —]
Windows 10 Creators Update began to roll out to compatible PCs and tablets two weeks ago, and Microsoft announced its arrival with plenty of blog posts and new videos. Today, the Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile formally begins its roll out, with that announcement made in a simple tweet. It comes as no surprise that the arrival of such a noteworthy update should receive so little fanfare, seeing as Windows 10 Mobile doesn't have much of a market share as it is, and the Creators Update only works on 13 phones. SEE ALSO: Microsoft recommends you don't install the… [Continue Reading]

FalseGuide malware infects millions of Android users via Google Play

26 April, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Malware is something of a recurring problem for Android users, and it seems as though Google is fighting a never-ending battle to keep the blight out of the Play Store. The latest large-scale batch to be discovered takes the form of adware known as FalseGuide. As you may have guessed from the name -- and your own experience of Google Play -- this malware spreads by fooling people into installing apps purporting to be guides to popular games. The apps themselves are fairly innocuous -- and often are guides as they claim to be -- but they then download additional… [Continue Reading]

How deception-based technology is turning the tables on hackers [QA]

26 April, by Ian Barker[ —]
Cyber attacks are constantly evolving and consequently businesses are always seeking new ways of defending themselves. This is as much about understanding the nature of attacks as about preventing them. One of the latest developments is the use of deception, employing camouflaged traps and tokens to throw the attackers off balance by detecting and understanding the nature of the attack and their plans. We spoke to Kev Eley, VP at TrapX to find out how a new approach to security, based on deception techniques, is helping organizations to turn the tables on attackers. BN: What is deception-based technology and how… [Continue Reading]

Facebook is testing pre-emptive related articles in News Feed

26 April, by Mark Wilson[ —]
The "related articles" feature of Facebook's News Feed is nothing new -- in fact it has been with us for more than three years. But now the social network is trialling a new way of displaying related content; rather than waiting until you have clicked on a story to suggest related stories you might be interested in, Facebook will instead be offering these suggestions before you read an article. As well as giving users the chance to read more about a topic from different source, Facebook says that it will help people to discover articles which have been fact-checked. It… [Continue Reading]

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