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Public iOS 11 beta now available -- heres how to get it

27 June, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Just a few weeks ago, Apple revealed iOS 11 at WWDC 2017. While a few things have been taken away in this version of the operating system, plenty have been added, and this is being seen as one of the most significant upgrades for iPhone and iPad owners. iOS 11 will be an important aspect of the upcoming iPhone 8, but it's also going to be a substantial update for anyone with an iPhone 5s or newer, or a supported iPad. We've already seen a developer preview released, but now there's an official public beta of iOS 11, and you… [Continue Reading]

Dont ignore DDoS protection when attack trends change

27 June, by Michael Moore[ —]
Businesses should ensure that they are still securely protected against DDoS attacks, despite the recent growth of other trends such as ransomware. That’s the warning from Arbor Networks, which is urging organizations of all sizes to make sure they stay safe online as DDoS attacks are still rife around the world. Speaking to ITProPortal at the recent InfoSecurity Europe 2017 event in London, Arbor CTO Darren Anstee reinforced the need for businesses to maintain their DDoS protection, despite it being hard to predict who might be hit next. "DDoS is all about targeting the availability of those services that modern businesses rely on," he… [Continue Reading]

IBM launches new solutions and tools to get businesses ready for GDPR

27 June, by Anthony Spadafora[ —]
IBM has announced new data governance and data science initiatives that will aid developers and analysts use cognitive computing to better understand and control their data. The company also unveiled new solutions and tools that would make it easier for organizations to comply with the EU's upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Failure to comply with GDPR will be quite costly for organizations which has led to the creation of a number of tools to help prepare for when it goes into effect on May 25 next year. IBM has decided to offer its own solution to the compliance problem by creating the IBM Unified… [Continue Reading]

What your startup needs to grow fast

27 June, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
If you want to succeed as a start-up, you need to excel in three key categories: design thinking, open thinking and platform thinking. This is according to a new report released by Alfresco Software, which analyzed what separates winners from losers in the digital world. Based on a poll of 328 senior-level IT executives, the report says that 64 percent of those companies that excel in the three categories above usually "report significant annual growth." On the other hand, 43 percent of companies that are still developing their capabilities in one or two of the key areas are reporting different. Design… [Continue Reading]

Sony launches program for original TV shows on PlayStation

https://betanews.com/2017/06/26/sony-launches-program-for-original-tv-shows-on-playstation/play episode download
26 June, by Mark Raby[ —]
Sony is seeking submissions from filmmakers across the country to help develop a new TV series that will be distributed primarily through its various PlayStation-branded channels. In a partnership announced today with a group called Ideas United, Sony is opening up submissions for anyone to submit their best ideas for a new TV show with the eventual winners seeing their idea come to life in a professionally produced pilot. Called the PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program, the entertainment and technology giant will choose 50 submissions to consider, and each of those filmmakers will be able to pitch their idea to a… [Continue Reading]

QuickViewer is a very, very, very fast image viewer

26 June, by Mike Williams[ —]
QuickViewer is a portable open-source image viewer which shows and navigates pictures with the maximum possible speed. The developer has built in multiple optimizations, including reading images before they’re required and displaying them with OpenGL. How effective is this? We used QuickViewer, IrfanView and Windows Photos to work through 385 images as fast as they could manage, displaying each one at full screen. Windows Photos came last, unsurprisingly, taking a minimum of 98 seconds to work through the full set. IrfanView was much faster at 32 seconds, but QuickViewer won out with a seriously speedy 17 seconds. Bonus features include… [Continue Reading]

Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition is coming -- heres when you can buy the mini SNES

26 June, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
Last year, Nintendo shocked the world with the miniature NES Classic Edition. This game console was a mini replica of the original NES (with comically short controller cables), that came pre-loaded with many classic games. Thanks to both nostalgia and a low price, it became a very popular holiday gift, making it hard to find. Despite the popularity, Nintendo discontinued it, meaning many people couldn't get one even if they wanted it. Many have speculated that the stoppage in manufacturing was due to the fact that the NES Classic Edition was hacked to play additional pirated games. Today, Nintendo announces yet another such… [Continue Reading]

Facebook Messenger video chats get a little sexier with new masks, filters and reactions

26 June, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Facebook Messenger today receives a boatload of visual updates as the social networking company tries to appeal to a younger audience with video chat. The update sees Facebook continuing its expansion of reactions so they can now be used in video chats, but there are also other ways to spice up conversations. The existing collection of masks has been bolstered with new additions -- complete with Easter eggs -- and there is also a range of filters to choose from. Facebook says that filters are a way to "look and feel like your best self or express your current mood."… [Continue Reading]

Spot malware and troubleshoot PCs with QuickDiag

26 June, by Mike Williams[ —]
QuickDiag is a portable tool which creates an in-depth and highly technical report on your Windows setup, running processes and installed applications. It’s not for beginners, but if you’re looking for a quick way to collect key system information -- maybe to troubleshoot problems on a friend’s PC -- the program could be ideal. The interface is, well, minimal. It presents you with three buttons -- Xspeed for the simplest report, Quick is a little more detailed, Extended is the most complete -- and clicking any of these generates copies of these reports on the desktop and root folder. The… [Continue Reading]

Manjaro Linux 17.0.2 Arch-based operating system is here with GNOME, KDE, and Xfce

26 June, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
Many Linux snobs push the Arch operating system as the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, some members of the Arch community (not all of them) can be downright mean and unpleasant to non-users. Not using Arch? Ugh. Peasant! In reality, while Arch is a fine OS (stable and fast), it can be very hard to install and set up, and quite frankly, often not worth the hassle. People have lives to live, and sometimes it is easy to forget that an operating system and associated computer are tools -- not a religion. But OK, if you want the benefits… [Continue Reading]

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