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ASUS takes on Raspberry Pi with its 4K-capable, Kodi-ready Tinker Board

http://betanews.com/2017/01/23/asus-tinker-board-raspberry-pi-rival/play episode download
23 January, by Wayne Williams[ —]
If you love Raspberry Pi, but require a little more power for your projects, then ASUS’s Tinker Board could be just what you’re looking for. Although there’s no shortage of Raspberry Pi alternatives, the low-cost Tinker Board is better than most because its quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A17 processor has the oomph to handle 4K video and 24-bit audio, and it comes with twice as much RAM as the latest Pi. SEE ALSO: Giveaway: Win a Linux-friendly Raspberry Pi 3 and Eleduino Aluminum Case with Heatsinks! The Tinker Board is around the same size as the Raspberry Pi 3, and includes… [Continue Reading]

Firefox 51 delivers a mix of security, performance and reliability tweaks, implements FLAC audio support

23 January, by Nick Peers[ —]
Mozilla has released Firefox 51.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux, with Firefox for Android 51.0 due imminently. There are no standout features in this release -- the closest thing to a headline addition is the inclusion of FLAC support. Elsewhere, Firefox 41 focuses on tweaks and enhancements that add up to a reasonable update. These include improved performance via the new e10s multi-process system, security warnings when logging into insecure sites, and more reliable syncing of bookmarks. Firefox 51 opens with support for playing the lossless FLAC audio format, allowing users to take advantage of new FLAC-based streaming services offering… [Continue Reading]

Anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo celebrates over 10 billion searches

23 January, by Wayne Williams[ —]
A lot of people are more privacy aware than they have been in the past, and are wary of entrusting everything they search for to Google. That’s where privacy-focused sites like DuckDuckGo come in. Its growth since it launched 8 years ago has been nothing short of staggering, with the number of searches skyrocketing since 2013, when Edward Snowden first revealed how the US government was spying on its people. The search site says it has to date served up over 10 billion anonymous searches, with 4 billion of those occurring in the last year alone, and the company says… [Continue Reading]

Waterproofing options for smartphones in 2017

23 January, by Ady Moores[ —]
Following the release of flagship devices such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in 2016, water resistant handsets are now the fastest growing segment in the smartphone industry. But, what does this mean for handset design in 2017? Let's take a look at recent research from IDC and explain how hydrophobic nano-coating technology can support OEMs when looking to incorporate this increasingly sought after feature. Consumer Expectations Are Invariably Changing In 2016, we saw mobile handset design change dramatically. Two of the leading manufacturers, Samsung and Apple, finally incorporated liquid ingress protection into the design of their flagship… [Continue Reading]

Samsung: two battery defects caused Galaxy Note7 problems and could delay Galaxy S8

23 January, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Samsung has finally revealed the long-awaited results of its investigation into the problematic Galaxy Note7. Having issued an apology and pushed out OTA updates to disable phones which had been banned from flights because of the risk of them catching fire, the South Korean company says that two separate battery problems were to blame. The first problem stemmed from the fact that the battery was physically too small for the Galaxy Note7 leading to a short-circuit. Replacement batteries suffered from a combination of insulation problems and an issue that cause positive and negative electrodes to touch. Samsung also indicated that… [Continue Reading]

How to set the Windows 10 lock screen photo as your wallpaper

23 January, by Mike Williams[ —]
The Windows 10 Lock Screen offers an ever-changing display of top quality photos, but if you decide you like one in particular, there’s no easy way to keep it around. Lock Screen Reflection is a tiny Windows 10 tool which can help fix this by automatically setting the current lock screen image as your desktop wallpaper. SEE ALSO: How to save Spotlight lock screen images to use as wallpaper in Windows 10 The program has no graphical interface, and doesn’t need to run in the background to do its work. Simply double-click lsr.exe when you need to use it, Lock… [Continue Reading]

Where can you download LineageOS, CyanogenMod's replacement?

22 January, by Mark Wilson[ —]
It's only a matter of weeks since we learned that CyanogenMod was closing down and LineageOS would replace it. At the time, little was known about the launch schedule for the open source, Android-based operating system, but that has all changed. On Friday, the LineageOS team announced that builds will "start rolling out this weekend". At time of writing the downloads have yet to make an appearance, but there is a download portal ready for you to keep an eye on. The team excitedly says that "it's nearly 'go time' for builds to start flowing", and advertised the availability of… [Continue Reading]

Canonical launches Ubuntu Tutorials

22 January, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
Linux is arguably the most successful open source project in all of history. The success of the kernel -- and operating systems that use it -- are not due to any one man or woman. Actually, the achievements are thanks to the Linux community. In other words, it is a team effort -- developers, users, and more. For a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, to continue its progress, Canonical needs developers to remain interested -- this includes getting new people involved and educated. This week, the company launched Ubuntu Tutorials -- based on Google's open source Codelab. No, it is not… [Continue Reading]

Simplified connection sharing comes to Android with Instant Tethering

21 January, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Take your phone with you wherever you go, and you can use it to get your laptop online thanks to the wonder of tethering. This seemingly simple technological marvel is a delight for people working away from the home or office, and Google is now making things easier than ever with Instant Tethering. The new feature is rolling out to some Android devices now, and it takes the 'hard work' out of creating a hotspot with your phone to which your other devices can connect. As the name suggests, the aim is to make the connection instantly. As reported by… [Continue Reading]

Apple sues Qualcomm for $1 billion over excessive royalties

20 January, by Mihăiță Bamburic[ —]
Apple is not happy with its longtime partner Qualcomm, as it has filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the chip maker for allegedly being charged "royalties for technologies [that Qualcomm has] nothing to do with." This is the second major lawsuit filed against Qualcomm this week, with the US Federal Trading Commission announcing on Tuesday that it is taking the chip maker to court for "monopolizing key semiconductor device used in cell phones." The two lawsuits are related. The FTC claims that "Qualcomm has used its dominant position as a supplier of certain baseband processors to impose onerous and anticompetitive supply… [Continue Reading]

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