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LeEco enters US smartphone market with $399 Le Pro3 flagship

20 October, by Mihăiță Bamburic[ —]
Chinese tech giant LeEco is making its entrance in the US smartphone market. The first device to be officially available is its high-end Le Pro3, which features cutting edge hardware at an appealing price. It costs $399, but on launch day the Le Pro3 will actually be offered for just $299, after a $100 rebate is applied. LeEco's approach is no different to that of other Chinese vendors, like Xiaomi, as it also delivers flagship-grade hardware at a price that undercuts its premium rivals by hundreds of dollars. But, unlike many of its home rivals, LeEco will soon have an… [Continue Reading]

US Presidential debate launches latest Twitter meme

20 October, by Alan Buckingham[ —]
The US has perhaps grown used to the political season, complete with its ugly mudslinging. The name-calling-laced tirades become something that many just tune out, sometimes in fear for their own sanity. 2016 has become an example of gutter-talk that will be held up for many years and it has fueled late night comedians like no previous campaign. If nothing else, the debates alone have kept Saturday Night Live relevant, though one candidate no longer thinks a show he once hosted is very funny anymore and has even stated that it should be taken off the air. While debate number… [Continue Reading]

New platform guards against in-memory endpoint attacks

20 October, by Ian Barker[ —]
Cyber attackers know that the weakest point of an organization's security is usually the endpoint and they'll increasingly try to hide malware's presence from security tools by running it only in memory. Endpoint security specialist Endgame is releasing an update to its platform which expands coverage of the attacker lifecycle to anticipate innovations. Today's release enhances in-memory attack detection and malicious persistence detection capabilities, building on Endgame's pre-exploit prevention, signature-less malware detection, early-stage attacker technique detection, and automated investigations. Endgame can detect all known and unknown techniques used by adversaries to hide in-memory. Its patent-pending technology detects in-memory-only adversaries by… [Continue Reading]

Emsisoft ships Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 with 3-for-1 license deal

20 October, by Mike Williams[ —]
Emsisoft is celebrating the latest editions of its consumer security suites, Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 ($39.95) and Emsisoft Internet Security 12 ($49.95), with a limited-time launch deal -- buying one license will cover you for up to 3 PCs. The new builds aim to keep you safe from even the very latest ransomware with their improved behavior blocking. SEE ALSO: Why anti-malware protection isn't a 'thing' you can buy [Q&A] A smarter anti-malware network does a better job of identifying brand-new threats, while the scanning engine features improved detection and removal of "potentially unwanted programs". An extended whitelisting system now allows… [Continue Reading]

What you need to know about cognitive computing

20 October, by Ian Barker[ —]
The ability to think is one of the things that marks us out as human, "I think therefore I am", as the philosopher René Descartes put it. But what if machines were able to mimic human thought processes? This is the basic premise behind cognitive computing. In order to replicate human thought processes, cognitive computing uses techniques like pattern recognition, data mining and natural language processing. The ultimate goal is to be able to make computer systems that are capable of solving complex problems without needing human assistance to prompt them in the right direction. Computing giant IBM, which is… [Continue Reading]

Why anti-malware protection isn't a 'thing' you can buy [Q&A]

20 October, by Wayne Williams[ —]
Threats like ransomware means it’s more important than ever to keep your computers safe both online and off. Emsisoft has just released Anti Malware 12, the latest version of its respected anti-malware software, and Christian Mairoll, the company’s CEO, took time to speak to me about the ever evolving threat landscape, the best ways to keep your system safe, and the benefits of paid versus free solutions. BN: What trends in malware are you seeing at the moment? CM: We don't expect the Ransomware epidemic to end any time soon. Additionally, to encrypting files, we'll most likely see more and… [Continue Reading]

New cloud platform streamlines enterprise digital transformation

http://betanews.com/2016/10/20/enterprise-digital-transformation-platform/play episode download
20 October, by Ian Barker[ —]
If you only have a few websites and mobile apps to handle looking after them is a fairly straightforward task. But businesses that need to handle multiple digital properties with proper governance and security -- at the same time delivering a consistent, personalized customer experience -- face a major challenge. To help companies face these challenges, application development company Progress is launching a new DigitalFactory platform. This is a cloud-based digital transformation solution built for developers, IT administrators and marketers to allow them to collaborate on and deliver engaging customer experiences that meet the needs of business at a global… [Continue Reading]

What you need to know about IT infrastructure library

20 October, by Ian Barker[ —]
Bringing information technology into line with the needs of the business is frequently a problem. ITIL -- originally known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library -- is aimed at resolving this by establishing a set of rules for IT service management (ITSM). The ITIL framework is geared to standardizing the choosing, planning, delivery and support of business IT services. The intention is to deliver greater efficiency and predictable service levels. Published as a series of five core volumes, each of which covers a part of the ITSM lifecycle, the current version of ITIL (ITIL v3) first appeared in 2007 and received… [Continue Reading]

LYNK & CO's new 01 is a shareable electric SUV with an open API

20 October, by Mark Wilson[ —]
Think of electric cars, and it's Tesla that naturally springs to mind. But Geely, the Chinese parent company of Volvo, wants this to change. Today the company launches a new car brand, LYNK & CO, along with not just a new electric vehicle, the 01, but a whole new ownership model. The 01 -- which will be followed, of course, by the 02, 03, and so on -- is a compact SUV designed for sharing, and it even has its own app store. With connectivity in mind, the 01 has an open API so developers can get to work creating… [Continue Reading]

Fedora 25 Beta Linux distro now available for Raspberry Pi -- here's how to install it

http://betanews.com/2016/10/19/fedora-25-beta-linux-raspberry-pi/play episode download
20 October, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
The Raspberry Pi computers are extremely popular. It isn't hard to see why people like them -- they are small, inexpensive, and very useful for various projects. While they are arguably under-powered for use as, say, a full-time workstation, the diminutive machines aren't really meant for that. If you do want to use it as a workstation, however, I have good news. Fedora 25 Beta Workstation is now available for both the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3. In addition to the Workstation image, Fedora 25 Beta Server is available too. Owners of ARMv6-powered Pi models, such as the… [Continue Reading]

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