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Microsofts Bing says Denny Hamlin will win Daytona 500 -- do you agree, Nascar fans?

24 February, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
This weekend is the Daytona 500. I won't be watching. While I absolutely love cars, Nascar has never been my thing. Race cars going in a circle? Meh. Daytona USA for Sega Saturn is one of my favorite games of all time, however, but I digress. Even though Nascar isn't for everyone, it is still very popular with many. Not only do people like to watch the event as spectators, but some folks like to gamble on it too. If you are planning to put some money on the race, Microsoft may have some useful information for you. The company's Bing… [Continue Reading]

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15042 for PC and Build 15043 for Mobile arrive on the Fast ring

24 February, by Wayne Williams[ —]
Like buses, you wait over a week for a new Windows 10 Insider Build… and then two come along at once. In this case, there are two distinct builds -- Build 15042 for PC, and Build 15043 for Mobile. We’re edging ever close to the release of the Creators Update, and so while a lot of the changes in these releases are about squashing bugs and fixing issues, Microsoft has still managed to introduce some new features. SEE ALSO: First Windows 10 Redstone 3 build sighted For Windows 10 Insiders on PC, there’s a new Cortana animation in the 'out-of-box… [Continue Reading]

Most executives fear competition from disruptors

24 February, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
Almost two thirds (65 percent) of C-suite executives believe four in ten (40 percent) of today’s Fortune 500 companies won’t exist in 10 years’ time. This is according to new research from ChristianSteven Software, conducted by GITNS. It is based on a poll of more than 500 C-suite executives across the United States and Europe. It also says that more than half (53 percent) of those surveyed say they fear competition from industry disruptors. Still, nine in ten (91 percent) say they are hopeful about the future of technology in their business. "Our study allowed us to take a close look at the business… [Continue Reading]

Employees who embrace BYOD feel judged

24 February, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
There is a strange side-effect to the Bring Your Own Device initiative, and one that's slowing it down. Apparently, many employees refrain from bringing their own devices to work for the fear of being judged. No, not because their devices are old or slow, but because others will think they're using them for personal instead of professional reasons. Yes, that's a real fear, and it's quite prevalent. According to Nudge Rewards just 40 percent of employees feel trust is not an issue when using BYOD. Just a quarter (23 percent) say they are actively encouraged to use mobile devices in the workplace. A third… [Continue Reading]

Cloudbleed: Cloudflare leaks sensitive data, many major websites affected

24 February, by Mihăiță Bamburic[ —]
Security researchers from Google's Project Zero have uncovered a critical bug in Cloudflare which allowed sensitive data -- like passwords, cookies and encryption keys -- from many hosted websites to leak online. Patreon, Y Combinator, Medium, 4chan, Yelp, OKCupid, Zendesk, Uber and 23and Me are among the most-important affected websites. This security issue is so important that it is now being referred to as cloudbleed. The bug, which was discovered on February 17 according to Project Zero's Tavis Ormandy and is now fixed, has caused the most damage between February 13 and February 18, according to Cloudflare, when about one in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests caused data to leak.… [Continue Reading]

Youll be able to unlock any device running Windows 10 Creators Update with a Samsung phone

24 February, by Wayne Williams[ —]
If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and run Windows 10, we’ve got some good news for you. From April, which is when it’s anticipated that Microsoft will be rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update, you’ll be able to unlock any Windows 10 device by using your phone… and that’s not all. Samsung’s Flow app, which -- like Apple’s Handoff -- lets you switch between different devices seamlessly, works on a variety of Samsung phones and tablets, including the Windows 10-based Galaxy TabPro S. At the moment, that’s the only Windows 10 device it works with, but Samsung intends… [Continue Reading]

Samsung Secure Folder for Android safeguards your private data

24 February, by Mihăiță Bamburic[ —]
If you want to secure your Galaxy smartphone, the first thing that you should do is set up a screen lock. But what if you want to go a bit further, and protect specific things on the device? Well, Samsung just released Secure Folder, which gives you a "private, encrypted space" to store sensitive data in. Secure Folder is derived from Knox, the company's secure platform for business users, and can be seen as a consumer-focused iteration. It acts as a sandbox for apps and data and works with existing authentication options to keep them safe. "Users may leverage this… [Continue Reading]

Best Windows 10 apps this week

24 February, by Martin Brinkmann[ —]
Two-hundred-and-twenty in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on the Windows Store in the past seven days. As always, if I missed an app or game that has been released this week that you believe is particularly good, let me know in the comments below or notify me via email instead. Discounts this week The following list is a selection of the best deals. Make sure you check out the Store for all offers. Some apps are discounted for more than one week. Only new apps and games… [Continue Reading]

Dropbox releases open-source Slack bot

24 February, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
Dropbox is looking to tackle unauthorized access and other security incidents in the workplace with a chatbot. Called Securitybot, it that can automatically grab alerts from security monitoring tools and verify incidents with other employers. The company says that through the use of the chatbot, which is open source, it will no longer be necessary to manually reach out to employees to verify access, every time someone enters a sensitive part of the system. The bot is built primarily for Slack, but it is designed to be transferable to other platforms as well. It works quite simple, too. As soon… [Continue Reading]

New DDoS capabilities uncovered in Necurs botnet

24 February, by Ian Barker[ —]
The Necurs botnet is one of the largest around at the moment and is principally known for sending spam including the Locky ransomware. However, new research from BitSight's Anubis Labs has uncovered a new component being loaded in infected systems that allows it to use bots to enable proxy communications and perform DDoS attacks. The module has a compilation date in August 2016, although there's no evidence that these new capabilities have yet been used in anger. A botnet the size of Necurs, if used for DDoS attacks, is likely to cause severe disruption wherever it hits, being very capable of… [Continue Reading]

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