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AOC U3277PWQU 32-inch 4K UHD Professional Monitor [Review]

22 October, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
I'm a big fan of value. Is that because I'm not a wealthy person? Partially. Even when I can afford something, however, I don't necessarily buy it. When buying a car, for instance, I try to get the most bang for my buck while getting a reasonable vehicle -- my only new car purchase was a Ford Focus priced below invoice. Could I have gotten a better vehicle? Sure, but the Focus provided value. When it comes to monitors, I am the same way. My main computer these days is a 2016 MacBook Pro. Now, the obvious choice of a… [Continue Reading]

Tweak and hack OxygenOS on your OnePlus phone with JOnePlus Tools

22 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Tweaking tools used to be all the rage for Windows, but not so much these days. The phenomenon has, however, spread to the mobile world to a certain extent. OnePlus owners have the streamlined OxygenOS to work with for an experience that's near to pure Android; but there's always scope for tweaking. Whether you have rooted your phone or not, JOnePlus Tools gives you the opportunity to tweak your phone to within an inch of its life (in the best possible way, of course). As well as working with rooted and non-rooted phones, it even works with the Oreo betas… [Continue Reading]

Google says the majority of Chrome traffic is protected with HTTPS

22 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Google has already used Cybersecurity Awareness Month to announced details of a new bug bounty program for Android apps, as well as a new Advanced Protection Program for G Suite users. Now the company has revealed that most web traffic in its Chrome web browser is protected by HTTPS. The precise figures vary from platform to platform -- with ChromeOS and macOS faring the best -- but between 64 and 75 percent is now secured. Google humblebrags about the results of its mission to "secure the web, one site at a time," after opting to mark non-encrypted pages as being… [Continue Reading]

How to order an iPhone X faster

22 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
The level of interest in the iPhone X is huge. The latest addition to the iPhone range is certainly expensive, but it's also the most radically different iPhone we've seen in ages. Pre-orders for the phone start on October 27 (this Friday) ahead of the November 3 launch, and availability of the handsets is expected to limited -- not least because Apple is said to have a relatively small number of them to sell. What if there was a way to jump the queue and secure your iPhone X so you avoid disappointment? Well... there is! Sort of... See also:… [Continue Reading]

Twitter shares timetable for tackling abuse transparently between now and January

21 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
With promises made by Jack Dorsey and a leaked email indicating that Twitter was ready to do more to start tackling abuse on the site, it should come as little surprise that the company has now published a timetable for what it intends to do over the coming months. Entitled the "Calendar of Our Safety Work," the document details the changes that Twitter is going to make between now and the middle of January. The timetable covers subjects such as non-consensual nudity, hateful imagery, violent groups and hateful display names. There's an unprecedented level of transparency that Twitter will hope… [Continue Reading]

Apple releases fourth betas of iOS 11.1 and watchOS 4.1 to developers

21 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Ahead of a public beta launch, Apple has released new developer betas for iOS 11.1 and watch OS 4.1. iOS 11.1 beta 15B92 and watchOS 4.1 beta 15R846 come just days after the third beta version were released, and only a month after iOS 11 itself was launched. Both are really bug-fixing releases, but iOS does see the return of a feature from an earlier beta. See also: Apple responds to iPhone X Face ID privacy concerns but dodges law enforcement request query Apple releases 'new' version of iTunes that includes the App Store Debunked: Apple slows down older iPhones… [Continue Reading]

Support for Hey, Google hotword rolls out to Android phones

21 October, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Calling up the Google Assistant on your Android phone takes nothing more than bellowing "OK, Google" at your handset. But you may be someone who feels that this is just too many syllables to utter. Google Home users have a slightly easier time. As well as "OK, Google" it is also possible to say "Hey, Google" -- meaning you can start getting help in two thirds of the time! Now the same option is making its way to Android phones. See also: Instant Apps in Google Play let you try out apps without installing them Android hackers: Now there's a… [Continue Reading]

Many businesses remain unprepared for GDPR

https://betanews.com/2017/10/20/gdpr-preparations/play episode download
21 October, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
A shockingly large proportion of businesses have no idea how to behave when GDPR comes into play, a new report by the DMA has claimed. More than half of marketers surveyed (56 percent) believe they’re on the right track, with four percent actually saying they’re ahead in their plans of being compliant by May 2018. Another 17 percent are behind their current plan -- up from 11 percent in May this year. The report says that in the last year, "awareness and preparedness among marketers has risen." More than three quarters (77 percent) now rate their awareness as good, with just less… [Continue Reading]

Increased IT spending will boost digital transformation efforts in Europe

https://betanews.com/2017/10/20/digital-transformation-increased-it-spending/play episode download
21 October, by Michael Moore[ —]
European businesses are set for an increase in IT spending which should greatly accelerate digital transformation efforts within the next 12 months. That's according to new research from CenturyLink, which found that over half of companies are set to boost IT spending over the next year to allow them to embrace the benefits of new technology sooner than expected. Overall, 52 percent of European companies surveyed by CenturyLink and analyst firm 451 Research said that the next 12 months would see an increase in spending as nearly 40 percent of companies predict that digital transformation will cause "major disruption" over the next three years.… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft Cortana-powered Harman Kardon Invoke speaker hits stores October 22

21 October, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
I have sort of a love/hate relationship with Cortana. She is actually quite the good voice assistant. When I used Windows 10 Mobile, I found her to be superior to Siri. With that said, I don't really need a voice assistant on my desktop computer, so it feels like Cortana is invading my space when I use Windows 10. In comparison, Siri is much less apparent on macOS -- I forget she is there, to be honest. Since I no longer use Windows 10 Mobile, and I don't really leverage Cortana on my desktop PC, I guess Microsoft's assistant is… [Continue Reading]

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