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Watch Microsofts Xbox One X Gamescom presentation here!

20 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Later on today you will be able to learn everything you could possible want to know about the Xbox One X. Microsoft is holding a press conference at Gamescom in Germany and you can watch it here, live. The presentation kicks off at 12:00PM PT / 3:00PM EST / 8:00PM BT / 9:00PM CET, and Microsoft has already made it clear that pre-order details will be revealed. See also: Here's why the Xbox One X is so damned expensive Microsoft leaks upcoming Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition We already know that the 4K Xbox One X is going to… [Continue Reading]

Microsoft leaks upcoming Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition

https://betanews.com/2017/08/20/microsoft-xbox-one-s-minecraft-limited-edition/play episode download
20 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
At GamesCon later today, we're going to hear about Microsoft's Xbox One X but it's looking as though there's also going to be some news about the Xbox One S. Microsoft accidentally -- probably -- posted about an Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition on the Minecraft Facebook page. The video included a link to the pre-order page for the console. See also: Watch Microsoft's Xbox One X Gamescom presentation here! The video only appeared online for around half an hour, but this was long enough for it to be spotted by Surface Phone Italia. The site managed to grab… [Continue Reading]

Amazon hands out $5 credits after accidentally making Echo Dot available free of charge

20 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Anyone shopping for an Amazon Echo Dot a couple of days ago may have spotted that the online retail giant was making its second-generation assistant available free of charge. But the old adage "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is" turned out to be completely accurate. The $49.99 "Audible Promo" discount that led to the device being reduced in price to $0 was a SNAFU -- but Amazon is going to make up for it. As noted by Engadget on Friday, a discount related to Audible results in the Amazon Echo Dot being made available free of… [Continue Reading]

Plex updates its privacy policy -- and now you cant opt out of data collection

19 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Plex -- the much-loved media server software -- has updated its privacy policy, and people are not happy with the changes. Included among the changes is a notification that future features may collect and share details about what you're streaming. Usage statistics are collected by many companies -- including Plex -- to improve products; moving forward users will not be able to opt out of this data collection. Needless to say, Plex users are more than a little upset. See also: Plex Live TV and DVR features arrive on Android and Apple TV Plex Pass Perks give you money-off deals… [Continue Reading]

Facebook will protect your privacy... when youre dead

19 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Facebook won't -- usually -- hand over your private messages to anyone after you die. The social network has used a new blogging series called Hard Questions to reveal just how it handles deaths of its users. The site's director of global policy management, Monika Bickert, says that Facebook aims to not only be sensitive, but also to respect the wishes of the deceased. After death, accounts are memorialized by default, but everyone is also free to create a "legacy contact" who will be able to mange their account in the event of their death. But Facebook is, it says,… [Continue Reading]

YouTube introduces a breaking news section

19 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
To make it easier for people to access up to date information about what is going on the world, YouTube is adding a "Breaking News" section to its website and mobile apps. The new section takes the form of an additional video carousel, and it provides access to new stories from a number of sources. At the moment, not all users are seeing the Breaking News carousel, and Google has not made an official announcement about it, but it does seem to be spreading out at the moment. The new section was first noticed by Android Police who notes that… [Continue Reading]

Hackers share HBO social media passwords and threaten to leak Game of Thrones S07E07

19 August, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
A few days ago, HBO's latest humiliation was to have its social media accounts taken over by hackers, and the bad news just keeps on coming for the network. The "Mr Smith group" behind the huge data breach that has seen endless Game of Thrones leaks contacted Mashable with the login details for many HBO social media accounts. On top of this, the group is also threatening to release Game of Thrones S07E07 -- but considering the number of episodes that have leaked from this season, this was to be expected. See also: Hackers take over HBO's social media accounts… [Continue Reading]

Google brings video previews to search results on Android

19 August, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
Google is undeniably the best search engine for results -- concerns about privacy be damned. Alternatives such as Bing and DuckDuckGo aren't terrible, but the optimal experience still comes from Google -- for now. Today, Google announces a cool new search feature for its Android operating system. When using either the Chrome web browser or the official Google app, you will now sometimes see video previews in results. In other words, rather than needing to click a video to load it entirely, you can instead see a brief snippet, allowing you to see if the video should meet your needs. "We're always looking for ways to… [Continue Reading]

Box embraces Google Cloud Vision to boost image recognition capabilities

https://betanews.com/2017/08/18/box-embraces-google-cloud-vision-to-boost-image-recognition-capabilities/play episode download
19 August, by Michael Moore[ —]
Box has revealed a major upgrade to its cloud content management systems thanks to a new partnership with Google. The online storage giant will now use Google's Cloud Vision platform to improve its image recognition capabilities, allowing enterprises a quicker way to identify key insights from the images uploaded into its service as part of unstructured data. "Organizations today have no way to extract insights from the massive amounts of unstructured data that are essential to their business, missing a huge opportunity to drive innovation, efficiency, and cost savings," said Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO, Box. "By combining the machine learning capabilities… [Continue Reading]

Mobile payments rapidly growing in popularity

https://betanews.com/2017/08/18/mobile-payments-rapidly-growing-in-popularity/play episode download
18 August, by Michael Moore[ —]
The UK is continuing to embrace mobile and contactless payments, with the total spend using such services booming in the first half of 2017, new research has revealed. The latest payment figures from Worldpay, the UK's largest credit and debit card payment processor. It found that the amount of money spent using mobile payments topped £370 million in the first six months of 2017. This represents a 336 percent increase in spending compared to the same period of last year, showing how UK consumers have rapidly adapted to using their devices to pay for goods and services. Mobile spending is expected to… [Continue Reading]

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