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How to get macOS Mojaves Dynamic Desktop on Windows 10

20 June, by Wayne Williams[ —]
At its recent WWDC, Apple revealed the latest version of macOS -- Mojave. The OS update introduces a number of new features, including a dark theme and desktop Stacks. One of the more interesting additions is Dynamic Desktop which cleverly cycles through a set of 16 images of the desert taken at different times of the day. If you like the idea of this, but are on Windows 10, the good news is it’s now possible to get the feature on your OS, and for free. SEE ALSO: Apple introduces macOS Mojave with Dark Mode, desktop Stacks and more Windows… [Continue Reading]

Attackers use hidden tunnels to steal financial data

20 June, by Ian Barker[ —]
Global financial services organizations are targeted by sophisticated cyber attackers in an attempt to steal critical data, according to a new report. The study from threat hunting company Vectra says attackers build 'hidden tunnels' masquerading as other web traffic to break into networks and access critical data and personal information. These tunnels are used to remotely control an attack and steal data while remaining largely undetected. The report shows that while financial services firms didn't experience the same volume of breaches as other industries, they still face considerable risk as lucrative targets of attackers in search of a windfall. "Every… [Continue Reading]

Average UK home has more than £2,000 worth of broken gadgets

20 June, by Ian Barker[ —]
UK households are home to thousands of pounds' worth of broken gadgets, according to new research from technology retailer Laptops Direct. The survey of more than 1,000 UK adults shows that the average household is currently harboring £2,460 of broken technology and gadgets. Smartphones are the most common items in these technology graveyards with 78 percent holding onto them even though they’re broken. A damaged or malfunctioning laptop is in the home of 62 percent of those surveyed and 59 percent have broken iPads and tablets. There's also a lack of urgency when it comes to getting gadgets fixed. 37… [Continue Reading]

Alexa for Hospitality brings Amazons digital assistant to hotel rooms

20 June, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Not content with infiltrating people's homes with its range of Echo devices, Amazon is now looking to elbow its way into hotels with Alexa for Hospitality. Amazon has struck a deal with Marriott International that will see the introduction of Echo devices into rooms. Guests can use these to play music, contact reception and get information about the hotel -- and both Amazon and guests alike will be hoping there won't be a repeat of the recent privacy slip up that resulted in an Echo recording and sharing someone's conversations. See also: Amazon Echo secretly records couple's conversation... and then… [Continue Reading]

Automation of endpoint security is top priority for IT pros

20 June, by Ian Barker[ —]
A new survey of IT professionals finds that automating endpoint detection and response processes is a top priority. The study from cyber security training company, the SANS Institute, shows 42 percent of the IT professionals surveyed say their endpoints had been breached, and 82 percent of that group say their breaches involved desktops, while 69 percent cited corporate laptops and 42 percent claimed involvement of employee-owned laptops (42 percent). The top threat vectors for these exploited endpoints were web drive-bys (63 percent), social engineering/phishing (53 percent) and ransomware (50 percent). But while respondents are relying on the security capabilities they… [Continue Reading]

Satya Nadella speaks out against cruel and abusive border policy and explains Microsofts involvement with ICE

20 June, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has publicly shared an email he sent to employees, in which he speaks out against current US immigration policy. Describing the separating of children from their families as "cruel and abusive", he stresses that while Microsoft does work with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the work amounts to support for "legacy" services and is in no way related to child separation. The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, also used a blog post to set out the company position on the matter. See also: Microsoft issues statement distancing itself from ICE's separation of children from parents… [Continue Reading]

American Girl selling Xbox Gaming Set for dolls

20 June, by Brian Fagioli[ —]
Growing up in the 80s and 90s, I remember video games being considered a "boy thing." This was just marketing -- of course girls liked gaming too. Sadly, games that were designed for girls were often terrible. It seemed like developers thought they could use, say, Barbie as a way to sell garbage games to this particular demographic. The truth is, girls enjoyed playing the same games as boys -- Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, etc. Ultimately, there was no need to market games based on the player's gender. These days, the old stereotypes are largely gone, though not entirely.… [Continue Reading]

Google launches Podcasts app for Android

19 June, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Google has never really shown much interest in podcasts -- despite their age and popularity -- but today this changes. The company has launched a new Android app called simply Google Podcasts complete with ubiquitous AI for personalized suggestions. Available in 47 languages, the app currently provides access to a collection of around two million podcasts, but this number is likely to grow very quickly. Google boasts of integration with Google Assistant and Google Home, the main benefit of which is being able to start a podcast on one device and continue on another. See also: Google updates Android Messages… [Continue Reading]

Bricked iPhones with Error 53 just cost Apple $6.7 million in Australia

19 June, by Mark Wycislik-Wilson[ —]
Apple has been hit with an AUS $9 million ($6.7 million) fine for misleading customers in Australia. More than two years ago Apple started to "brick" iPhones that had been fixed at non-authorized third-party repairers, generating an Error 53. Apple admitted to intentionally preventing certain repaired iPhones and iPads from working for security reasons, but later apologized and issued a fix. However, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) sued Apple for "misleading or deceptive conduct", and now an Australian court has hit the iPhone-maker with a multi-million dollar fine See also: Australia sues Apple over iPhones bricked by Error… [Continue Reading]

IBM celebrates 10 years of DevOps with new releases

19 June, by Ian Barker[ —]
Over the past decade, DevOps techniques have helped to transform software development teams with a new and more agile approach. But now companies are starting to move beyond the standard DevOps approach in what is being called 'Day 2' DevOps, a world that emphasizes scalability and teamwork. In such environments, development teams shift one way, operations teams shift the other and together they can deliver and manage multiple, complex applications at the same time. In order to meet the challenges of Day 2 DevOps, IBM is making two new announcements -- IBM UrbanCode Deploy 7.0 and IBM UrbanCode Velocity 1.0.… [Continue Reading]

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