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Windows 10 suddenly killing internet connectivity for some users

10 December, by Wayne Williams[ —]
Microsoft pushed out a new cumulative update to the Windows 10 release channel yesterday, and a number of users are reporting that it’s causing their internet connection to stop working, although there’s speculation that the update isn’t the cause at all. The update, KB3201845, is designed to fix various issues with the new operating system and was first issued to Windows Insiders in November but the problem clearly wasn’t flagged up with it then, and some people are saying the problem started for them before the update was rolled out. Certainly the update history for the cumulative update doesn’t mention… [Continue Reading]

The most popular How To guides of 2016

9 December, by Wayne Williams[ —]
In addition to news and reviews, we also regularly publish 'How to' guides here on BetaNews. These are often very popular and cover a range of topics, software, and services. Taking a look back, as is the tradition at this time of year, I thought it would be good to revisit the most popular guides published in the past 12 months. Windows 10 How to change Windows 10's taskbar color, but leave the Start menu and Action Center untouched DON’T MISS: How to reliably disable Windows 10 updates How to save Spotlight lock screen images to use as wallpaper in… [Continue Reading]

Firewalls give enterprises a false sense of security

9 December, by Gur Shatz[ —]
The recent US elections served up plenty of drama and even more suspense as the campaign entered its final stretch. Pollsters and forecasters crunched data continuously to accurately predict the paths to victory or defeat for both parties. One of the most publicized concepts was the supposed "blue firewall", a group of states that had consistently voted for the Democratic party in past elections. If the Democrats could hold onto their lead in these states, they’d all but guarantee victory, or so the polling experts predicted… We all know now how that ended. The blue firewall created a false sense… [Continue Reading]

The 3 ’esses’ of continuous database processes -- Speed, Scale and Simplicity

9 December, by Yaniv Yehuda[ —]
The driving force behind the shifts we’ve seen to Agile, DevOps and Automation, are the business needs of the companies we serve. Doing more with less and delivering it sooner than the competition is what differentiates leading companies from the rest of the pack. Once a competitor delivers relevant features, which are faster and better quality, you WILL lose market share. In the age of Agile Development, enterprises must be capable of moving rapidly to deal with ever changing requirements, while still providing quality results, all while dealing with limited resources. Avoiding manual steps when possible is the key to… [Continue Reading]

Why cybersecurity is an essential part of any enterprise’s security plan

9 December, by Rick Delgado[ —]
Online, hooked up, plugged in and "on the cloud". Whether it is your own personal information such as saved passwords or credit card information or if it is your client's’ personal information, so much of our personal lives can now be easily accessed just with a little Wi-Fi. With our new found accessibility -- everything at the click of a button -- our lives have become all that much more convenient, and our businesses and assets have become all that much more vulnerable. Cybercrime has boomed over the last decade and has become a real problem for businesses, large and… [Continue Reading]

6 IoT devices you may not have considered

9 December, by Jeremy Cook[ —]
The Internet of Things, or IoT, seems to be the big headline in tech news lately. Perhaps you’ve heard of smart remotes, outlets, thermostats or alarm systems, but with all the recent development in this area, there are probably quite a few devices that you haven’t yet considered. Here are six worth adding to your tech radar. Wi-Fi SD Card Wi-Fi SD cards are standard-sized SD memory cards that not only contain gigabytes of storage, but can also transfer data over Wi-Fi. They allow you to whisk photos wirelessly from your camera straight onto your computer or the cloud, where… [Continue Reading]

Employees' bad security habits put businesses in danger

9 December, by Sead Fadilpašić[ —]
Employees have poor security practices and use completely unsecured private devices for work, putting their organizations at huge risk of cyber-attacks, a new report by WinMagic says. After polling workers in the UK, the report says more than four in ten (42 percent) use private devices for work, accessing corporate data and e-mail accounts. More than half (52 percent) use private accounts, including enterprise file sharing services (EFSS), which they use to either store or access corporate files. Only a third (34 percent) say they had never done so. Laptops, smartphones and USB devices are the top three personal devices used for… [Continue Reading]

Would a Trump administration allow Google to sell Motorola to Lenovo?

http://betanews.com/2016/12/09/would-a-trump-administration-allow-google-to-sell-motorola-to-lenovo/play episode download
9 December, by Joe Wilcox[ —]
I don't want to start an argument about politics. My sentiment this lovely day derives from what the incoming White House is, not what so many people here in California want it to be. I wonder: If Google bought Motorola during a Trump presidency, rather than Obama regime, would later sale to Lenovo be allowed or closing of the Texas phone-assembly factory about 18 months after opening? The question arises from a pique of sadness as I look at the FedEx tracking information for two Motorola phones purchased directly from Lenovo. City of origin: Wuhan, China. My last Moto came from the Lone… [Continue Reading]

How to change your Google Play store account country

9 December, by Mihăiță Bamburic[ —]
There's lots of information available on how to change the country associated with a Google Play account, but nothing works for me. I have been unable to switch to the US store despite following the recommended methods to the letter. Everything is in order, but when I open the Google Play app on my Android smartphone afterwards I still see my local store. And I am not alone. For one reason or another, lots of fellow Android users want to change their Google account country to get access to a different Play store, but only few succeed. But I have… [Continue Reading]

Optimizing your website for Google's mobile-first index

9 December, by Oliver Ewbank[ —]
Google have begun rolling out their new mobile-first index. This update will prioritize the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals, falling back on the desktop version when there is no mobile content. In short, this means Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content (even for listings that are shown to desktop users). If you have neglected mobile SEO in the past, it’s now more important than ever that you up your game. Here are 10 tips to future-proof your website, and make sure it succeeds in the new mobile-first… [Continue Reading]

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