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Pre-order Jim Rugg's fluorescent, blacklight comic book starring Russian outlaw superhero Octobriana - the devil woman!

14 juillet[ —]

Cartoonist extraordinaire Jim Rugg recently launched a successful Kickstarter for a fluorescent blacklight comic book about a Russian Outlaw superhero called Octobriana. Check out samples and how to buy here.

This project began when Rugg made a blacklight screen print in 2014 with Telegraph Art & Comics. In the process, he wondered why no one had made a comic book using vivid, fluorescent inks. It would look spectacular. So he decided to make one himself.

The story is set in the 1970s, the period when blacklight posters were most popular (also the period of Rugg’s graphic novel, Afrodisiac). In 1971, the west learned about Octobriana - the outlaw Russian superhero comic in Petr Sadecky’s expose, Octobriana and the Russian Underground. Octobriana is part Barbarella, part Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. She’s an unusual cult character with a storied history. David Bowie tried to make a movie about her. Billy Idol has her likeness tattooed on his arm. As a child of the Cold War and fan of underground comix, Rugg identified Octobriana as the perfect character for his psychedelic outlaw comic!

The concept of Mtsyry: Octobriana 1976 is that underground American cartoonists made their own Octobriana comic book after reading Sadecky’s book. It was an effort to show solidarity with their Russian cartoonist comrades. Robot Stalin's got a new doomsday bomb! Can the Devil-Woman stop him before he destroys us all? Siberian labor camps, PPP secret orgies, motorcycle gunship train chases - this one has it all! Samizdat gone wild - a cross between 70s psychedelia and Soviet constructivism!?!

Mtsyry: Octobriana 1976 will appeal to fans of comic books as well as fans of design, unique printed matter, and 70s counterculture. It features humor and action and you've NEVER seen a comic book that looks like this! Revolution forever, bitch.

Jim Rugg is an award-winning cartoonist. His books include The PLAIN Janes, Street Angel, Afrodisiac, and Notebook Drawings. He’s also the co-creator of YouTube’s Cartoonist Kayfabe comics channel and an instructor at the School of Visual Arts.

The Bite Helper removes the itch of a mosquito bite in seconds episode download
14 juillet[ —]

While mosquitoes have certainly earned their title as the deadliest animal on earth, their impact on most of our lives is usually a lot less consequential.

But even though they might not transmit a disease to you or seriously affect your life, being a blood donor for one of those insects is certainly an annoyance. In fact, pest control giant Terminix found that mosquito bites are a bigger nuisance to more people than backseat drivers, alarm clocks, people who interrupt, and even those who call you to respond to a text message.

Of course, after a bite is inflicted, the damage is done, right? Thankfully, the Bite Helper Itch Neutralizer is a new creation that just might have something to say about the lasting annoyance of a mosquito bite.

A CES Innovation Award winner, the Bite Helper actually gets under your skin to attack the itch, irritation and overall discomfort that comes from the mosquito’s bite. 

Bite Helper is about the size of a TV remote control, but packed inside are thermo-pulse emitters, capable of getting right to the heart of the bite. In just about 30 seconds, those thermo-pulses pound the affected area with heat and vibration, increasing the circulation and stimulating blood flow. That actually works to neutralize and soothe the itch in literally seconds.

The Bite Helper is completely drug and chemical-free, so it’s 100 percent safe.

While mosquitoes are the most likely offenders, Bite Helper is actually designed to combat the itch and irritation caused by all kinds of insect stings and bites, including fleas, wasps, bees, and ants.

When repellents, creams, ointments, sprays, bracelets, and patches don’t work, the Bite Helper is a convenient way to stop the annoying itch in its tracks. Regularly $39.99, you can save $8 off the price of the Bite Helper Itch Neutralizer with the current offer, now only $31.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer - $31.99

Get bite relief for $31.99

DIY wound-closing with this $10 skin stapler

14 juillet[ —]

Over on Cool Tools, Xander Rose recommends a $10 skin stapler for people who don't have great suturing skills. " It forms the staple as it pushes it into your skin in a pattern that doesn't rip your skin," he says. "You start at one end of the wound and close it up slowly." A downside of stapling wounds together rather than suturing them is that staples leave bigger scars.

Cheap USB-C Hub lets me use my old devices with a new USB-C only Mac laptop

14 juillet[ —]

My MacBook Pro has 4 USB-C ports, only 2 of my peripherals use USB-C. This hub to the rescue.

Three standard USB ports and one USB-C power delivery port pretty much covers me. The HDMI port and card readers may come in useful later.

I can't remember the last time I took a CF card out of a digital camera. They seem to be put one in and leave it.

Thanks to this hub my mic and all my iPhone and Apple Watch charging crap can now be connected to my laptop again.

USB C Hub Multiport Adapter - 7 in 1 Portable Space Aluminum Dongle with 4K HDMI Output, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD Card Reader Compatible for MacBook Pro, XPS More Type C Devices via Amazon

This PSA kindly tells covidiot snowflakes, "You should be wearing a fucking mask"

14 juillet[ —]

In a deep, gentle voice this scolding video for covidiots starts with: "Hello. You should be wearing a fucking mask. Why aren't you wearing a mask? Are you being a snowflake, complaining about your rights? Are you telling people you can't breathe? Good luck breathing with the coronavirus."

And it goes on from there, with phrases like, "This isn't about you, you piece of shit," and "This is about the people you love, and people who love you, which is unlikely that there are any..." After asking viewers to put on their mask, the voice kindly acknowledges the good deed with, "See, that wasn't very hard, was it you dumb fuck?" This Covid "PSA" for non-mask wearers is the most delightfully passive-aggressive I've seen.

Cory Doctorow's first picture book, Poesy the Monster Slayer, is out today episode download
14 juillet[ —]

Hurray! Cory's new picture book, Poesy the Monster Slayer, is out today. Illustrated by Matt Rockefeller, it's an "epic tale of toy-hacking, bedtime-avoidance, and monster-slaying."

Cory has sample pages on his blog, Pluralistic.

This smart gimbal packed with AI is like having your own robot cameraman episode download
14 juillet[ —]

The bar has been raised on home video production. So just in case you haven’t been on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or other video-heavy platforms lately, the days of the boring, white-walled, locked-down selfie video that looks like it could have been filmed by hostage-takers doesn’t really cut it anymore.

Thankfully, your filming options have also advanced beyond propping your smartphone up against a wall and pushing record. In fact, the Apai Genie Gimbal is an easy-to-use, smartphone gimbal that practically mimics having an actual photographer on hand to direct your photo or video shoots.

Just clamp your phone into the Apai Genie’s loving embrace, and you’re ready to go. Powered by artificial intelligence, you’ll find this gimbal not only does a monster job steadying and smoothing out all your videos, but its machine-driving smarts allow the unit to automatically lock on to your face and track you, even when you move out of frame. That’s why this gimbal has full 360-degree rotation you can even do circles around the Apai Genie and like a good photog, it’ll keep the lens trained on the action.

It even has a pairs mode, so two people can both stay in the frame together without any unfortunate cropping incidents.

In its intelligent shooting mode, the Apai Genie can be set to detect your face and immediately start shooting. You’ll never have to ask for help shooting a selfie again.

Meanwhile, your robot cameraman can flash some serious skills, switching easily between horizontal and vertical recording modes, offering multiple perspectives to record and a full range to adapt to different scenes. 

Best of all, this new robot cameraman works for cheap. The Apai Genie 360-Degree Smart AI Gimbal is now almost 70 percent off its regular price or $129.95, now only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.


360° Rotation Smart AI Object Tracking Gimbal - $39.99

Shoot better videos for $39.99

"People are dying, and you are doing nothing!" Florida governor's press conference interrupted by truth teller

14 juillet[ —]

Ron DeSantis, a Trump loyalty cultist who also serves as governor of Florida, held a press conference in Miami on Monday to blame anti-racism protestors for causing a massive surge in coronavirus cases and deaths in the state he oversees.

In attendance was Thomas Kennedy, an activist with an immigrant youth-led organization called United We Dream. While DeSantis was playing the blame game, Kennedy interrupted him by shouting, "People are dying, and you are doing nothing! You are falsifying information, and you are misleading the public. More than 4,000 people have died, and you are blaming the protesters, and you are doing nothing! Shame on you!"

DeSantis pretended not to hear Kennedy and continued to talk.  A goon escorted Kennedy from the press conference.

So far today Florida has reported 144 deaths, an all-time record. From the Washington Post:

Stand Up 4 America aims to turn the US senate blue

14 juillet[ —]

A bunch of comedians teamed up to try and flip the US Senate. Full of disgusting and terrible traitors to democracy, the US Senate needs some change.


Jack Black, Moby, Keb’ Mo’ and Others to Provide Content to Raise

Funds for “Get Mitch or Die Trying”

Los Angeles, California (July 14, 2020) – Stand Up 4 America, an LA-based group of scrappy entertainment industry pros, will take aim at the GOP’s Senate majority in support of the “Get Mitch or Die Trying” campaign, raising funds to turn the Senate blue in the November election. The group will unleash a batch of original content from talent such as comic actor and Tenacious D singer/songwriter Jack Black, techno visionary Moby, five-time Grammy-winning blues great Keb’ Mo’, television actor/writer Michael Boatman, actor Terry O’Quinn, performance artist/actress Ann Magnuson, singer/songwriter Jill Sobule and others.

Starting July 14th, visitors to can access all this content for free. They’ll be invited to make an optional donation of any amount they can afford to The funds will support Democratic candidates for Senate in several crucial swing states via the “Get Mitch or Die Trying” fund from Crooked Media, a political media company founded by former President Obama staffers known for its podcast Pod Save America and others.

Stand Up 4 America (SU4A) is a media company that grew out of a local Los Angeles chapter of national activism juggernaut Swing Left. SU4A’s mission is to produce “unique content for noble causes”, drawing expertise from professionals in a variety of industries, including TV writers, non-profit professionals, actors, comedians, political activists, PR pros, web and graphic designers, and others. The group has already proven it can flex its fundraising muscle. In 2019, it raised more than $95,000 through three live music and comedy events in Los Angeles -- two at the Satellite, a Silver Lake music venue, and one at Fais Do-Do in the Adams district. Funds raised benefited Democratic candidate Dan McCready (NC-9), and Field Team 6, a Democratic voter registration organization.

Two of these fundraising variety shows were hosted by standup comic Dana Gould, and each featured sketch comedian and actor Jim Turner, one of the group’s founders and a main talent wrangler for the video project.

“Given our membership, we usually take the Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland approach to fundraising and “put on a show” but that’s not feasible in the COVID-19 era,” said Turner. “So we’ve decided to go national for the first time with online, virtual content, and we called in some chits to make it happen.”

While Turner knows videos from names like Jack Black and Moby will grab eyeballs, he’s excited about donors discovering talent such as comedian, podcaster and self-proclaimed “smartest man in the world” Greg Proops and the “sad clown with the golden voice” Puddles Pity Party. Other videos include DIY cooking tips from Recipes for Resistance blogger & chef Tess Rafferty and a special trick by famed magician John Carney.

“We’re curating a totally unique brand of content while providing a new way to engage in activism through entertainment. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with incredible talent across multiple creative industries,” added TV actor and producer Nick Jandl, one of SU4A’s founders and producers.

After the July 14th launch, weekly refreshed content is expected to post every Monday and Thursday through election day. Those who contribute can choose to allocate their funds to the swing state race of their choice in case a particular GOP incumbent really gets under their skin.

If Democrats hold their existing Senate seats, conventional wisdom is they will need to flip three to four seats from red to blue in November (depending on which party wins the Vice Presidency). However, Democrats could need to flip five seats if, as many pundits predict, Alabama Democrat incumbent Doug Jones loses to GOP challenger Tommy Tuberville.

Current consensus shows the five most likely seats to flip from red to blue are (in alphabetical order):

Arizona: GOP incumbent Martha McSally vs. challenger Mark Kelly

Colorado: Incumbent Cory Gardner vs. John Hickenlooper

Maine: Incumbent Susan Collins vs. Sara Gideon

Montana: Incumbent Steve Daines vs. Steve Bullock

North Carolina: Incumbent Thom Tillis vs. Cal Cunningham

Each Senate race is expected to be individually highlighted each week as SU4A rolls out its content.

“We want to win as many seats as possible and not obsess over the electoral map,” warned Turner. “There were plenty of polls in 2016 that got it wrong in the Presidential election, and look what happened.”

While “Get Mitch or Die Trying” is technically about flipping Senator Mitch McConnell from Majority leader to Minority leader, his Kentucky race with Amy McGrath is tightening up as well. Imagine Mitch McConnell gone from the Senate entirely (hey, the Stand Up 4 America crew can dream, can’t they?).

About Stand Up 4 America

Stand Up 4 America (SU4A) is a media company that grew out of a local Los Angeles chapter of national activism juggernaut Swing Left. SU4A produces “unique content for noble causes”, including celebrity videos, online events, and live variety shows. Everything we produce raises funds for various political and social causes.

Ivanka tells 18 million out-of-work Americans: "Find something new!"

14 juillet[ —]

While the limping United States suffers its highest unemployment rate of 11.1% since the Great Recession, with nearly 18 million people out of work, Ivanka Trump offers us some sage advice: "Find something new!"

Oh, right! Of course, why didn't anyone else think of that? And perhaps they can eat some cake while they're at it.

As part of the White House's new strategy to boost morale, they have launched their "Find Something New" campaign today.

According to CBS, "The opening ad in the 'Find Something New' campaign beginning Tuesday features ordinary people sharing their stories. A companion website provides links to training and other resources."

But, like everything that comes from this administration, the website providing guidance for these out-of-work Americans appears to be Trump University-style smoke and mirrors.

From Mother Jones:

The campaign’s website, which boasts ties with companies like Apple, reads like a choose-your-own-adventure where options like vague certificate and intensive programs are presented but with scant detail on how to pursue such paths, much less pay for some of them. Click on Apple, for example, and you’re simply rerouted to a page offering free beginner coding courses that surely won’t be enough to even land you an interview with the company. It’s the equivalent of directing someone to, wishing them good luck, and congratulating yourself for helping them in a meaningful way.

But of course most Americans aren't that stupid. From CBS:

The campaign is also facing criticisms of tone deafness given that number of unemployed workers has surged by 12 million since February. Even though the jobless rate has declined to 11.1% in June from a peak of 14.7% in April, it still remains higher than the Great Recession.

Workers who are seeking new employment may struggle to find a job, even if they are willing to try something new. Job listings have slumped almost 6% in the last two weeks, with almost one-third of employers cutting back on job openings since late June, according to a new study from employment site Glassdoor.

Twitter is already throwing gallows humor its way.

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