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Medieval English people used to pay their rent in eels

25 d'octubre[ —]

Dr. John Wyatt Greenlee has his PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University, where he specialized in … eels? Which, as I've now learned from his eel-dedicated Twitter account, were a major cultural and financial asset in medieval England.

He even made an interactive map that shows changing property values across England in eel currency. — Read the rest

Documentary on Obama White House photographer Pete Souza

25 d'octubre[ —]

Pete Souza took some of the most historically significant photos of both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama while both served as president. He talks about what it takes to be a good documenter of a President in this profile.

Be sure to check out The Way I See It if you want to learn more about his interesting career. — Read the rest

Crossing streams: A Beastie Boys and Ghostbusters musical mashup

25 d'octubre[ —]

Here's a fun mashup: the Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" set to Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters' theme. We have YouTuber William Maranci to thank for crossing these streams.

Previously: The Beachstie Boys, a musical mashup of The Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys

screengrab via William Maranci

Need a Chromebook? Here are 25 models from HP, Dell, Samsung, and more at up to 40% off

25 d'octubre[ —]

At first, they were seen as little more than cute, slimmed-down laptops. But the Chromebook has grown up over the years, stepping up to the point now where a solid Chromebook is often on par with some of the better laptops on the market. — Read the rest

Recreate classic video games yourself with this Unity 2D Game Developer training

25 d'octubre[ —]

3D gaming seems to grab all the headlines these days, but don't think that 2D games are down for the count. In fact, Unity, the world's most popular game engine, still has a dedicated arena for helping game creators fashion more 2D games than any other game technology around. — Read the rest

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing guide you gently into the world of digital marketing the right way

25 d'octubre[ —]

Starting a business is anxiety-inducing enough. But if you really want to get a new entrepreneur hyperventilating, just remind them they aren't only launching a small business. They're creating a brand. 

So what shape does that brand take, particularly in the largest advertising venue on the planet — the worldwide web? — Read the rest

Here are 10 ways to pamper your dog the right way…and maybe even learn something

24 d'octubre[ —]

Admit it…there's really nothing too good for your dog, right? You pamper and coddle and let them get away with stuff that no human could ever get away with, including your own kids.

Don't worry. We're not gonna rat you out. — Read the rest

Litigious, Anti-social-media Ex-HOA members in Val Vista Lakes file lawsuit after being ousted

24 d'octubre[ —]

Former HOA presidents Marcianne Johnson, Melissa Wilson Scovel and Cheryl McCoy have basically filed suit against their entire neighbourhood for successfully removing them from the association via a recall vote.

The three were part of the Arizona Homeowners' Association in Val Vista Lakes that threatened members of their 900-acre neighbourhood with a fine of $250 per day for "posting any disparaging, speculative, or defaming comments that negatively impact specific individuals in the Association or on the Board." — Read the rest

Jared and Ivanka are mad about these billboard ads, so please don't share these photos of them

24 d'octubre[ —]

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are so angry about billboards mocking them in Times Square that they're threatening to sue the Lincoln Project, which put them there.

Their lawyer, Marc E. — Read the rest

Find comfort in choosing your own death

24 d'octubre[ —]

In this BBC Ideas video, philosopher Nigel Warburton imagines a future world where "Good Death" centers exist on the outskirts of all towns, a place where we all get to choose how we die.

Of course there are caveats: 

"No one gets to use the facility without thorough psychological evaluation and counseling.

Read the rest

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