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Bruce Schneier: "The unrelenting horizonlessness of the Covid world"

23 de setembre[ —]
At CNN, Boing Boing pal and security researcher Bruce Schneier and Harvard media professor Nick Couldry write about acedia, "a malady that apparently plagued many Medieval monks. It's a sense of no longer caring about caring, not because one had become apathetic, but because somehow the whole structure of care had become jammed up." According…

The Burrito Pop seems silly at first, but it's actually a good idea

23 de setembre[ —]
A burrito's foil and paper wrapper is a joke. It tears easily and the burrito's filling spills out. The Burrito Pop solves this problem. Think of it like a giant Chapstick tube but instead of containing lip balm, it contains a burrito. Take a bite, then twist for more. A Kickstarter is over halfway to…

The Trump administration's attack on "Critical Race Theory" is just HUAC 2.0

23 de setembre[ —]
Early this month, the US Office of Management and Budget announced a crackdown on diversity trainings and other similar initiatives that acknowledged the existence of racism or privilege. The concept of "Critical Race Theory" was a particular target — despite the fact that, ya know, the First Amendment is supposed to prevent the government from…

The typography of Star Trek

23 de setembre[ —]
Dave Addey is author of Typeset in the Future: Typography and Design in Science Fiction Movies, a book exploring the typography of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, WALL-E, and other classics. In an excerpt on his site, Addey studies the typography of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. From Typeset in the Future:…

Bad Precedent / good comic

23 de setembre[ —]
Matt Bor's latest comic for The Nib satirizes the nonsensical laws and regulations that dictate the fate of entire populations.

Moog book explains how to use synths

23 de setembre[ —]
The walls of knobs and dials on a classic synthesizer are forbidding to newcomers. Coming from the all-done-on-computers generation, I've never quite gotten into the old-school because of it. Synth-maker Moog's published a new book, Patch & Tweak with Moog, that aims to explain analog synths with detailed charts, glossaries and explanations of what each…

Gallery of jazz album lettering

23 de setembre[ —]
Designer Reagan Ray isolated the lettering from various jazz album covers for a bunch of artists and made an online gallery of little cards. I love the variety and colors. But the most influential designer was probably Reid Miles, who created over 500 album covers for Blue Note Records. He pioneered the use of creatively-arranged type…

A US presidential election to-do list

23 de setembre[ —]
I am well aware that this is a vast generalization but, in my daily goings on, I encounter four types of democratic leaning voters: Despondent:  Those who feel nothing they do matters. Their voice and vote won't impact the election. It's all rigged, Trump has his hand on the scale, and no matter what we…

Can you spot the professional troll?

23 de setembre[ —]
In this game, called Spot the Troll, you are presented with screenshots of 8 different people's tweets or Facebook posts and then you have to guess whether or not the person is a troll. I got a score of 5/8 Each of the following 8 profiles include a brief selection of posts from a single…

Very enthusiastic geode hunter shows off his finds

23 de setembre[ —]
YouTuber The Crystal Collector shows off his massive geode haul and cracks a few open to show how beautiful they are inside. He found a riverbed that was quite a treasure trove of them in a previous video. We used to do this when I was a kid with my Aunt Henny and Uncle Rollie,…

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