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Trump rally crowd chants 'Superman! Superman!' Donald claims 'I'm immune, I can jump into this audience and kiss every man and woman'

20 October[ —]

"I'm here. And now I'm immune. I can jump into this audience and kiss every man and woman. I'm immune." — Impeached U.S. President Donald Trump, who is crazier than shit, earlier today.

At the Donald Trump campaign rally captured in this video from The Hill, a mostly maskless crowd chants "Superman!  — Read the rest

Robert Redford's son James dies from liver cancer at 58

20 October[ —]

James Redford, a filmmaker, activist and son of actor Robert Redford, has died of liver cancer. James Redford was 58, and was first diagnosed with liver diseas 30 years ago, reports the Associated Press — excerpt:

Robert Redford's publicist, Cindi Berger, said in a statement Monday that the 84-year-old father is mourning with his family during this "difficult time."

Read the rest

Jeff Bridges says he has lymphoma, prognosis is good

20 October[ —]

Actor Jeff Bridges on Monday announced that he has been diagnosed with a form of cancer called lymphoma, and says his prognosis is good.

He began his tweet with a nod to "The Big Lebowski" —
"As the Dude would say… New sh– has come to light." — Read the rest

Jeffrey Toobin suspended after exposing penis to colleagues on Zoom

19 October[ —]

Jeffrey Toobin, the famous author and journalist currently with The New Yorker, was suspended today after exposing his penis during a Zoom meeting with colleagues. The circumstances are unclear. Toobin told Motherboard that he thought he had muted the camera—"I believed I was not visible on Zoom"—but he also directed an apology to his wife as well as his colleagues, which implies a bigger problem at hand. — Read the rest

This coder bootcamp can get you up to speed on 6 key programming skills in 60 minutes each

19 October[ —]

Training packages are available everywhere. And since everyone wants to know how to code, there are literally hundreds of different courses, lectures, and training sessions that can help teach you the building blocks of this foundational ability.

However, most of us aren't very patient. — Read the rest

Making foam beer stein-style cup and can insulators

19 October[ —]

Got a virtual Halloween party coming up? Drink your adult beverage of choice out of a foam beer stein cozy (for either a can or a Solo cup).

I love a project like this that's pretty easy to do and you end up with something that looks a lot more time-consuming than it actually was. — Read the rest

'Nay, Nay!' Hear the 1960's Stranger-Danger Ballad "Patch the Pony" Turned Into a Halloween Horror Soundtrack

19 October[ —]

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Greetings, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week is our Halloween episode. It's a tribute episode to a familiar childhood pony, named Patch, of the 1960s-1980s. — Read the rest

Colorful soup bowls

19 October[ —]

I like colored porcelain, so when I saw these colorful bowls, I couldn't resist. They'll go well with my hard-to-get set crumple espresso cups.

UFO visible only through shard of glass

19 October[ —]

Skeptics will claim that the person who shot this video erased the flying saucer whenever the special piece of UFO-detecting glass was held in front of the camera, but it's probably the same kind of glass that can reveal OBEY billboards and translate reformed Egyptian into English. — Read the rest

Fox News passed on Hunter Biden story

19 October[ —]

Rudy Giuliani says he offered the New York Post his "Hunter Biden's Laptop" story because he knew it would run it without looking into it. What he didn't say is that he already knew who wouldn't run it: Fox News.Read the rest

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