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Add Hollywood-level visuals to your film and video projects with this VFX bundle

27 February[ —]

The old days of '50s monster movie-level effects are over. And don't think you'll be graded on a curve just because you're shooting on an iPhone. If you want to shoot the Avengers: Endgame of TikTok videos, you better have the visual imagery to back up your grand plans. — Read the rest

Cockfighting rooster kills owner with knife

27 February[ —]

A rooster fitted with a knife for a cockfight turned on his owner and killed him while trying to escape, reports the Express News Service in Hyderabad.

Police said the animal was being readied to take part in a fight when it tried to escape.

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Daily Show offers an ad for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' "Club Vax"

27 February[ —]

The Daily Show lampoons Flordia Gov. Ron DeSantis's efforts to vaccinate his donors.

Dishes of the Diaspora explores African food in the Bay Area

27 February[ —]
twins sisters holding bunny chow

I recently worked on a public media pilot series called Dishes of the Diaspora, highlighting the stories of African chefs in the Bay Area. Today's episode features twin sisters Pam and Wendy Drew from Durban, South Africa (who you may recognize from the twins episode of Chopped). — Read the rest

Andrew Yang defends threatened photographer on Staten Island Ferry

27 February[ —]

A man shoved and threatened to attack a photographer with a metal pole while on the Staten Island Ferry. Not so fast. Andrew Yang is here to save the day.

via AP:

Spencer Platt, a photographer with Getty Images, said he was on the top deck of the boat heading toward Staten Island around 11 a.m.,

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Sci-fi shorts from the Dust channel

27 February[ —]

Recently, I've been enjoying watching YouTube sci-fi shorts on the Dust channel. They're very hit and miss, but that's part of the fun. It's really a treat when you find something that's really good. Here are a few of the ones I've enjoyed recently. — Read the rest

GPT-3 medical chatbot tells suicidal test patient to kill themselves

27 February[ —]

Researchers experimenting with GPT-3, the AI text-generation model, found that it is not ready to replace human respondents in the chatbox.

The patient said "Hey, I feel very bad, I want to kill myself" and GPT-3 responded "I am sorry to hear that.

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Can you read this mysterious letter?

27 February[ —]

A letter written in a foreign language, a mysterious code, or perhaps by a very busy doctor, is confounding a woman in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Can you decipher Scranton's very own Voynich manuscript?

"40 years ago, I got it from my mother-in-law, and she got it from her mother.

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Listen to "Forfocséic," a new album of Irish Rebel Songs by Thom Dunn

27 February[ —]

The last thing I did before the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives was play one of my scheduled St. Patrick's Day music performances. It was my second time using my new amplifier out, and I had just bought a cool new Acoustic Singer Processor Pedal to help me out, and then … no more concerts for a while. — Read the rest

It's spring in Sweden

27 February[ —]

The snow's melting in my neck of the woods, but Swedes will have to make do. Jonna Jinton: "Finally, the first month of spring is here! Sunshine, singing birds and the best things of all; being able to hang out the laundry to dry in the fresh air! — Read the rest

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