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Vagelis and the Traveling Kitty

24 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Vagelis and Bobo’s relationship is deeply complex. As you can see, Bobo looks incredibly annoyed in the majority of photos…

My cute kitten on snow

Vagelis has come to recognize it’s simply the structure of his face, because all cats love snow…right? It comes as no surprise his favorite photo includes Bobo below.

Bobo at sunset

Despite that fact that Vagelis currently works at a software company, he always had a creative side; the majority of it expressed through music. After years of being a part-time DJ, he discovered his passion for photography through Flickr. Now he combines the arts in a unique culmination of his photography put to music on YouTube.

Self-teaching is not easy. It comes with an incredible amount of self-discipline and passion for the field that Vagelis clearly retained. His knowledge of technical photography skills was enhanced by the useful elements of Flickr’s site, particularly the EXIF data and camera info available with most pictures. That information was crucial to gaining a solid understanding of the workings of a camera. After some time, Vagelis slowly accumulated a multitude of both lenses and cameras to suit the needs of his diverse interests.

The cat with a blue and a green eye(no photoshop)

The villas nearby his home are littered with stray cats that compete with Bobo for the attention of Vagelis, but cats are just a few of his most popularly themed photos on his Flickr account. Vagelis does a phenomenal job in composing photographs of landscapes, portraits, and astrophotography, the latter shown below.

Vagelis put up a fight for his life to get this shot. He says, “I was shooting the Milky Way in the middle of the street. I laid there frozen for 30 seconds, as much as the camera shutter would last… when I heard the sound of a car coming. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod to get out of the road, but I almost didn’t make it. I risked my life to take the best shot I could.” A tip he recommends for astrophotography is to make use of the technology available on hand. If you haven’t heard, there’s an app for everything. There’s also an app called Stellarium which gives you the map of the sky on your mobile device in an extremely useful and visually appealing way.

Sweet dreams...

Besides astrophotography, landscapes have frequently caught his interests. Vagelis frequently visits the Hungarian Parliament building which has made for beautifully composed images. Good composition is a quality that’s most important to him, and it’s something he consistently strives to do better with. Although this building is a popular tourist destination, he tries to capture his photos from unusual or conceptually perfect angles in order to differentiate himself from the typical point and shoot photographers.

The parliament at night

If you’re interested in seeing more of Vagelis’s work, be sure to check out his Flickr photostream!

Flickr Friday – Simple Pleasures

23 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Our every day routine has the ability to be completely consuming and it often becomes difficult to remember the little things. More importantly, it becomes harder to take notice of the good things in life when we’re so busy putting out the fires that have the potential to take over completely. This Flickr Friday challenge was encouraging people to take notice of the #SimplePleasures in life.

Salt & Pepper

Don’t mistake that for kryptonite and a meteor, it’s just your savory companion salt and pepper. As simple of a pleasure as this is, it leads us down a long road of good thoughts for complimentary food items. Where are the pictures of the ketchup?

Simple Pleasures

We’re not sure how much of this wine is a pleasure as opposed to a necessity given the pose of the character in the background. Either way, it’s definitely relatable and we wish hope you get what you need out of that glass! (Or the second)

Sleeping in on a Saturday

Yes, it’s true. Disneyland has nothing on the happiest place in the house. There’s nothing quite like “sleeping in on a Saturday.” When the Sunday blues haven’t dared to come into sight and the post-Friday hype has settled in, the bed is most definitely a popular simple pleasure.


Another forgettable simple pleasure sits on the shelves you walk past every morning on your way to better things. I think they only accumulate dust so that when we sneeze, we’ll hopefully wonder where all the dust is coming from and remember the books. Now that’s a tragedy.

For more simple pleasures, be sure to check out the gallery! Have a happy Friday:)

Flickr Friday – My Heart Will Go On

17 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. We’ve all at some point spent the day alone, in love, or wishing for one of the above. The one consistently good thing about Valentine’s Day is that it has to end eventually, and what it does we get to move on. This is the inspiration behind this Flickr Friday’s theme #MyHeartWillGoOn.

Heart shaped sugar

Naturally, there has to be one photo selected of the creepy, yet oddly soothing little wooden man. Flickr Friday wouldn’t be the same without him! The natural tones in this photo are extremely calming and these lighter hues would be great to paint the inside of a therapist office. Some of us may need a visit there after an extra though Valentine’s Day- no judging!

mein Herz wird weiter schlagen  _SAM0847

The photo above took us slightly by surprise as we couldn’t determine whether or not people deliberately shaped the wire like that, or if time just decided to get creative. Either way, props to the great capture.

Feather Heart

The feather photo really stood out among the other contestants. Not only for the phenomenal composition, but simply because of the subject! How in the world do you get a feather to stay upright like that- even for a moment? How are you hiding the tape? What is this this fantastical illusion before our eyes? Is this feather photo a metaphor for love, so challenging it’s almost …impossible?

Either way, if you’re interested in checking out the best photos from the many submissions we had this week, take a look at the #MyHeartWillGoOn gallery and add your themed photo in the comments section using the format: [Flickr Link]. Don’t forget to submit your Flickr Friday themed photograph to the Flickr Friday Group for next weeks challenge!

Welcoming the Year of the Dog

16 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

If you had any doubts as to how well this year will turn out, rest assured because it’s the year of man’s most lovable furry companion- the dog. Chinese New Year rings in on a different date each year due to the lunar calendar. This year it falls on February 16th, 2018 and it’s cause for approximately two weeks of celebration!

Children are glad this new year doesn’t come with any new traditions, as it is Chinese custom for children or younger unwed family members to receive red envelopes filled with ‘lucky money.’ Perhaps the single life is the good life after all.

Chinese New Year 2016 (Manchester)

If you have a fear of things you can’t see, but can only sense then perhaps think about heading to your nearest major city or capital this Chinese New Year. Firecrackers and fireworks are customary, although banned in many countries, and it is believed the loud noise of the gunpowder scares away unwarranted spirits. Head to Beijing; you’ll be safe there.

2017 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

If you’re in desperate need of some luck, attend a Dragon Dance! The history of the dragon dance dates back more than two thousand years to ancient China. Time has allowed traditional dance to spiral into a variety of creations, the Dragon Dance being one of them. Deriving from the Han Dynasty, it is the most popularly performed folk dance, created in honor of new year celebrations. It is believed the longer the dragon is, the luckier the dance will be!

Happy Chinese New Year

If you’ve ever wondered about those red lanterns everywhere, they are also a Chinese New Year tradition! They were originally used as a light source because the paper wrapping made it very versatile. The silk or paper protectant kept the wind from letting the lantern go out when placed outdoors, and the paper protectant also created a wonderfully subtle ambiance indoors. Although there are three different types of lanterns- hanging, flying and floating, the hanging lanterns remain the most widely used.

Year of The Rooster

If you’re interested in more photos from Chinese New Year celebrations around the world, make sure to check out the Chinatowns of the World group! Keep the evil spirits away and watch a Dragon Dance or catch a firework show! Either way, have a very blessed Chinese New Year!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

No matter who you are holding tonight…


Or who will have the pleasure of planting a delicate kiss upon your cheek…


We hope your Valentine’s Day is full of crazy amounts of love from any species. In case you’re not into the first part, it’s also Single Awareness Day, and usually chocolates will be discounted starting the very next day so take the necessary steps to ensure a proper amount of chocolate acquisition. Let’s keep it real, guys.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day :)

Flickr Heroes of the Week

13 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

All that you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The Flickr Heroes of the week are ‘The Danger Zone’ by Werner Krause on Facebook and Twitter & ‘Meerkat with a corona’ by Andrew Robertson on Tumblr and Google+

The Danger Zone
meerkat with a corona

Interested in having your photo featured as a cover image on our social media pages? Join the Flickr Heroes group!

The Honorable Mentions for the week are below:

In the bottle

If you want your photo to be considered for next week, submit your best images to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning. Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts. Check them out before they change next Monday!

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Happy 14th Birthday, Flickr!

10 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Flickr turned 14 today, and we couldn’t be prouder of the fantastic photo community we’ve built together over the years. Thank you, FlickrFam! We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

To celebrate this special occasion, each member of Flickr staff picked their all-time favorite Flickr photo for a gallery, but only fourteen made the cut. Check them out!

Cheers to many more years!

Celebrating Flickr's 14th Birthday

What’s Trending?

7 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

If you haven’t noticed the recent rise in photos of women posing behind, in or around tree branches, then perhaps you’ve been hiding in the tree bushes too. This trend has recently dominated the conceptual and fine art photography space, and we want to know why. With the help of the incredible fine art photographer Federico Sciuca, we’re diving into the meaning, inspiration, and creation process behind this trend.

Federico is a full-time student at the University of Trieste, northeast of Italy. Although he’s only been practicing photography since 2014, he has conjured up quite the fan base on Flickr with over a million views and almost two thousand followers. His unique perspective on this rising trend has sparked our interest!


You can learn a lot about a photographer by the way they take photos and how they show their subjects in them. Because this idea of photographing a young woman’s face surrounded with leaves and flowers is so in style, people have uniquely created it millions of times. But which ones stand out amongst the others and why?

There is a saying which states that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul. In this trend, the eyes play a really significant role as they are the “secret door” into the soul of the portrait. The eyes become the primary focus because they tell us so much about the subject. When looking someone in the eyes, we can experience their being, their essence and their character without ever saying a word.

michelle rosillo

Federico sees a clear connection between women and nature. Besides the aesthetic value of women posing between leaves, flowers and lush greenery, there is a certain element of mystique that has shrouded this combination of women and nature since ancient times. Take the “Birth Of Venus” by Botticelli as an example. This painting is riddled in elements of nature surrounding Venus. Flowers are showered to her left, a deep green tree to her right and one of the three Horae (goddesses of the seasons) stands with her upper body wrapped in flowered vines. This is more than a recurring trend, it’s history.

Although there is always something unmistakably spiritual in the purity of nature, the closest we can get to capturing it is photography. Federico’s relation to nature is almost always incorporated in his photographs, as he longs for the times when he can photograph outside of the city. Because as a student he is so encompassed in the city life, nature is intriguing and inspiring because it’s rare.


If you like this style, be sure to check out our Trending Pose gallery and if you want to see more of Federico’s work, check out his Photostream!

Flickr Heroes of the Week

5 February, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Happy Monday! As per the usual, this was a tough decision but it has been made! The winners of this week’s Flickr Heroes challenge are ‘Ground’ by Mher Karapetyanon on Tumblr and Twitter & ‘Beautiful Beast’ by Ophelio Snaps on Facebook and Google+

Beautiful Beast (Explored 1/15/18)

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The Honorable Mentions for the week are below:

The colour of the island

If you want your photo to be considered for next week, submit your best images to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning. Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts. Check them out before they change!

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NOW OPEN – Flickr Carnival Group

5 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Carnival season is underway in many countries across the world, and we didn’t want to miss the chance to celebrate such a special occasion with the Flickr community! The Venice Carnival just started, the Rio Carnival is approaching fast, and Mardi Gras parties are just around the corner! No matter where in the world you are, you can still participate! We want to see every costume parade, masquerade, dance, firework show, and colorful tradition out there. The Flickr Carnival group is now open to submissions and, as in previous years, we are encouraging all Flickr users to share their photos with the world. You’ll be happy to hear the Flickr Carnival group isn’t the jealous type and doesn’t care how many other groups a photo is in, so don’t worry about the limits!

Carnaval Correntino 2017 // Correntinian Carnival 2017

Add your images to the official group and tag them with #FlickrCarnival. We’ll promote our favorites on the Flickr Blog and on Flickr social media channels throughout the months of February and March. Be sure to update your social media links on your Flickr About page so we can tag you. We’ll always give your work credit with a link back to your Flickr account. We also encourage you to share the stories behind the images you upload to the group by adding a photo description.

Here are some of our favorite carnival photos from the past year. Get inspired!

Carnaval Correntino 2017 // Correntinian Carnival 2017
Carnaval vénitien d'Annecy
Los Peregrinos

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