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Flickr Friday – Coffee Break

13 December, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Things get stressful during the holiday season, but we don’t always want to ask for help. This is when our trusted friend coffee comes to the rescue. Coffee is better than the self help book we don’t have time to read, because we can digest it in 5 minutes and feel completely better! A #CoffeeBreak is the ultimate under appreciated pick me up. The Flickr community team thinks it’s time to honor the superior hero this Flickr Friday– thank you, our dearest coffee.

Black (and white) Coffee Break

We’re not incredibly sure how this photographer managed to make a coffee pot look like a demonic transformer, but we appreciate it. We’re also taking notice of this dramatic theme of contrast! Even these photographs of coffee are tasteful.

In case of emergency; break glass

The lovely bokeh in the photo below adds that warm feeling of home, well suiting the theme of this season. It seems like the photos didn’t stray too far from the original prompt of #coffeebreak which was great because we saw many unique perspectives of the same topic.

coffee love

If you haven’t quite gotten your coffee fix from these photos, be sure to check out our coffee themed gallery! If your photo didn’t make the cut this time, try again next week for the chance to be featured on the Flickr blog or gallery. If you still want your photo to be seen, paste it in the comment section with this format [Flickr Link].

Top Photos By Genre in 2017

12 December, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

On Flickr, you can find inspiration in any genre of photography. With tens of billions of photos there’s no shortage of photography niches and talented artists to draw from. As part of our 2017 Year in Review, we’ve pulled together galleries of some of the most popular images in top genres represented by Flickr photographers.

While some photography styles and subject matters are more represented than others, Flickr is excited to feature You can see all of the galleries and more from the 2017 Flickr Year in Review campaign on the official Flickr on Flickr account.

I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!

Top Portrait Photography of 2017

Lookkk deeeply into my eyes....

Top Nature & Wildlife Photography of 2017


Top Macro Photography of 2017

Cherry Ripe

Top Food Photography of 2017

Braving the Weather

Top Street Photography of 2017


Top Black & White Photography of 2017

Rémi Bizouard triple champion du monde

Top Sport Photography of 2017

The parliament at night

Top Architecture & Urban Photography of 2017

Morning light with Ferrari 250GT SWB

Top Automobile Photography of 2017

Hallstatt Residential

Top Landscape Photography of 2017

up the hill

Top Fine Art Photography of 2017

What is your favorite genre of photography? Share your favorite gallery online with the hashtag #SeenOnFlickr. If you think a photographer or photograph should’ve made the official gallery, post a photo of theirs in the comment section on the gallery page.

View more of Flickr’s 2017 Year in Review with our Top 25 Photos in 2017, Top Photos In Each Country, and Top Devices of 2017 blog posts.

Flickr Friday – December Rain

12 December, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

Flickr headquarters is prone to the infamous NorCal winter, which means we’ve been waiting for this #DecemberRain for a long time! This week’s Flickr Friday theme is celebrating all of the #DecemberRain in San Francisco and around the world. Luckily, as seen through these photos, our FlickrFam around the world has a different story to tell! Check out the rain, snow, ice, and December feels that are captured in the magnificent photos below.

Purple rain for Flickr Friday

Remember folks, your photos don’t have to follow the theme of the week in precise detail. As long as it’s relatively similar and it’s well crafted, it’s fine by us! Frozen rain counts.


Although dreamy California was nothing like the photo above this week, we can still appreciate the beauty of the freezing cold. Notice how there are many different tracks of footsteps but only one person visible. It’s because all the other people probably froze to death … Oh, how beautiful -.-

Singing In The Rain

This guy knows how to appropriately cope with the elements, even if it looks like the rain seems to mutate into something completely different near his feet. Either way, we’re loving the creativity. There is always a very fine line while setting up a scene between overdone and effortful.

Let me in

This naturally composed candid speaks volumes as the rain seems to dilute the seriousness of what would be an immensely intimidating glare. Sir, it’s the holidays. Don’t you know?

If you think you know, show us what the holidays mean to you relative to all the #DecemberRain. Can’t get enough of this photo collection? Check out our full selection gallery for more and make sure to add your photo in the comment section of the gallery with bracket formatting  [Flickr Link]!


Flickr Pro So Rad!

7 December, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

Flickr Pro has always been the best way to enjoy your favorite global photography community, but today we’re happy to tell you how we’re making it even better. For starters, if you sign up for Flickr Pro now, you’ll get 20% off the $49 sticker price (valid until 1/15/18). Just use the coupon “FlickrProSoRad” at checkout to redeem.

In addition to ad-free browsing, advanced stats, and auto-uploaders, you now get great discounts from our friends at Adobe, Priime, Portfoliobox, and Blurb.


You might be organizing and editing a lifetime of photos with Lightroom, making bookstore-quality photo books with Blurb, adding gorgeous filter presets with Priime, or maybe you’re ready to make your portfolio website and start selling your work with Portfoliobox. No matter your photographic interest, we’ve got you covered.

As a Flickr Pro, here are your perks:

  • Adobe – Flickr Pro members save 15% off Creative Cloud, a monthly subscription that gives you access to Adobe’s impressive suite of creative apps, including Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Blurb – Bring your Flickr photos to life with professional-quality, customized Blurb books. Get $35 off a photo book (minimum $70 order) each year you subscribe to the annual Flickr Pro plan. Learn more.
  • Portfoliobox – Create a professional photography website with galleries, a blog, and an e-commerce platform. As a Flickr Pro, you get 50% off your first year (US$39), including a personalized .com domain.
  • Priime – Flickr Pros get 20% off the Priime Lightroom preset bundle, which is based on film aesthetics and includes more than 100 total variations.

Learn about the pricing plans and get additional details on our Flickr Pro page. If you’re already Pro (you are so rad!), you can access your coupons from your Settings page. We hope you enjoy your new perks.

Flickr Staff

Top photos by Country in 2017

7 December, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Flickr is a global community of photographers from almost every country in the world, so following up on our announcement of the Top-25 overall images on Flickr in 2017, we wanted to give you a closer look at the most popular photos from various nations and territories like the United States, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Brazil.

We’ve selected the Top-15 geotagged photos per country for 2017 by looking at a variety of social and engagement factors, and as in previous years, we’ve normalized the data to include each photographer only once per region.

Check out the beautiful images below and see how these nine countries are portrayed. You can see the entire collection of country galleries on our Flickr on Flickr account.


Top Photos From The United States in 2017

flow (Explored)

Top Photos From The United Kingdom in 2017

A misty winter morning at river Loisach [Explored 2017/01/14]

Top Photos From Germany in 2017

Mont Saint-Michel puddle mirrored

Top Photos From France in 2017

Milky way, Mountain Hehuan

Top Photos From Taiwan in 2017

Sardine City

Top Photos From Hong Kong in 2017

Sunrise @Abricó Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top Photos From Brazil in 2017

Butt to butt... -

Top Photos From India in 2017

Window on Moraine lake (#Explored 31-03-2017)

Top Photos From Canada in 2017

In your opinion, which country do you think has the prettiest photography from 2017? Share this post online with your response and the hashtag #SeenOnFlickr to join the conversation!

Top Devices of 2017 on Flickr

7 December, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

Just as we’ve done in previous years, as part of our year-end celebration of Flickr photography, we’ve taken a deeper look at the cameras and camera types used to upload to our platform.

In 2016, we saw previous years’ trends continue with the top manufacturers and devices. Smartphone use has grown as the dominant device choice, by volume of uploads, while point and shoot and DSLR cameras both lost a few percentage points in their share of total uploads.

Smartphones accounted for 50% of the photos uploaded to Flickr, up from 48% in 2016.
DSLR was 33%, up from 25% in 2016, and point and shoot was 12%, down from 21% in 2016.
Mirrorless remained at 4% of total uploads for the third year in a row.

When it comes to brands, Apple iPhones remained the dominant camera models, with 54% of the top 100 devices being named iPhone and an almost clean sweep of the top 10 Devices of 2017, accounting for 9 our of the top 10 devices. The Canon 5D Mark III placed 9th in the Top 10 Devices on Flickr of 2017. The iPhone6, iPhone6s, and iPhone5s were the most popular iPhone cameras respectively. Canon was the second largest brand used by photographers on Flickr, responsible for 23% of the top 100 devices. Nikon was the third most popular brand of 2017, with 18%.



View more of Flickr’s Year In Review 2017 data with our Top 25 Photos of 2017, Top Photos In Each Country, and Top Photos In Each Genre blog posts, and join the conversation online with #SeenOnFlickr!


Top 25 Photos on Flickr in 2017 From Around The World

7 December, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

In 2017 billions of photos were posted to Flickr by photographers from around the world. From all that work, we’ve pulled together the Top-25 Flickr Photos of 2017, a gorgeous collection that celebrates the diversity of talent and perspectives on Flickr.

To reach this final list, we started with an algorithm that calculated the top photos based on a number of social and engagement metrics, for example, how many times the photo was viewed, faved, or shared. Flickr staff curated that raw data to avoid the results being a complete popularity contest. We also limited selections to one photo per photographer who placed in the top list multiple times.

Top 25 Photos of 2017

say goodbye...

“Say Goodbye…” by Iwona Podlasinska

The Elephant Walks at Night

“The Elephant Walks At Night” by Wayne Pinkston

Light of Glory

“Light of Glory” by Icemanphotos

Slipping Away

“Slipping Away” by Jerry Fryer


“Finally” by ” Nils Stefan Püschel

Mi Fuego

“Mi Fuego“ by Albert Dros

Eekhoorn / Red squirrel / Écureuil

“Red Squirrel“ by Gladys Klip

Stairway to heaven

“Stairway To Heaven“ by Koen Jacobs


“***“ by Elena Shumilova

big and bigger

“Big and Bigger“ by Chris Frank

Milky Way over Harvey Dam, Western Australia

“Milky Way Over Harvey Dam, Western Australia” by inefekt69

Mont Saint-Michel puddle mirrored

“Mont Saint-Michel puddle mirrored” by Loïc Lagarde

Braving the Weather

“Braving the Weather“ by Max Gor

Oh oooooh!

“Oh oooooh!“ by Salah Baazizi

Vestrahorn Islande

“Vestrahorn Islande“ by RUFF Etienne

Aurora borealis

“Aurora borealis“ by Jonathan Le Borgne


“Solitude“ by Ania Tuzel Photography

Hallstatt Residential

“Hallstatt Residential“ by Hans-Peter Deutsch

Lion City

“Lion City“ by Alexander Lauterbach

flow (Explored)

“Flow“ by Paul

Winter Fairytale - Flickr Top25 2017 -

“Winter Fairytale“ by Achim Thomae

An attempt to convey cold . . . Explore 07-01-2017 #2

“An Attempt To Convey Cold“ by Brad Eide

Epiphany (Explored)

“Epiphany“ by Sapna Reddy


“Melancholia“ by Alicja Zmysłowska

Lookkk deeeply into my eyes....

“Lookkk Deeeply Into My Eyes….“ by Earl Reinink

A handful of photographers that reached the Top-25 Flickr Photos in previous years have returned, a testament to the quality work that these individuals produce. We’re also excited to see new faces in the mix as they show off their talent.

Thank you, FlickrFam, Top-25 and everyone else, for continuing to find and share your inspirations with the rest of the Flickr community. You amaze us.

A number of other Top Photos of 2017 caught our staff’s attention in various categories. View the Top Genre Galleries and Top Country Galleries on the Official Flickr account or check out the Top Devices on Flickr in 2017 and join the conversation online using hashtag #SeenOnFlickr.

Flickr Staff wishes you a magnificent end of the year, and we can’t wait to see what you post to Flickr in 2018!

Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland Series

1 December, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

In the midst of life’s greatest tragedy, Kirsty Mitchell found peace in creating unforgettable works of art. Kirsty’s mother was an English teacher and storyteller at heart. Her passion for literature was shared with Kirsty from a young age and evoked the strong sense of creativity and imagination evident in Kirsty’s photographs. After Kirsty’s mother passed away from a brain tumor in 2008, Kirsty embarked on a journey to create “The Wonderland Series” which are a collection of photographs inspired by the books, titles and memories Kirsty had of reading with her mother.


To create the Wonderland book that would hold this collection, Kirsty launched her own Kickstarter campaign that was so successful, it broke the website’s record and became the #1 most funded photography project in the website’s history with $446,524 raised in 28 days. That number pales in comparison to the ground breaking release of the world wide award winning Wonderland book.

One reason why the Wonderland book remains alluring is because of the stunning detail in each photo. Every element is handcrafted and designed by Kirsty herself making every photo a breathtaking masterpiece. Sometimes just creating the elements for one photo alone can take up to 5 months. This is where Kirsty’s background in fashion design and textiles can truly shine.

70_The Stars Of Spring Will Carry You Home .jpg

Today marks Kirsty’s 10 year anniversary on Flickr, where her love of photography was sparked. When she first joined the Flickr community, she was still a fashion designer in London and photography was nothing but a hobby. Kirsty elaborates on Flickr’s influence on her work.

“Honestly, Flickr changed my life. If I hadn’t joined Flickr I would have just carried on as a fashion designer and never discovered this part of me. The reception to my work from the public gave me an insight into how others were emotionally connecting to the photographs and essentially gave me the confidence to realize these pictures had a future. I never imagined 10 years later I would have a bestselling book in it’s second edition, a US museum show and have been published by the likes of Vogue it’s hard to get my head around it all.”


Kirsty describes her first experiences after joining Flickr as “extraordinary” in that she was exposed to this whole new dimension of enlightenment through other photographers and their work.

“Until this point I’d only ever really had friends in the real world and didn’t know anyone via the internet. Suddenly my world was turned upside down and I was discussing street photography with shooters on the streets of Tokyo, New York, and India, it was truly quite life changing. Everyday I’d switch on Flickr and it was like opening my eyes in 50 different countries. I was seeing the hearts and souls of artists all over the world and within months these people became friends and tutors to me. I learnt everything through my friendships on Flickr. I only progressed through the encouragement I received and the friends I made. A small circle of us even set up our own Flickr group and we’d share images, discuss them, learn from each other and so my photography quickly went from being a hobby to an obsession. I can genuinely say that it was Flickr that launched my passion for photography without a doubt.”

Wonderland - 'She'll Wait For You In The Shadows Of Summer'

As any active community member knows, Flickr can be used as more than a hosting platform, but a place to connect, interact, learn, and grow as a photographer. Flickr is often times the connection between your photography and opportunity.

“I was contacted by film directors, journalists and magazines and publishers [via Flickr]. The enormous attention the series gained on Flickr was what finally gave me the guts to quit my job and pursue a full time career as an independent artist.”

Although it’s difficult choosing your passion over what society tells you is realistic, Kirsty made this decision whole heartedly with the support and prosperity of her strong Flickr following. Without embarking on this inspirational journey to heal the soul, she wouldn’t have a best selling book containing over 640 mesmeric photographs each stunningly unique in their creation. Alongside the photographs are intimate excerpts from Kirsty’s personal journal detailing the meaning, emotion and creation behind specific photographs.

Wonderland 'The Queen's Armada'

One of the many reasons Kirsty’s journey is especially awe-inspiring is that she found elegance and grace in a detrimental period. Her ability to tool her passion in a constructive outlet that may now foster a love for photography, fashion or art in a fellow viewer around the world is what makes this story a rarity. It has been a humbling experience to witness such raw beauty.

If you’re interested in seeing more of her work for free, make sure to view her Flickr. If you’d like to give the best Christmas gift in history, the Wonderland book is available for purchase on Kirsty’s website!

Flickr Friday – Go Green

1 December, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

It’s no news that climate change is as impacting as ever. Our Earth will inevitably get warmer unless multiple continents make drastic changes immediately. Since 1979, Arctic ice coverage has shrunk by 3.5% to 4.1% per decade. Sea levels have never risen faster in 2,000 years. Click here to see a page that actually has a running count of environmentally important issues, such as a countdown until the day we completely run out of oil, the time left until the end of seafood, the percent of coral reefs and wild forests left, etc. Now more than ever is the time to #GoGreen, which was the theme of last week’s Flickr Friday Challenge.


Beautiful plant species like these are going extinct everyday. In this past year alone, 113,936 have gone extinct. The rate of species extinction is now 10,000 times higher now than it has past rates. This loss of biodiversity can be attributed to everyone on this Earth. Plants and animals alike are rapidly disappearing and within the next 15-40 years the polar bear, elephant, rhino and koala bear are just a few of the many animals we can expect to say goodbye to forever.


We have the magnificence of the entire Earth in our hands, and we mutilate it more every day. By depleting the planet of it’s natural reserves, we have mined over 34,445,920,000 tons of resources just this year alone. The scary part is this number is intended to rise 250% by 2030. Why do we use so many resources? Because people like stuff and stuff is composed of minerals and resources.  If you’re interested in The Story of Stuff we encourage you to watch this short video!

Go green

If things have gotten really bleak too quickly for you, have no fear. We do need 1.679 Earths to accurately provide the resources people consume and absorb our waste. Don’t worry, we’ll surely find another planet to take as our own soon enough. In case that doesn’t happen though, our only realistic hope is reducing our consumption and emissions.

Nature is our treasure

If you have thoughts of your own on this matter, feel free to share them on the Flickr Friday gallery we’ve curated.  If you’d like to add your own green photo, add it to the comment section as well with the usual bracket format [FLICKR LINK]. Let’s think clean and #GoGreen people!

Flickr Friday – Chained to the Sky

1 December, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

People always say it’s important to keep yourself grounded. Well here at Flickr, we think it’s important to be #ChainedToTheSky. Reality can be a fickle thing to get lost in and it’s all to easy to get stuck in what society tells us we should be doing. You can be imaginative, groundbreaking, and revolutionary while still being humble. Below are a few pics of different interpretations of last week’s Flickr Friday Group challenge.

Chained to the sky

We mostly saw #ChainedToTheSky portrayed very literally. This wasn’t what we were expecting because showing something chained to the sky was much more difficult than photographing the idea that it encompasses. We are yet again impressed with another week’s phenomenal work.

#ChainedToTheSky - Mana from the Sky

We also noticed this recurring holiday trend invading submissions one by one. Don’t think that we don’t notice those merry season colors! If the holidays have made their way into your heart, don’t be afraid to let it shine through your work! We’re all thinking about it, why not show it? Let’s not be chained down by boringly typical non-holiday thoughts! Embrace the holiday season of cheer!


Or not. If you want to bleak, feel free to do that too. It’s a world of choice, people. Don’t be chained down to one train of thought. Did the Grinch do that? No, and look at how famous he is now.


If you’d like to see more photographs #ChainedToTheSky, then check out our gallery! You can also add you photos to the comment section using bracket formatting like this: [Flickr Link] If your photo wasn’t included in the gallery, we encourage you to channel your feeling towards your photography and maybe that extra emotion will enhance your photos enough to be included next week!

Happy Holidays!

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