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A new home for your events

25 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

The Flickr community has a long history of participating in photo walks and other in-person events, and that’s something we feel great about.

Today, we’re are excited to announce the release of our new Events page, a place where Flickr members can learn about photography meet-ups, photo walks, classes, workshops, exhibitions, and all kinds of offline and online events around the world that are hosted by members of the Flickr community.


Here’s what to expect:

– Explore a list of upcoming community events. If you are interested in attending any of them, join the corresponding Group, and reply to the discussion so we can keep you updated.

– Learn the basics of hosting an event and submit all the required details for inclusion on the Events page.

– Events can be free or paid, it’s up to the organizer to decide. Only Pro members can showcase paid events. It’s important to note that Flickr doesn’t handle transactions for these events.

– All events will be tied to a Flickr Group, whether existing or new. You can add any other links you have for your event within the Group.

Visit the forum to learn more and keep the feedback coming! Looking forward to many more meetups and photo walks to come!

Flickr Feature: Lou Noble, Portrait Photographer

24 September, by emilytruesdell1[ —]

From Lou:

“As a photographer I attempt to take naturalistic photos that capture something unique or noteworthy, and communicate that through a photograph”

Scan 4.jpg

Julya, Los Angeles CA 2019

“Part of working with a model that’s used to being photographed all the time, is drawing out something new. It starts with connecting with my subject. And as we talk and connect, I might see something that they don’t typically show the world, or even see themselves. To me, that’s what I want to grab, that’s what’s real.”


“Early on in my photography, there was one place that really nurtured my passion for this craft, and that was Flickr. It was a place you and a community could share your photos, and how you felt about them”

Scan 17.jpg

“I’ll always love Flickr. Some art isn’t meant to be viewed solely on a phone. I want them to be viewed how I intended. Big, detailed. I want people to be able to savor the image. That’s what Flickr is to me.”

Follow Lou on Flickr and watch the whole shoot here.

Flickr Feature: Lou Noble

Model: Julya Antoinette

Join the 700th “Thursday Walk” Photo Challenge with Flickr’s Utata Group

19 September, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Flickr has thousands of high-quality groups where you can find inspiring images, showcase your work, and connect with like-minded photographers, so we want to make it easier for you to find and engage with those communities.

Following up on the success of our previous collaborations with the Photography Critique and Less is More groups we’re now excited to team up with the wonderful Utata group, a global collective of photographers who met through Flickr and who are devoted to creating and promoting good art, and to engaging in lively, wide-ranging discussions.

Join the “Thursday Walk” Photo Challenge with Flickr’s Utata Group

700 Thursday Walks

This week, the Utata Group will be celebrating its 700th-consecutive Thursday Walk. That’s 13 years and 5 months of walks every Thursday. Big milestones call for big celebrations, so let’s join in the fun!

The premise for this photo challenge is pretty simple: next Thursday, September 19, go for a walk (be it for a ten-minute break during your busy working day or a quick tour around the block), pick up your camera, take a photo, and post it to this thread. Easy, right? There’s something singularly appealing about the notion of people all over the world taking a break from their day just to take a stroll with a camera, knowing that other folks are doing the same thing for the same reason.

You can take as many photos as you wish during the walk, but we ask you to be selective in what you share in the group, as a courtesy to each other. Tag your image with utata:project=tw700 and show us your favorite photo with a short story about the shot. Embed your image in the comments using this format: [Flickr Photo Page URL]

Remember: The spirit of the idea is to take the photo on that particular Thursday (local time), but we’ll give you a couple courtesy days to upload your image, just in case.

We’ll also celebrate our favorite images of this special ‘Thursday Walk’ in a Flickr Gallery.


Just a few more things

If you like the challenge, don’t forget to join the Utata group for frequent photo projects, active discussions, and for meeting other photographers around the world.

If you want to add your photographs to the Utata pool, please read the group rules first.

Last but not least, check out the group’s website, Utata.org, for a bit of history on the group and its members.

Print Boldly with photo prints on Flickr

28 August, by Matthew Roth[ —]

We’re thrilled to bring every photographer on Flickr a new professional-quality printing experience. Whether you’re a passionate beginner or a seasoned Pro, you can now order prints from the best pro labs around the world, capturing the beauty of the images that mean the most to you.

Flickr Prints cart

How does it work?

Whether you want to order a statement piece for a space you’re decorating or paper prints to share with family and friends, you can shop print products with just a few clicks.

Log in to your Flickr account and select the brand new Prints menu item in the upper navigation. You’ll be able to select the photo you want to print, choose the product style, size, and finish and add to cart. When you’re done making your selection, go to your cart and check out.

Or, while you’re browsing through your Photostream, choose a photo, click the new shopping cart icon, and select the product (we love the metal prints) to add it to your cart. Simply repeat this step to add more photos and items to your cart. When you’re done shopping, head back to your cart (accessible through the Prints menu item in the upper navigation) and check out.

Why print through Flickr?

We’re committed to making Flickr your be-all home for photography and this is just one more step to giving photographers better ways to let their photos live beyond the pixel. We are partnering with some of the best photo labs on the planet (Bay Photo, Loxley Colour, and White House Custom Colour) to make sure that no matter what size or shape your print, you’re getting professional quality prints each and every time.

What kind of prints can I get?


Metal prints: When you want to stand out.
Metal prints deliver unparalleled color and vibrance to produce a depth and clarity unlike any other photographic wall art. If you want a print as bold as your most epic photo, look no further than metal prints.

paper prints

Paper prints: Big or small print them all.
Paper prints are a time-honored way to show off and share your favorite photos. From stacks of 4x6s to frameable statement pieces, you’ll be able to find the perfect size and paper finish for your favorite photos.


Canvas prints: Add a little class to your casa.
Add a little class to your home, office, or whatever other space needs the finesse of a classic canvas print. With shapes and sizes perfect for wherever you want to hang your photos, your images will look outstanding.

While you’re at it, come join the new Flickr group: Print Boldly. There will be lots of discussions and conversation around preparing your photos for printing, finding inspiration around what to print, and exclusives and deals for all members.

We’ve been lucky enough to lean on our friends at SmugMug to develop this new feature. This has been an awesome opportunity to take advantage of our sister product teams’ skills to build something new while most of the core Flickr team was consumed by the migration including getting Camera Roll up and running again. It was a team effort!

Have fun and #printboldly!

(Cover photo: What He Might Have Heard by Thomas Hawk, CC BY-NC, used with permission)

Street Photography International 1 Million Photowalk

23 August, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Join Flickr and The Street Photography International Collective for an afternoon photo walk around downtown San Francisco.

SPi is one of the largest communities of street photographers in the world. To celebrate that community now being 1 million strong we are co-hosting a public PhotoWalk together. If you live in San Francisco or are just visiting, we would love to meet everyone and have the opportunity to hang out with the local community.

Starting outside the entrance to the Ferry Building, we will spend time on The Embarcadero and make our way through the Financial District. We will finish our walk at Flickr HQ on Fremont street where you will be able to view the Exhibition of the 2019 SPI Awards.


When: Saturday, 31 August 2019

Meeting Point: Entrance to the Ferry Building, San Francisco

Time: 02.00pm PDT

This is a free public event.

For RSVP and/or questions, please post here or join our Facebook Event.

Catherine MacBride’s photo-a-day creative journey

24 July, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Nothing, not even Flickr’s recent scheduled downtime (when Catherine tweeted at us for help to post her 365 shot), has stopped this Irish-born visual storyteller from doing what she loves to do the most: taking photos and sharing them to Flickr. “I think I’m just stubborn. My husband, Scott, started this photo-a-day challenge with me back in 2011, and since then I think we’ve been playing an extremely long game of chicken, both unwilling to give up and let the other win.”

song of the sea...

The idea of finding new and exciting things to photograph every day is simply a chimera. Catherine admits some days are hard, and life gets in the way, but that’s also part of the appeal of doing a continuous 365 days. “I’ve learnt that my creativity seems to come and go in cycles. I seem to have times when I can knock it out of the park on a daily basis and be so happy with the images I create and times when I feel like I’m never going to come up with another decent idea. Either way, I still turn up to take the shot and post it to Flickr.”

No matter what comes up, Catherine stays consistent through the good and bad and treats every shot as a learning opportunity for growth. “I’ve learnt that if I can’t get something to work as I planned, it’s not a complete loss. Knowing what doesn’t work is very useful next time you go to take a shot. I’ve learnt how to think on my feet. When an idea doesn’t work out, I can’t just throw in the towel — I still have to get a shot by midnight.”

I Dream of Home...

At this point, she says, Flickr has become an extensive catalogue of her photographic career. “I showcase my images on 500px, Instagram, and Pinterest, and they are my curated portfolio: me on a good day with my hair just done. My Flickr account is my workshop, my photography catalogue, and my visual diary. The place I turn up to in my pyjamas to work through ideas, and it is still after all these years the first site I open when I come online.”


A project of this magnitude takes time and effort. Planning. Shooting. Processing. The more elaborate paper scenes may take a few days to plan and make, but Catherine is prepared for all the pressures of time constraints: “I started sketching out ideas for shots into a little storyboard notebook whenever an idea came to me from early on in my photo a day project. Having a record can be handy, as they act as triggers on days when you are short of ideas and can also act as a springboard for even more. I often find that shooting a particular image can give me an idea of how it could be turned into a mini-series of images, so that makes shooting continuously easier.”

Besides being a full-time photographer that works for international companies and design agencies, Catherine is a very talented paper artist, a major advantage for a profession where creativity and imagination are the keywords. Running short of ideas becomes less of a problem when you can make things to photograph out of paper: houses, buildings, clouds, all have a place in her own self-constructed, little world.

on a lonely planet...
city lights...
the cabin in the woods...

“When I look through my Flickr photostream, I can actually see their evolution over time, starting with crude, simple models with simple lighting to more elaborate scenes and lighting setups. They have improved quite drastically over the years, and I even managed to gain my Fellowship in Photography from the Irish Photographic Federation with a panel of paper images.”


When asked what is next in her creative career, Catherine says, “I’m teaching myself the basics of video capture and editing. It just seemed like a natural progression for my photography. I recently managed to get my first hundred videos up on sale with my lovely agency, Stocksy United, which I have to say I’m rather pleased with. It was a fairly steep learning curve, but I’ve really enjoyed it. I think pushing myself to learn new things and try different techniques, like video, keeps me creating, and that keeps me happy.”

Sunset through reeds and thistle...

Follow Catherine’s Flickr photostream and website to discover more of her beautiful work, and get inspired by her photo-a-day project!

Winners and Honorable Mentions of the “Less is More” Photo Challenge

>https://www.flickr.com/photos/andreasaldebaran/48098115588/</a>play episode download
10 July, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our “Less is More” contest! We were blown away by the quantity and quality of the submissions—over 300 of them in just a week. Big thanks to everyone for participating in our minimalist photo challenge!

Take a look at the three worthy winners from your votes in the Less is More Flickr Group.

1st Place (54 points): “Oregon Fundamentals #13” by Mike Rosulek

Oregon Fundamentals #13

2nd Place (37 points): “Pixel Error” by Christoph Hetzmann

Pixel Error

3rd Place (34 points): “Yellow Steps” by Ron Clemmons

Yellow Steps

The three winners will be featured on our social media channels and will receive a fantastic package of Flickr branded gear. Congratulations!

We are also pleased to announce our “Less is More” honorable mentions:

“The tree at Fairy Lake” by Patrick Fisher

The tree at Fairy Lake.

“Intersection” by Janos Puskas


“il protagonista” by Andreas Aldebaran


“Yellow Wall” by Rodion Kutsaev

Yellow wall

Thanks to all who entered! You can see and share more minimalist photos in the Less is More Flickr Group. As always, read the rules and don’t forget to join the conversation! Stay tuned for future challenges!

Free Photowalk in London with Alan Schaller – July 6, 2019

25 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Join Flickr’s Global Marketing Manager Alastair Jolly together with co-host, Flickr Ambassador, and acclaimed Street Photographer Alan Schaller for a morning photo walk around Central London. If you live in London or are just visiting, we would love to meet everyone and have the opportunity to hang out with the local community.

The details

When: Saturday, 6 July 2019
Meeting Point: 2 Pied Bull Yard, London WC1A 2JR

Starting outside the entrance The Classic Camera shop, we will spend time around the Holborn area and make our way to the British Museum.

Starts: 10.30am
Ends: 12.30pm

This is a free public event.

For RSVP and/or questions, please post here or join our Event on Facebook.

Join our “Less is More” photo challenge (and win great prizes).

25 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]
Less is More

During the next two weeks, Flickr will be running a contest in collaboration with “Less is More,” a Flickr group dedicated to minimalist photographs.

The theme for the Contest is (what else?) “Minimalism,”
Starting June 24, 2019 we invite you to submit your photos to our “Less is More” challenge, and also to vote for your favorite images from fellow community members. Three (3) final winners based on your votes will receive some branded Flickr gear.

The contest will remain open for submissions until July 1, 2019 at 4:30PM PT (11:30PM UTC). You can either pick an existing photo from your Photostream or take a new one and share it to the group. Voting will take place between July 1 (immediately after submissions close) and July 8, 2019. Winners will be officially notified via FlickrMail on July 10, and their photographs will be featured on the Flickr Blog and social media channels.

How to submit:

1. Post your photograph in this thread by copying and pasting the HTML embed code for the medium 640 size. Posting instructions are here.
2. One submission per member.
3. You must number your entry. i.e. if you’re the third person embedding your photo in the thread, you must add “#3” to your comment.
4. You may pick any photo (that you took!) from your stream or take a new one during the week. Photos must be able to qualify as “minimal.”

How to vote for your favorites:

1. Voting begins after the announcement in this thread that submissions are closed and the voting has started.
2. All entrants must vote, but must not vote for their own submissions.
3. All members of the group are encouraged to vote, even if they did not submit a photo to the contest.
4. Up to 3 photos may be voted for by each member, with 3, 2 or 1 point(s) allocated as specified.
5. Please vote in this thread only. Your vote should look something like this, whereby the 1st number is the photo number, and the 2nd number is the number of points you are giving it:
#5 – 3 points
#8 – 2 points
#9 – 1 points

The three winners based on your votes will be featured on the Flickr blog and social media channels and will be contacted via FlickrMail to receive some cool swag from Flickr HQ.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

Announcing the Winners of our ‘Good Panda’ Photo Contest

29 May, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

On May 22, 2019, Flickr was down for 24+ hours while moving a huge piece of infrastructure out of Yahoo’s data centers and into AWS. To make this downtime thing a little more entertaining, we planned a photo contest to give away a coupon for a free year of Flickr Pro to ten (10) lucky winners!

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! We were dazzled by the creativity of some of your entries.

Congratulations to the ten lucky winners of the free year of Flickr Pro! See the winning photos below!

Good Panda [EXPLORED]
Good Panda
Midnight Munchies
Delivering Good Flickr Panda in Origami Panda-Land
Flickr good panda contest
Good Panda castaway
Panda Crop Circle
I'm just not that crafty

A few runners-up:

Panda WR
Panda Race

Click here to see all of the contest entries, and visit the Good Panda Gallery featuring our staff picks.

Our panel of judges was composed of eight members of Flickr staff who chose the winning entries based on originality and how well they exemplified the contest requirements.

Congratulations to all!

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