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Happy Moon Day!

20 July, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

July 20th is Moon Day, an occasion to remember and celebrate the day man first landed on the moon. On this day in 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set the first human feet on a surface other than Earth, and Armstrong spoke the famous phrase, “that’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The primary objective of the Apollo 11 mission was to complete a goal set by American President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed landing on the moon and return safely to Earth. Additional objectives included photographing the lunar surface, deploy scientific equipment, improve designs for spacecraft and rocketry, and document the experience with still and motion picture cameras.


In October 2015, Flickr became home to a collection of more than 8,400 un-processed, high-resolution images from the NASA moon missions uploaded by The Project Apollo Archive. The collection, available for viewing and for download, includes original scans from the Hasselblad cameras the astronauts used to document their missions, including some of the most iconic space photos in History. We invite you to enjoy Moon Day and relive this historic day by visiting the many Public Domain images from the landing available on Flickr! We’ve also created a commemorative Flickr gallery here. Tell us in a comment which photo is your favorite from the Apollo Mission!


A Light Ninja With Two-Dollar Tubes

19 July, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

“When I saw it in the camera I knew this was the thing. These $2 tubes were more impactful than the 360 rig, which cost thousands of dollars.”

Signs of Light preview
Infinite reflection
Kim Henry
Shanghai light-painting

Eric’s commercial work combines techniques, leveraging 32 cameras fixed to a 360-degree rig to create an immersive photographic experience in the dark.

He and his team create a 3D image by combining individual shots from each camera on the rig (bullet time photography). Doing that for multiple images over a 1 to 6-second time frame allows them to create a short, 360 video (stop-motion). While dressed in all black, Eric wields a light source by hand to add a new element to contrast the model during the shots (light painting).

bullet-time kit in Montreal
Multi-angle light-painting
360 degree light-painting

Eric has done commercial 360-degree collaborations and tours with technology brands like Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, and HP at events like South by Southwest, Coachella, and TEDxMontreal.

In his studio, Eric mostly worked with dancers. He described them as professional and effective. They can do amazing or intricate moves and hold poses with an athletic precision most individuals cannot.

“Most of the dancers I worked with were friends. The first time I worked with Kim in the studio she was so precise it brought a clarity to the project.”

A year later the two worked together again, spending five nights in the studio experimenting with lights, poses, lighting props, and the last shot (a long exposure using a light tube) yielded a circle of light, a tube halo. They knew they had something.

Since then everything outside of his commercial 360 work has been about the tubes. Eric and Kim have traveled thousands of miles, taken thousands of photos in remote locations around the world, and have built a global community of photographers connected through various social media platforms.

“Everything’s about the tubes. They’re easy, accessible, and tactile.”

It took a few months of constant tinkering to perfect the process, but Eric’s got it down. He dresses in all black, like a ninja, and holds a camera remote in one hand and a light tube in the other. While Kim strikes and holds a pose he triggers a 1-second shutter release and moves the light to create shapes behind her. In a long exposure, anything in black will disappear if it is moving. The remaining elements in the photograph remain … Kim, the landscape, and the light. The images are transfixing.

Light-painting in Death Valley
Fresh marks
Dancing with light
Kölner Dom
Light-painting at the Upheaval Dome
The night performances in the salar...

For Eric, the best part about using light tubes is that they’re so accessible for all levels of photographers. The plastic tubes he uses were purchased at Home Depot and use a handheld flash light to turn it into a wand, almost like a light saber.

Thunderstorm at the White Sands

He has written blog posts on many different sites and has tube DIY videos on his Youtube page that teach how to create tubes for different types of photos. In teaching, he has also learned more. The Eric Paré Learn Group on Facebook has over 13,000 active members actively practicing and building upon the initial tube tutorials Eric created.

Adding sparklers, strobe lights, foil or color variations to the tubes are all suggestions or practices from the group that have allowed these light wands to grow in both popularity and refinement. Here are a few of the results:

Kim Henry
Light-painting with Kim Henry
A Pocketful Of Stones
Keeping the fire alive
Tube Stories - Bali
Water spins

“Right now I’m having fun with simple techniques applied to bigger technologies,” Eric said. After a 2-year-anniversary show with HP this weekend in NYC, Eric and Kim will be road tripping across the US in search of some gorgeous, vast landscapes to photograph in.

Follow Eric Paré’s journey on his Flickr Photostream, Instagram, or Twitter. If you want to try your hand at light tube painting join his Learning Group on Facebook or check out his website or Youtube/Vimeo videos.

Flickr Heroes of the Week

18 July, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Catch of the Day‘ by John Powell on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Sea Sand Relax‘ by icemanphotos on Twitter & Tumblr.

Catch of the Day
Sea Sand Relax

Here are some Flickr Hero Honorable Mentions:

2017三仙台 銀河
Blueberries & Shadows
Two Belles
Fushimi Inari-taisha, Kyoto, Japan

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit your best image(s) to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts!

Flickr Heroes of the Week

12 July, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘France 2017 – Planète Sauvage – Port Saint Père‘ by Philippe Béènne on Twitter & Tumblr and ‘Västerås Summer Meet 2017‘ by Henrik Lindberg on Facebook & Google+. Congratulations to the top photos this week!

France 2017 - Planète Sauvage - Port Saint Père
Västerås Summer Meet 2017

Here are some Flickr Hero Honorable Mentions:

Blueberries & Shadows
Sisters eyes
Cypress. Point Reyes, USA

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit your best image(s) to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts!

Flickr Heroes of the Week

5 July, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Fabiana…’ by Silvano Fortunato on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Milana Arnone’ by George Probst on Twitter & Tumblr. Congratulations to the winners!

Milana Arnone

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Green-breasted Mango
Rozenhoedkaai Sunset

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts.

Birds In Action

28 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

“It was a treat. I thought I was watching the Discovery Channel in open air.”

Octogull did it again!
Elegant Dispaly

Completely self-taught, Salah learned about nature photography from Internet tutorials and interactive groups, most impactfully through Flickr, where he found different groups of like-minded photographers willing to provide feedback. But he wanted to take his photography a step further. “To be able to move to a more advanced level, I had to develop some unique techniques and physical skills that could only be accomplished on the field,” he explained.


Salah says skills and observation are very important in bird-action photography, as animal behavior is unpredictable. “Momentum builds up when birds feed or interact with each other, and being ready to click the shutter button at the right time can lead to a great photo opportunity,” he explained. “Sometimes a great opportunity presents itself and skills are of prime importance. Just like in any game or sport, muscle memory kicks in to deliver the proper coordination with the brain in order to achieve something unique.” Some pictures, however, are the result of pure luck, and he has no problem admitting such. “Dumb luck is always welcome.”

Special Treat

Elegant Terns are Salah’s favorite bird species because everything they do — flying, fishing, mating, fighting — they do gracefully. “I owe all my skills to these birds.”
He shoots with a Canon 7D series DSLR and a prime 400mm f5.6 L lens. “I prefer to shoot handheld and avoid any extras on myself while photographing birds.”

Least Tern Courting/Mating Series 10/10
Portrait of an Elegant Tern
Elegant Tern Hovering [Explored best position #27]

The Bolsa Chica Wetlands is one of his favorite spots for wildlife photography. “Each season provides an array of migratory birds, and some come in abundance. Most Herons and Egrets are residents and tend to be more active during the breeding season—Spring; Terns usually come back in large numbers for breeding in April. Ducks, Grebes, Pelicans, Shorebirds and Raptors visit us during Winter time.”

Brown Pelican

Salah is part of the Birdshare (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and Audubon Magazine ornithology groups on Flickr. Check out his Flickr Photostream (bmse) for inspiration! And if you are a bird photography enthusiast who happens to live in California, be sure to visit the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, BIRDS of Orange County, or San Jacinto Wildlife Area Flickr groups!

Flickr Heroes of the Week

26 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Springtide’ by Tamara Al Bahri on Facebook & Google+ and ‘The Last Whale Song’ by Aleah Michele on Twitter & Tumblr. Congratulations to the winners!

The Last Whale Song

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Light in city
Heart of a Rose!
The little things

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts.

Walking Thoughtfully Through Twilight with Tina Sosna

21 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Tina is also a stationery maker who runs a little online shop where she sells envelopes, letter sets, cards and other writing materials she designs.

Lost and found

Completely self-taught, Tina learned photography through trial and error, especially by looking uniquely at her surroundings and their impact on her. She says self-portraits are the best way to understand all parts of the process that go into creating a photograph. “I started taking pictures about eight years ago. At this time I was 15 and completely overwhelmed by all my feelings and the fact that I felt pretty different from all the people around me. I had so much creativity that I needed to use for something,” she explained. “I first started to write a lot of stories and then started taking pictures with a simple, compact camera. In photography, I found the perfect way to express myself, my emotions and feelings in the best way.”

Girl behind the camera
True love

Although she initially studied Art History and Movie Science at University, Tina’s real passion has always been photography, specifically analog. “Shooting film will always be the best way to take a picture. It’s where it all began and where the magic lies.” Only film can provide the texture, unique colors, and look she likes. Tina enjoys film photography because it gets her involved in a more thoughtful process that makes every single image count.

“I like to have something in this fast living world to rely on that makes me value every moment even more.”

Holding a rainbow

Light and natural elements are her biggest sources of inspiration. Tina’s work is full of soft light, intimate moments and very, very few city elements. For her life finds quiet and simple moments that overlap with the leaves, water, or trees that connect her to her sense of self. Her life is all about being casually interlaced with the forests, meadows, lakes, and beaches that surround her town… and of course, people and beautiful details find a place there. “Just simple things like the golden hour, a walk, or special places I explore, but also music, books, and films make me see the world with special eyes and make me sensitive to the beauty of life.”

Tina says that golden hour light — right after sunrise or just before sunset — produces the best results with lifestyle film photography, particularly when shooting elements of nature, but she says she can work in any conditions. “I think the right light is everywhere. You just have to remind yourself to walk thoughtful and with open eyes through the world.”

Winter's last breath
cherry blossom girl

She describes her style as “delicate, warm, soft and sometimes magical.” If one had to imagine a perfect world to live in, it would probably be as the world in her photographs: pure, tranquil, and beautiful. “I want to make people aware of the beauty you can find even in a simple life. Sometimes there is a story or message behind my photos, but mostly I want to take the viewers on an emotional journey with me.”

Painted by sunlight

As a long time Flickr member, Tina has found many other wonderful talents like her on the site: Marcus, Anna Nycz, Li Hui and Zarianka are a few of her favorites. Be sure to explore Tina’s Flickr photostream for more inspiring work.

Fathers of Flickr – A Touching Gallery of Fatherhood

20 June, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

Today’s a day for all the dads out there. We’ve put together a gallery of our favorite fathers on Flickr and the photography that showcases what they’ve done for their families. Most of the men in this list are self-taught or have other passions for their photography, but have found a special place in their Flickr Photostream for their family and their children.


These men represent all of the strength and tenderness needed to father, and grandfather. They’re from different countries and cultural backgrounds. They represent strength, compassion, and preserve moments in unique ways for their families.

Father Figure Project: Wash It Away
dad and daughter
In the name of the father

While it’s easy to find photographers that are dads, finding a dad photographer or family photographer is more nuanced. Share this Gallery with your father or hubby to say ‘I Love You’ for Father’s Day!

Add your favorite memory + Father’s Day photo in the comment section below the Gallery using the format [Flickr Link].

Flickr Heroes of the Week

19 June, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Lost in the Sea’ by GretaLarosa on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Leaf Detail’ by Danny Howarth on Twitter & Tumblr. Congratulations to the winners!

Lost in the sea
Leaf detail

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Buttercup Meadow..
A Setting Sun

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts.

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