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Flickr Heroes of the Week

21 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Daylight’ by Thibault Poriel on Twitter & Facebook and ‘Lisboa #5’ by Raúl Martin Canales on Google+ & Tumblr. Congratulations to the winners!

La Ruée vers l'Or
Lisboa #5

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Snow White Tulip Fields in February
Snail slalom
Jahangir Mahal. Orchha, India

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning next week!

The Many Faces of Carnival

17 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

It’s Carnival time! Are you ready to dance your way through the festival? During the month of February and early March, many cities around the world celebrate the occasion with costume parades, masquerades, and fireworks. Full of color, beauty, and tradition, carnivals are the kind of event that any photographer would love to photograph. And if that doesn’t impress you, just check out the official Carnival Flickr 2017 group, where you’ll find thousands of inspiring images!

Because we at Flickr love Carnival, we’ve pulled out some of the best stories behind the images in the group pool. Take a gander and learn more about how different cities around the globe celebrate differently. Each has a unique history!

Carnival in Castiglion Fibocchi, Arezzo, Tuscany

Occhi di Gatta - Carnevale dei figli di Bocco
Ninfa dei boschi

The Castiglion Fibocchi Carnival, also known as “Carnevale dei figli di Bocco” (Carnival of the Sons of Bocco), is an ancient event that hosts over two hundred participants dressed in baroque costumes and paper mache masks each year. During the celebration, the entire town transforms into a scene of fantasy in advance of the nighttime parades.

“It’s not easy to describe with words the charm of an event that is, above all, a feast for the eyes,” said Flickr photographer Mark Soetebier. “Such is the success of the carnival that in recent years the masks have been invited to parade in important cultural events, both in Italian cities and around the world, receiving accolades, even the Patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and, in 2014, the prestigious Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.”

Carnival in Corrientes, Argentina

Carnaval Correntino 2017 // Correntinian Carnival 2017

The city of Corrientes is popularly known as “Carnival’s National Capital” in Argentina.

“The history of this Carnival comes from the local Afro-descendant communities,” said photographer José Luis Suerte. “That mix between African culture and the strong Catholicism established in the province a long time ago, led to this annual celebration in which, every January 6th, people, accompanied by traditional dances, candombes, and charanga bands, pay tribute to San Baltazar.”

According to José Luis, there are two kinds of Carnival celebrations in his city: the sumptuous Carnaval Caté (reserved to the people who can self-finance their luxury costumes) and the more popular Corso Barrial.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ensaio Técnico 2017 - Mayara Lima - Paraíso do Tuiuti
Ensaio Técnico 2017 - União da Ilha

For Brazilian photographer Bruno Martins, the blocos de rua are, without a doubt, the best part of the Rio carnival. Carnival blocks are street bands that mobilize crowds in the streets while performing samba music. “Here the official carnival is four days, but the trials of the blocks usually begin a month before the Carnival. Every weekend there is a block spread throughout the city.”

Carnival in Cádiz, Spain

Comparsa la Azotea
Los Peregrinos

Cádiz, a coastal city in the far south of Andalusia, is home to the biggest carnival on mainland Spain. Celebrations are marked by the humor and wittiness of the comical bands that come from different cities to perform choral folksongs called chirigotas. These choruses usually dress in costumes and sing satirical verses about politics, current events,  and everyday life while competing for the prize of “funniest band” of the Carnival.

Although Carnival celebrations change from city to city, they all have something in common: it’s the best time of the year for those of us who love dancing, putting on costumes, and having fun around the clock. Do you have a fun Carnival experience you’ve photographed or want to share? Add your images and comments to the Carnival Flickr 2017 group. We’ll feature the best stories on our social media channels during the next few days! And be sure to visit our latest gallery on Flickr —The Many Faces of Carnival, for more images.

Flickr Heroes of the Week

13 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Caress’ by Michael Levine-Clark on Twitter & Google+ and ‘Fence and Sky’ by Steve McKenzie on Facebook & Tumblr.

Fence and Sky

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Wonderful Nature
Waiting in my dreams
Subtle and refined
54 : 365jpg

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning next week!

Happy 13th Birthday, Flickr!

10 February, by Zee Jenkins[ —]
Thirteen Years of Flickr!

It’s official, Flickr is a teenager! Thirteen years young and just as full of wonder, snark, and creativity as we’ve ever been. Together with our phenomenal community of photographers from around the world, our Flickr Family, we’ve set the tone for what an online photographer’s space could be.

Before Flickr, there wasn’t an online community to store, organize, or share digital photos. Without Flickr, there wouldn’t be a global network of photographers connecting over common visual and technical interests.


With exciting things to come for Flickr, we also want to recognize the amazing things that have been. We’ve put together a timeline of moments from the past thirteen years that have made this time so amazing.

For the next year, we’ll be connecting photographers and their work in new, interesting ways and we can’t wait for you to be a part of the journey with us. Throughout this month we’re putting a call out to the Flickr Community to create a gallery with their favorite 13 images. Tag the first photo with #Flickr13 and we’ll feature our favorites on the Flickr Blog and social media.

This isn’t just our 13th birthday, FlickrFam. It’s yours too. Stay rad!

Taking Shelter From the Storm, Shading the Sun

10 February, by Matthew Roth[ —]

Take shelter from the rain. Let the water run down around you. The classic umbrella, a celebrated photographer’s accessory, finally has its own day to shine! In celebration of Umbrella Day (yes, it’s a thing), we’ve made a gallery of our favorite photos featuring umbrellas from the Your Best Shot 2016 group. We hope you like the creative concepts as much as we did.

Under the monsoon rain II - NatGeo Your Shot Daily Dozen, Aug 19, 2016
Mężczyzna z parasolem/Man with umbrella
Orange umbrella
It's raining
Traditional Winter Istanbul

Click here to view the full Taking Shelter From the Storm gallery.

A Beautiful Dance – World Ballet Day

9 February, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

It’s a beautiful day, World Ballet Day, to celebrate the historic and beautiful art form. Ballet, as a dance and art, began during the Renaissance in Italy in the 16th Century and was later introduced in France. As the dance grew in style, opulence and refinement so did its international footprint. By the mid-19th Century, many nations (most notably France, Russia, and Italy) developed an iconic style, with the United States coming into the ballet scene prominently in the 20th Century.

We’ve curated this gallery of beautiful ballet photography so you can spread the beautiful convergence of art forms. Tell us in a comment which photo or video is your favorite depiction of ballet.

«Writing Ground / Biophony»

View the full World Ballet Day gallery here.

Top Tag Tuesday

7 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

It is the trendy time again where we dive into the topics trending among our community of photographers from around the world. Dig into some of the best trending pics week of February 7th, 2017!

The shortest month of the year is here and that means people in the Northern Hemisphere have a little over a month left before the Spring comes. Hurry up and use the occasion to take a few more photos of frosty sunrises and snow-filled landscapes!

February winter night sky

From February 1 through 5, hundreds of beautiful cars from across the globe participate in the International Automobile Festival in Paris, an exhibition to recognize the talent of the engineers and designers who work to craft the latest driving technologies. Look at these classics Porsches!

Porsche 917K (1969)
Porsche 917K (1969)
Porsche 917K (1969)

“Say Cheese!” was the weekly theme on the Macro Mondays Flickr group and the images of melted, hard, blue, smoked and shredded deliciousness took over Flickr’s Explore page yesterday making it one the cheesiest of all time. Mmm cheese!

Say Cheese!
Macro Mondays - Say Cheese! - Stilton & Grapes
Say Cheese! (Outtake)

What would photography be today without the use of digital technologies that make it easier for everybody to take better pictures? Digital imagery is a trend this week, so don’t hesitate to play around with editing software and show the Flickr community how flawless your photos can look.

Panthéon, Paris
Slumber No More*
This Wonderful Emptiness

Flickr Heroes of the Week

6 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Cot in Fog’ by Cyclase on Facebook & Google+ and ‘The Clearing’ by William Thoo on Twitter & Tumblr

Cot in Fog
The Clearing. Black and White edit.

Flickr Heroes Honorable Mentions:

Slumber No More*

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature, submit it to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning next week!

Capturing Childhood One Day at a Time

2 February, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Allie is a stay at home mother of four little birds aged 7, 4, and 1, who have become her muses. They are the inspiration behind her 365 photo project, a long year journey that she’s started as a way to pass down to her children the stories of their days together.

“I often worry about them, as mothers do, and wonder if when they are older and I am gone, will they be ok? Will they remember how much I loved them? These photographs help keep that anxiety at bay.”


Completely self-taught, Allie got her first DSLR camera three years ago. With interest, dedication and the help of some talented friends, she became the expert photographer she is today.

“I eat, sleep and breath photography. Making photographs is my creative outlet in this house full of wild children and dirty diapers.”

Her equipment consists of a 50mm f/1.8 lens, a 24mm f/2.8 and a 35mm f/1.4L wide-angle. To be able to complete her 365-photo-challenge (publishing one photo per day for an entire year), Allie carries her Canon 6D camera everywhere.

22| 365
12| 365 (b)

Taking photos of children can be a challenge as kids tend to move around fast and have a short attention span, but that’s not always the case.

“I am lucky to have very cooperative kids who like to see me smile,” Allie said. “I am also not above bribing them with candy when I want them to sit a little longer than they are willing.”

She likes to talk to her children about the process of taking pictures and what she does.

“They often get as excited as I do when they see a bright pocket of light or interesting shadows and I almost always indulge their photo ideas – which are usually hilarious.”

By turning her children’s ideas into timeless memories, Allie hopes to come up with a photo book, something to hold on to over the years, something that will help the kids remember their childhood days.

Waiting to see Santa

She has the ability to transform ordinary, everyday moments into beautiful portraits characterized by the use of low light and deep shadows.

10| 365

Allie’s advice for people who wants to learn to take better pictures of their children:

“Shoot daily! Create a project for yourself and enjoy the process. Take some online workshops to keep yourself sharp and motivated and find someone to share your work with. Flickr is the perfect place for that. There are so many wonderful groups and photographers here to inspire you and help you.”

7| 365

Be sure to follow Allie Morrison for more sparkling photos of her four little birds. You can also find her in the Kids Life Group on Flickr.

The Supreme Court’s Return To Nine

2 February, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

On this day, February 1, 1790, the United States Supreme Court met for the first time, presided over by Chief Justice John Jay.

Article Three of the US Constitution took effect in March 1789, in which a Supreme Court was given ultimate jurisdiction over all laws in the US. President George Washington appointed Jay and five other justices, who were confirmed by the US Senate a couple days later.

Supreme Court of the United States

On this day in 2017, the United States begins evaluating Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump. Gorsuch is a 49-year-old federal appellate judge from Colorado who attended Columbia and Harvard, and earned a doctorate in legal philosophy at Oxford.

Trump'ın Yüksek Mahkeme adayı belli oldu!

The court has had only eight of nine justices for nearly a year, after the Senate’s refusal to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Garland’s nomination followed the sudden death last February of Justice Antonin Scalia, one of the most well-known justices in the history of the court

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia -- Ellis Island (NY/NJ) September 1990

This is the longest period without nine justices since The Judiciary Act of 1869, which officially set the number. Previously there were as few as six and as many as ten Supreme Court Justices.

Take a look at some Supreme Court photos from the archives. It has indeed changed over the years.

The nine members of the Supreme Court of the United States (LOC)
supreme court 1932
Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Ginsburg, Kagan

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