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Inktober Week 3 – A Flickr Gallery

21 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

We’re a week away from the end of #Inktober2017, and we are amazed by the illustrators and sketch artists who have been participating and sharing their drawings with the Flickr Inktober Group. The purpose of this challenge was to bring together artists from all over the world to collaborate, share, and to foster a supportive community for all kinds of creative folks.

Thanks for taking part, everyone! As every Saturday, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite submissions for the week. We hope you like it!


(DAY EIGHTEEN of MONSTOBER)Inktober+Drawlloween 2017
Bat cartoon - Inktober day 10
Ariane #inktober#inktober2017
Hello #inktober #inktober2017 ..are we the 15th already?
Inktober2017 Day 20 / CeCe for JKPP

We’d also love to see nominations for your favorite artist of #Inktober2017! Post your favorite artist’s name and a link to his or her profile in this discussion thread. At the end of the month we’ll pick one winner to feature on the Flickr Blog and social media channels!

Flickr Friday – Raise the Bar

19 October, by Marissa Jasso[ —]

The FlickrFam has once again found a way to #RaiseTheBar for Flickr Friday’s latest theme. We expected to see dramatic photos of what it means to take things to the next level, but in classic Flickr fashion we got fabulously quirky interpretations like this:

...Flickr Friday asked us to “raise the bar”, so I did

The phrase ‘raising the bar’ was redefined as photographers put their personalized spin on the word ‘bar’.

Clean and Jerk
Raise the Bar

Keep up the creativity, folks. We can’t get enough!

raising the bar

If your photo wasn’t selected and you can’t control the flames from your raging fury, not to worry! You can add your photo to the comments section of the gallery with this format: [FLICKR URL] This way your photos will get some more exposure and everyone will have the opportunity to ooh and ahh over your work, as they should. Want your photo featured in next week’s roundup? Stay tuned for the announcement of the next theme tomorrow morning.

Unleash Your Creativity With New Blurb Photo Books

16 October, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with Blurb® to help you create bookstore-quality photo books. Blurb offers free book-creation tools that give you complete creative control, no matter your skill level. You can also choose from a variety of sizes, templates, covers, paper, and binding options that you previously couldn’t create with your Flickr books.

With Blurb, you can bring your photos to life by printing a customized coffee table book, a family photo album, your weekly zine, or wedding book, amongst others. To create a photo book, connect your Flickr account and browse your photostream or albums in Blurb’s online book-making tool. You can select the size to customize your book, jump into your Flickr account to lay out your images, then select the paper type during checkout. You can add captions, write text, and choose from various photo layouts and montages.

Once complete, you can choose from a range of distribution options—including Amazon, Ingram, and the Blurb Bookstore—to get your work out into the world. You can also share your books with friends, family, and your broader audience by showcasing a preview of your project on Flickr, on other social media sites, or by embedding it on your website. If you are a Flickr Pro member, you can now promote your work on your Flickr account. See our updated Community Guidelines for the new commercial use section that impacts Pro members.

If you are a Flickr Pro member, you will also get a $35 credit toward your first Blurb order, and $35 when you renew your subscription (with a minimum purchase $70). If you are not currently Pro, this Blurb photo book perk is a great addition to the features that make Pro the best way to maximize your Flickr experience.

Rap N' Roll

To view Blurb books already created by Flickr members, check out Blurb’s account on Flickr or the official Blurb Flickr Group.

To share your opinion about the changes, come over to the Help Forum and let us know what you think.

The Flickr Team

Flickr Heroes of the Week

16 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Espagne’ by Frédéric DUCOS on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Lighting the Milkyway’ by Alex Berman on Twitter & Tumblr.

Lighting the Milkyway

Here are some Flickr Hero Honorable Mentions:

Sleeping dragon
Parasitic arrangement

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero (aka Cover Photo) feature next week, submit your best image(s) to the Flickr Heroes group pool by Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts!

Inktober Week 2 – A Flickr Gallery

15 October, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

The second week of Inktober2017 has drawn to a close and we wanted to share some more of our favorite works from the Flickr Inktober Group pool! Thanks to everyone who has been sketching and sharing their drawings.

Inktober 2017 Day 10 Gigantic


Now that we’ve hit the halfway point, we invite you to keep sharing your work, but also to create your own gallery of your favorite images. Add up to 50 images other others’ work to celebrate their artwork as well. We’ll look through them and feature some of the most-recognized work in the next and last editions of #Inktober2017 galleries and blogs.

#inktober #inktober2017 #ink #inked #inking #drawn #drawing #draw #illustration #art #artwork #dog #puppy #pen #inktober #inktober2017 #ink #inked #inking #drawn #drawing #draw #illustration #art #artwork #dog #puppy #pen

Happy sketching, FlickrFam!

Inktober Week 1 – A Flickr Gallery

13 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

What a great first week of Inktober2017! Thanks to everyone who has been sketching and sharing their drawings in the Flickr Inktober Group and across the internet. We’ve found many amazing, talented illustrators and have enjoyed all of your ink and watercolor works.

While there aren’t any official themes for each day, many artists are following the official 2017 prompt list from Jake Parker, creator of Inktober, for reference and ideas. We’ve put together a gallery of our favorite first-week submissions. Keep on doodling! We’ll see you next week with new galleries and features on the official @Flickr social media accounts.


Day_08_Crooked #inktober #inktober2017 #crooked
Highland Cow - Inktober day 5
Inspired by Max Dupain's Iconic Sunbaker photo
17-10-03 Inktober Poison
writing tales of evil and terror

What Places Tell Us About People

12 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]
untitled, Portsmouth, 2017

Tom works in communications and public relations for the National Health Services of the United Kingdom, a job that involves event and portrait photography. “I was given a digital SLR when I started my job about seven or eight years ago. I decided to learn how to use the camera and quickly became obsessed,” he explained.

His interest in landscape photography, and more specifically in “New Topographics,” an art movement characterized by its interest in seemingly banal, everyday scenes grew after picking up a copy of Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore and the William Eggleston’s Guide. “I was amazed at how ordinary scenes and subjects could take on extraordinary qualities when captured and framed photographically.”

untitled, Birmingham, 2017

As pioneers of color photography in the early 1970s, and in turn influenced by the Photorealist movement, Shore and Eggleston wanted to capture the ordinary life of immediate surroundings. This approach towards photography completely changed how Tom thought about the world. “I realized I didn’t have to shoot beautiful subjects anymore.”

untitled, Portsmouth, 2017

“Generally, I’m interested in the environments we inhabit, what they reveal about us and the way we live today. The banal and the every day are often overlooked but can tell us just as much as any other scene.”

Deal, 2017

Tom has an entire series dedicated to Brutalist architecture, a style he finds particularly expressive and moving. “It represents a more optimistic, but some would say flawed, post-war period in the UK where people were trying to build a better society; so capturing how these buildings have aged over the years can maybe say something about what became of this dream and whether these ideals are being maintained or abandoned in our world today.”

Aside from the Brutalist sites, Tom advocates for photographing the things and places that are part of our daily life. “It forces you to see the familiar in a new light and opens up a lot of photographic possibilities within easy reach.” He’s particularly drawn to the edge-places between the urban and the rural, but also to decaying or abandoned spaces, or conversely, to brand new estates. “It’s really about the forms and the light. How the shapes can be arranged in a frame. Interesting angles and textures. Color combinations – these are the aesthetic elements. Then there’s the social, documentary perspective and ironic details that add another layer.”

untitled, Camden, 2017
Southampton, 2017
Romsey, 2017

Most of Tom’s photos are shot on film. “I used to spend hours trying to make my digital images look more like film. So one day I decided to just buy a film camera, a Nikon FE2, and I haven’t looked back.” He enjoys the process of shooting, developing and scanning film because it forces him to think more before pressing the shutter – only ten shots per roll of film. Using the same type of film every time (Kodak Portra) helps him achieve a consistent look. “These limitations actually help me because I don’t have to make lots of choices about gear and can focus on making the images themselves.”

The absence of people in his photographs adds to that consistency. “My photographs are all about people, but I choose not to include them in most images. This is because I want the viewer to focus on the traces that humans leave on the landscape, and what urban places tell us about our society and way of life.”

untitled, City of London, 2017

“When I’m not making photographs I’m probably looking at, reading, or thinking about them.” Tom lives and breaths photography, and that passion has helped him make a lot of good friends on Flickr—talented photographers like Paul Turner, Andy Feltham, Tom Sebastiano, Matt Peers, or Wojtek Mszyca, and many others. His plans for the future include editing his work into series and having some of his work published as a photo book.

Explore more of Tom’s work on his Flickr Photostream.

Flickr Heroes of the Week

9 October, by Zee Jenkins[ —]

Every week we get messages and DMs. People tag @Flickr on their photos and hashtag out the wazzoo to get our attention. The simple step they should be doing instead is to add their best photo of the week to the Flickr Heroes Group. Each week we announce two of our favorite photos to be the new cover photos on our official social media channels.

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Maurice – The Scottish Fold’ by Whiteship Design on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Culled Double’ by Berk Kir on Twitter & Tumblr.

Maurice - The Scottish Fold

Honorable Mentions of the week:

When it rains
Finding spring in South Africa
to the other side

If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit your best image each week to the Flickr Heroes group pool by next Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts.

Flickr Worldwide Photowalks Group closing soon!

2 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]
San Francisco WLM2017 Photowalk

Time to get those last photos of monuments and historic places into the Flickr Worldwide Photowalks Group! We’ll leave the pool open until the night of September 30th, PST. For photowalks happening that day, there is not much time to submit so be sure to edit, upload, and tag your images ASAP after the walk. If you did not attend a photowalk, no worries. You can still submit an image of a historic place or monument up until midnight.


To be eligible for participation in the international Wiki Loves Monuments 2017 photo contest, your photos must have a valid license type:

  • Attribution Creative Commons
  • Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons
  • Public Domain Dedication (CC0)

Licenses with NC (NonCommercial) or ND (NoDerivs) will NOT be accepted to the official Wiki Loves Monuments contest, but can exist in the group. The ‘Public Domain’ mark is incompatible due to copyright complexities.  Without the correct license, Wikimedia won’t be able to bring your photos to the Wikimedia Commons contest or to their database.

In addition to adding one of the valid licenses, your photos need to be tagged with the following:

  • country
  • city name (where the monument is located in)
  • monument ID
  • add the tags “FlickrPhotowalk” and “WLM2017” to your images

If you have questions about the contest rules, or you have trouble locating the monument ID, please review the information in the official group or ask the Flickr Team here.

Flickr Heroes of the Week

2 October, by Leticia Roncero[ —]

Our new Flickr Heroes of the Week are ‘Against Time’ by Yeow on Facebook & Google+ and ‘Talacre beach’ by Danny Howarth on Twitter & Tumblr.

Talacre beach

Here are some Honorable Mentions:

Old Monk...
The Black Forest
Lincolnshire Storm

Each week, we replace the Cover Photos (aka Hero Images) on our Flickr social media channels. If you want your photo to be considered for a Flickr Hero feature next week, submit your best image(s) to the Flickr Heroes group pool by next Monday morning! Winners are announced in the Flickr Heroes Group, on the blog, and across our social media accounts.

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