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Here are the search histories of the major Republican lawmakers who think it's okay to sell yours

30 March, by Max Knoblauch[ —]

Republicans in the House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to give internet service providers the ability to sell their users' private data — including their search history — without their consent.

In the aftermath of the vote, multiple GoFundMe fundraisers were created with the goal of purchasing the search histories of major Republicans. 

If the fundraisers are successful, it will be theoretically possible to see what some of the lawmakers look at online.

Anyway, we went ahead and bought them ourselves and the results are not surprising at all. Read more...

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Get the perfect slice of cake every time with this kitchen tool

30 March, by Michelle Yan[ —]

The 'Magisso Cake Server' can give you the perfect slice of cake every single time. Press, squeeze, and lift to serve your perfect piece of dessert. It is made out of stainless steel and retails for $19.95.

Cutting cake doesn't have to be messy and annoying anymore. Read more...

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Kim Kardashians says she plans to have surgery to help her get pregnant

30 March, by Tricia Gilbride[ —]

Kim Kardashian West reveals in a new Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip that she plans to undergo surgery to help her become pregnant with her third child with Kanye West. 

"I have to go in and repair my uterus. Because I decided I'm going to try to have one more baby," says Kim in the clip. "Isn't that exciting?"

Kardashian West has been open about her difficulties with pregnancy and childbirth in the past and had previously explored surrogacy. She recently decided to go ahead and try to carry the child herself, though, despite the challenges ahead. 

"So they need to like clean that out and then there's like scar tissue," she says. "It'll still be like a really high-risk pregnancy, just I would be able to get pregnant." Read more...

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North Carolina votes to replace one anti-trans law with another and everyone is obviously outraged

30 March, by Heather Dockray[ —]

When Democrat Roy Cooper ran for governor in 2016, he made one promise to his constituents: that he would work to repeal HB2, North Carolina's notorious anti-trans bathroom law.

Cooper has struggled to make good on his promise as Republicans in the state legislature opposed repealing the law. On Thursday, Republicans and Democrats came together to vote for HB142, just before the deadline it had been given by the NCAA, which is boycotting the state. LGBTQ groups are calling the replacement law a "scam."

It appears the bill was pushed through in an effort to lure back the basketball association, which said it would not allow North Carolina to host upcoming college championship games unless there were changes to the law made by Thursday. Read more...

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You can now get terrible Jack in the Box tacos delivered to your house

30 March, by Sasha Lekach[ —]

With Americans eating 554 million Jack in the Box tacos every year, as a nation we should probably be finding ways to slow down our fast food habits.

But instead the chain known for its tacos, suped-up burgers and ping pong-headed mascot has partnered with a mobile food delivery app to make it even easier to chow down.

Starting Thursday, DoorDash is delivering the oddly craveable but often stomach ache-inducing bites to 200 cities nationwide, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Seattle and Denver. 

Back in October, San Francisco was the testing ground for the delivery partnership and a pilot program rolled out in other select cities shortly after. All those trials must have done well enough to expand to so many places now.  Read more...

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The first 'Game of Thrones' Season 7 promo is here, but what does it all mean?

30 March, by Laura Prudom[ —]

At first glance, the new promo trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 is just a badass montage of pretty people walking slowly through hallways while James' "Sit Down" plays atmospherically in the background. 

But this is Thrones, damnit, where every sight, sound and sigh has meaning. So let's break down all the potential clues about Season 7 hidden in this chilling new teaser and speculate wildly! 

The Song

On the most basic level, the promo borrows heavily from the imagery of the original music video for "Sit Down" — which begins with three very different chairs, including an obvious throne. (We get deep about the song and its meaning here, if you want to fall down the rabbit hole.) Read more...

More about Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Hbo, and Daenerys Targaryen

Oscars won't ditch the accounting firm responsible for this year's Best Picture blunder — but there's a new rule

30 March, by Angie Han[ —]

There's no chance anyone will ever forget this year's big Oscars screwup. But the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has apparently decided they're willing to forgive it.

The organization behind the awards ceremony has voted to stick with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm responsible for the mix-up that led to the wrong movie being announced for Best Picture.

However, there'll be a catch. According to CNBC, accountants will now have to turn in their mobile devices (including phones) before heading backstage. Read more...

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Justin Theroux gave Jennifer Aniston an empty piñata because being famous is terrible

30 March, by Tricia Gilbride[ —]

So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your birthday's a joke! Your piñata isn't broken, because there's no way you're touching can-day!

Jennifer Aniston's recent jaunt to Cabo with husband Justin Theroux and bestie Courtney Cox took a turn too dark to even be considered as a plot twist on The Leftovers. The crew celebrated with an empty piñata rather than dare cross paths with processed sugar! 

“We do special things. I did a little night for her birthday where we went to a special dinner and had a piñata,” Theroux told E! News.   Read more...

More about Celebrity Couples, Celebrities, Jennifer Aniston, Birthday, and Justin Theroux

Those GoFundMe campaigns can't simply buy Congress's internet history

30 March, by Colin Daileda[ —]

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And of course, very often these days, crowdfunding campaigns, too.

You might've recently come across a link or eight for two different GoFundMe campaigns bouncing around the social web. Their aim? To crowdfund the purchase of members of Congress' internet histories. Both campaigns were inspired by Republicans in the Senate and the House, who recently voted in favor of taking away privacy protections on your internet data, which were set up by former President Barack Obama. 

Obama's privacy measures never sprang to life, though, because of the aforementioned vote by both houses of Congress. Now internet service providers can pimp out your data for the foreseeable future (assuming President Donald Trump signs the legislation, which he's basically expected to do). Read more...

More about Privacy, Data, Cards Against Humanity, Isp, and Internet Service Providers

The Galaxy S8 could be stupid fast on certain LTE networks

30 March, by Brett Williams[ —]

We now have documented proof that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is more than just fast — it's like, gigabit fast.

T-Mobile dropped a video showing the brand new Samsung flagship being put through its paces on the carrier's LTE network in its Bellevue, Washington research lab. 

The phone is able to hit some impressive download speeds, flirting with the gigabit barrier. 

OK, there's a big caveat here: the test was conducted under lab-controlled conditions. You'll never have a network connection like that out in the real world — but the potential for that level of speed is still tantalizing.  Read more...

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