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Walter White joins the Trump cabinet on 'SNL,' and he has the perfect role

11 December, by Proma Khosla[ —]

"It's almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head," said CNN's Jake Tapper, as played by Saturday Night Live's Beck Bennett. 

By that logic, who did the show predict Trump would hire to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)? None other than former high school chemistry teacher and meth cook, Walter White.

Bryan Cranston reprised his Breaking Bad role as White in Saturday's cold open, appearing alongside Bennett and Kate McKinnon as Trump aide Kellyanne Conway.

Sounds about right#CenaOnSNL pic.twitter.com/pGcE2LTniz

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) December 11, 2016

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Madonna getting brutally honest about sexism is 100% inspiring

11 December, by Ariel Bogle[ —]

"I stand before you as a doormat...Oh, I mean, as a female entertainer."

From her opening lines, Madonna clearly intended to use her speech at the Billboard Women in Music 2016 event in New York on Friday to speak her mind on everything from sexism to ageing. The pop icon was Billboard's Woman of the Year.

Always shape shifting and never boring, Madonna has evolved the narrow role women in music are meant to play, but it has not been easy.

"Thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of blatant misogyny, sexism, constant bullying and relentless abuse," she continued. Read more...

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According to Facebook, Australia couldn't get enough of Trump in 2016

11 December, by Ariel Bogle[ —]

Like slowing down to gawk at a car crash, Australia could not get enough of the U.S. election in 2016.

It was the most talked about topic among the 15 million or so Australians sharing posts on Facebook this year, according to the company's own data. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and shark attacks rounded out the top three. So, all in all, a remarkably gloomy year.

According to Mia Garlick, director of Facebook policy for Australia and New Zealand, 289 million people around the world created 10 billion interactions —- likes, comments, shares and original posts — from the day Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president in Mar., 2015 through to election day this November. Read more...

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Magic Leap CEO responds after report cools hype on mixed reality product

11 December, by Adario Strange[ —]

Only a small handful of people outside of Magic Leap know what the company's augmented reality/mixed reality product really looks like compared to the promotional videos, but after a particularly critical report earlier this week, the notoriously secretive company appears to be in damage control mode. 

It all started on Thursday, when The Information published a report (pay wall) in which a reporter detailed his meeting with company represetnatives and a less than impressive demo of the product, writing, "Magic Leap may have oversold what it can do." Read more...

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Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, climate archvillain, to be named secretary of state

11 December, by Andrew Freedman[ —]

If it weren't real, it might read like a dark climate change comedy. 

President-elect Donald J Trump is expected to turn to the leader of America's largest oil company, and the main villain in a new wave of climate change activism, to lead the State Department: ExxonMobil Corp. CEO Rex Tillerson. Multiple news organizations reported the pick on Saturday.

Tillerson has worked at Exxon for his entire career, which is important since Exxon is currently under investigation for misleading its investors and the American public about the threat of global warming since the 1970s. The investigations and environmental activism surrounding it are known by the hashtag #ExxonKnew. Read more...

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CIA confirms Russian interference in election, Trump team challenges report

10 December, by The Associated Press[ —]

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump's presidential transition team on Saturday challenged the veracity of U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia was trying to tip the November election to the Republican. A top Senate Democrat demanded a full congressional investigation.

The CIA has now concluded with "high confidence" that Moscow was not only interfering with the election, but that its actions were intended to help Trump, according to a senior U.S. official. The assessment is based in part on evidence that Russian actors had hacked Republicans as well as Democrats but were only releasing information harmful to Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton. Read more...

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Cozy up with a snowman in Pentatonix's 'Coldest Winter' video

10 December, by Proma Khosla[ —]

Christmas music comes in many forms, as shown by internet a cappella sensation Pentatonix in their new single "Coldest Winter." The band released an official video on Saturday featuring an adorable snowman's holiday journey through love.

The song first appeared on Pentatonix' Christmas album, which came out in October and is available for download and purchase now. Still, nothing drives a holiday album home like a lot of swirly snow visualsA Pentatonix Christmas is the band's second yuletide LP, following 2015's That's Christmas To Me. Read more...

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Original ’Star Wars’ trilogy retold in 8-bit, arcade-style graphics

10 December, by Jonathan Keshishoglou[ —]

There's no shortage of Star Wars games, but you've never seen it quite like this. Get ready to feel nostalgic in whole new dimensions as our CineFix series, 8-bit Cinema, retells the entire story of the original Star Wars trilogy through classic 8-bit animation. 

Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/cinefix

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Companies that pay their CEOs too much could start paying for it in taxes

10 December, by Emma Hinchliffe[ —]

What's one way to stop companies from paying their CEOs too much? Taxes. 

Portland, Ore. this week passed a law that penalizes companies whose chief executives make more than 100 times the median pay of their workers. 

The tax, approved by Portland's city council, is a way of combatting income inequality. 

Companies will have to pay an additional 10 percent in taxes if they violate the rule, according to the New York Times. If a chief executive earns more than 250 times as much as his employees taxes will increase 25 percent.  Read more...

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Please enjoy this inspiring student reacting to animals in zoology class

10 December, by Chloe Bryan[ —]

Some students sleep through class. Some students take just enough notes to pass the final exam. And some students are like this dude.

Twitter user @jilliebean421 tweeted a video Friday of her classmate Jalen, whose astounded reactions to the animals in their zoology class are nothing short of inspiring.

"Zoology wouldn't be the same without @jloading33," she wrote.

The internet agrees. Since the video was posted, it's been retweeted over 60,000 times. 

Jalen even weighed in to confirm. Those reactions were real, guys — because animals are cool as hell. Read more...

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