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Reddit plays nice and delivers lovely photos to newly-engaged couple

18 January, by Christine Wang[ —]

Reddit is usually a place for animal videos, disappointing safes and angry mobs, but every once in a while it is also a place for a great story.

Amateur photographer JTran1 was walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City when he saw a large group of people gathered together. 

"As I got closer to investigate, I saw that they had set up an aisle with candles on each side, with people lined out on both sides with roses," JTran1 said on Reddit. "Obviously, I hung around since this was clearly about to be a proposal." Read more...

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These 3 graphics explain 2016’s record warmth

18 January, by Andrew Freedman[ —]

Climate scientists around the world just announced that 2016 is the warmest year on record, beating out 2015 and 2014 for the dubious distinction. 

The temperature milestone means that 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have now occurred since 2001, with each of the past three years setting global heat records. 

It's all well and good to say that 2016 was the hottest year on record, but to put that figure into context, you need decades of data. 

On Wednesday, NASA and media outlets (including Mashable) released graphics to do exactly that by showing exactly how 2016 eclipsed other years to become Earth's hottest year on record.  Read more...

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Verizon says thousands are still using Samsung Note7, but they're about to get cut off

18 January, by Adario Strange[ —]

Despite repeated public notices from Samsung directing Galaxy Note7 users to return the recalled device, there are still large numbers of users on one of the biggest wireless carriers in the U.S. who refuse to let the beleaguered smartphone go. 

According to a statement from Verizon, there are currently "thousands" of customers on the carrier's service using the Note7. 

"In spite of our best efforts, there are still customers using the recalled phones who have not returned or exchanged their Note7 to the point of purchase," Verizon told Fortune on Tuesday. "The recalled Note7's pose a safety risk to our customers and those around them." Read more...

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This is what a venture capitalist in deep, deep denial sounds like: Theranos backer Tim Draper

18 January, by Jason Abbruzzese[ —]

There was once a moment in time when Theranos was one of the most successful startups in the country—a blood-testing dynamo that would change medical science forever, improve the lives of millions of people, and make a hefty chunk of change for its investors. 

Venture capitalist Tim Draper appears to still be living in that moment.

If you haven't been keeping up with the Theranos saga, the company's been in a downward spiral since October 2015, when Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou first reported that the company wasn't relying on their own blood-testing machines they touted as being a revolutionary step in medical testing.  Read more...

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Public mobilizes to save patron saint named Fanny Cornforth

18 January, by Rachel Thompson[ —]

LONDON — You've probably never heard of Fanny Cornforth. But, one group of women is campaigning to ensure she gets the recognition she deserves.  

Emily Turner — a writer and researcher — and Cornforth's biographer Kirsty Stonell-Walker are crowdfunding for two memorials for Cornforth, who's been dubbed "the patron saint of overlooked women"

Turner describes Cornforth was "a Victorian supermodel" as she was a muse and mistress of pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti. According to Turner, Cornforth was an important source of inspiration for Rossetti, but her working class background meant she was treated unfairly by Rossetti's peers. Read more...

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One 'SNL' star woke up in an unusual place after a wild cast party

18 January, by Kayla Bazile[ —]

Live from New York, it's Aidy Bryant on the floor!

The Saturday Night Live cast member stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to reminisce on some of her favorite sketches from the first half of the season and to dish on what happened at the elusive SNL writers' party.

Bryant, who describes herself as a "goodie two shoes," told a hilarious anecdote from that night in which she admitted to drinking a little bit too much and ending the night passed out on the hallway floor of her apartment building. 

Who knew the doe-eyed SNL member was such a party animal?

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Gabe Newell stokes the 'Half-Life 3' fire

18 January, by Kellen Beck[ —]

Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve Corporation, participated in a Reddit AMA Tuesday, hinting at a brand new single player game and sharing other nuggets that we've highlighted below.

Answering Redditors' questions, Newell confirmed Valve is working on at least one fully-fledged single player game. Newell also mentioned the existence of some "unannounced products" on the Source 2 engine and said that Valve is designing its own virtual reality games.

Possibly the most important question that received the most substantive news about upcoming Valve projects was floated by Redditor Japasthebass, who asked: "Any chance of a new [intellectual property] that takes place in the Half-Life/Portal universe? I feel like there's a lot of story left to be explored there. Thanks!" Read more...

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Trump's proposed 2020 slogan is familiar because it's the exact tagline from 'The Purge: Election'

18 January, by Proma Khosla[ —]

It makes sense that the man who ran for President with the slogan "Make America Great Again" would pursue reelection with "Keep America Great." Unfortunately for Donald Trump, that slogan was already used in 2016 by the great folks behind The Purge: Election Year.

"Get me my lawyer!" Trump called during an interview with The Washington Post, and it wasn't to start suing the team behind Election Year for the slogan that they came up with first, but to trademark and register "Keep America Great" (exclamation point optional) for 2020. Read more...

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This medical device eliminates the most painful thing about needles

18 January, by Tara Flanigan[ —]

VeinViewer allows physicians to see beneath a patients skin. It projects near-infrared light that's absorbed by the blood and rejected by the surrounding tissue. Read more...

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President Obama is peak dad in White House snow day photos

18 January, by Chloe Bryan[ —]

White House photographer Pete Souza can't pick his favorite photo of President Obama, but he does have a favorite day on the job: a snowy Saturday in 2010.

"Washington was under siege with snow," Souza wrote on Instagram Wednesday. "I slept in my office overnight, knowing I probably couldn't drive to the White House the next day."

Souza hoped that in the wake of the blizzard, he'd be able to snap some photos of the president celebrating the snow day with Sasha and Malia. 

"I guessed ... that the President of the United States would be a dad and play with his girls in the snow," he wrote. Read more...

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