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You can almost taste McDonald's newest burger in this 'Star Trek' movie

23 February, by Yvette Tan[ —]

Who needs to eat a burger IRL when you can just taste it virtually?

McDonald's Japan has released a 4D "Star Trek" movie in promotion of its newest creation, the Yakki burger

The Yakki burger is a pork-based burger with ginger and soy-sauce based Japanese sauce.

Since audiences couldn't actually eat the burger during the film, they got the next best thing — a virtual eating experience, or the fourth dimension in 4D. 

This included having water sprayed at their faces to signify the juicy pork patty popping out of the screen, and getting a whiff of its salt, ginger and black pepper seasoning in the cinema.  Read more...

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James Corden brutally tears apart that Britney Spears biopic

23 February, by Gianluca Mezzofiore[ —]

The internet called and James Corden responded. 

The topic: that Britney Spears biopic, Britney Ever After, that left excruciated viewers in shock and despair. 

During The Late Late Show, Corden ripped apart the TV movie sharing many concerns that Britney fans had poured on Twitter — from the ridiculous casting, cheesy dialogue and atrocious costume design. 

“The role of Britney Spears was played by none other than the Australian actress Natasha Bassett," he said.  “She’s the perfect person for a biopic ― if the biopic was about Tiffany Trump.”  Read more...

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This is how a huge conglomerate thinks millennials want to live

23 February, by Yi Shu Ng[ —]

Artisanal coffee workshops. Social kitchens. Stationary bikes.

These features, aimed at millennials, may eventually be part of luxury apartments belonging to The Ascott, the world's largest serviced apartment conglomerate.

The Singapore-headquartered hospitality giant, which has apartments all over Asia, Europe and the Middle East, has set up a "living lab" at the Singapore Management University's downtown campus.

The colourful apartment mock-ups feature modular furniture, a large social pantry, a jamming room for musicians, and futuristic recreation rooms with VR headsets and a "reimagined cube for table tennis." Read more...

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One telecom carrier is fixing a major privacy problem you probably don't know about

23 February, by Manish Singh[ —]

A telecom operator is trying to fix a major privacy problem that many of us are unaware about. 

Vodafone, India’s second largest telecom operator by subscribers, has introduced a new way for its subscribers, especially women, to top up talktime credit to their phones without disclosing their phone number to strangers. 

The new program, called Private Recharge Mode, allows people to add credit to their phones with a unique code instead of their phone number.   

It might sound like a non-issue to many, but in India, where over 90% of the billion mobile phone users are on prepaid connection, walk into mom-and-pop shops and hand out their phone numbers to top up their accounts.  Read more...

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People can't, can't, can't believe how much some are paying for Justin Bieber's concert tickets

23 February, by Sohini Mitter[ —]

We told you that Justin Bieber is performing in India for the first time. 

Understandably, there's a lot of excitement, especially in millennials who can't have enough of the 23-year-old pop sensation.  

But now there's a problem as we discovered once the tickets went on sale.

Firstly, there's a queue. Even if you wait, you are never sure that you're going to get a ticket. What if they are exhausted by 2,000 or even 3,900?

And you thought only ATMs in India have queues? At least those were to get money, not spend it #JustinBieberIndia pic.twitter.com/6plre83R7c

— Sarit Ray (@saritray2001) February 22, 2017

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The four-minute 'Alien:Covenant' prologue is surprisingly cheery

23 February, by Stan Schroeder[ —]

After the first poster and trailer for Alien:Covenant scared the bejeezus out of us, we expected something equally sinister from the new, four-minute prologue to the movie. 

But it's exactly the opposite: We get to meet the crew of the colony ship Covenant before things start going awry, and while there's a lot of uneasy looks and one pretty scary situation (especially if you've watched the original Alien), do not expect to see alien claws ripping through human flesh in this one. 

According to the YouTube clip's description, the prologue shows us the "main crew (all couples) and their android, Walter, enjoy their final meal together before cryosleep." That explains the clip's title: "Last Supper," but given how the original movie ends, we don't doubt that for many of these crew members, this was, in fact, their last supper.  Read more...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus rumored to have a 6.2-inch screen

23 February, by Stan Schroeder[ —]

At this rate of information leakage, we're likely to know every single detail about Samsung's upcoming flagship phone well before it launches. 

Reliable leaks guy Evan Blass just posted a full set of specs for the larger version of the device, apparently named the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Most specs aren't out of the ordinary, and some, like the 12-megapixel dual rear camera and 4GB of RAM, are slightly underwhelming. But the spec sheet claims the device will have a huge, 6.2-inch screen (or, in reality, a 6.1-inch screen if you consider the rounded corners). Read more...

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Baby panda just wants to cling onto his keeper and follow him everywhere

23 February, by Yvette Tan[ —]

We can't let go of how cute this panda is.

And neither can everyone else it seems — a video of the baby clinging on to its keeper has reached over 60 million views in less than a day since it was posted.

The panda, who lives in China's Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, is seen tightly holding on to its keeper's legs.

Every time the keeper tries to move the panda away, it just comes scurrying back. 

The video was shared by iPanda, a panda-cam which airs live broadcasts of the bears in the Chengdu research facility. Read more...

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Enough is enough! Citizens of this country demand a public sex offenders registry

23 February, by Sohini Mitter[ —]

The US has it. The UK and Ireland have it. And now, an Indian state will have it too. 

The southern state of Kerala has announced the institution of a Sex Offenders Registry following increasing attacks on women in the state. With this, it becomes the first Indian state to put out identification details of sex offenders in public domain, The News Minute reports.

It all started when a popular Kerala actress was reportedly abducted and molested in her car, an incident that led to outrage in the film industry and political parties.

And last month, when a convicted pedophile was arrested in the national capital of Delhi, there were demands for a National Sex Offenders Registry.  Read more...

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Japan launches an app that'll tell you where the nearest vacant toilet is

23 February, by Yvette Tan[ —]

When you gotta go, you gotta go — until all the cubicles are full and there's a snaking line waiting.

A Japanese company has the perfect solution: an app that shows the nearest vacant toilet.

According to telecommunications giant KDDI, the app will predict if toilets are in use by using sensors installed on stall doors to determine whether they are open or closed.

App users will then receive real-time updates on how many cubicles are available in their area.

"People often waste time by looking around for an available toilet on various floors or by waiting until one becomes available," KDDI spokesman Daisuke Maruo told the Japan Times. Read more...

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