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KFC's new chicken box can be turned into a game controller

28 July, by Yvette Tan[ —]

Want to have fried chicken and game at the same time? KFC has you covered.

The "Gamer's Box 2.0" (was there even a 1.0?) comes with a built-in Bluetooth controller as well as a smartphone mount, and of course — a box of fried chicken.

All you have to do is pair your smartphone with the controller over Bluetooth, mount your phone and you're ready to go.

This is how the box works:

The limited edition box is a tie-up between KFC and Mountain Dew and is not for sale. Sadly, only 10 boxes are available as prizes for a contest held by both companies. Read more...

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Everyone's tweeting the dramatic moment John McCain killed Obamacare repeal

28 July, by Gianluca Mezzofiore[ —]

The Senate has killed the Obamacare repeal bill and everyone on Twitter is praising one guy, John McCain, who returned to Washington early this week after a diagnosis of brain cancer

McCain was instrumental in voting against the so-called "skinny repeal" proposal, a bill which would have left 16 million additional people without health care and driven premiums up by 20% per annum. 

In a video widely shared on Twitter, the senator and military veteran is depicted as he approaches the front of the Senate chamber, holds the right palm face down then does a thumbs-down as he just says "No", then walks away amidst Democrat applauses and Republicans' gasps: Read more...

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Amazon Prime Now launched in Singapore, then quickly couldn't cope with demand

28 July, by Yvette Tan[ —]

Just hours after it launched in Singapore to great fanfare — Amazon Prime Now is down.

The e-commerce giant's launch on Thursday marked its first foray into Southeast Asia.

But for all the initial hype and excitement it drummed up, it seems like the delivery service is unable to cope with demand. 

The app, which launched Thursday morning, showed that delivery was "unavailable" from Thursday afternoon till Friday afternoon, when Mashable tested it out.

Image: screenshot/mashable

Prime Now has now resumed its delivery service, though the app still states that "delivery availability may be limited". Read more...

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Rick Astley marks 30th anniversary of his best known song with the ultimate tweet

28 July, by Sam Haysom[ —]

Rick Astley wants you to know that he's never going to give you up.

Not ever.

Thursday was the 30-year anniversary of everyone's favourite 80s song and internet meme, "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Astley decided to celebrate it with a very special tweet:

30 years ago today I said I was Never Gonna Give You Up. I am a man of my word - Rick x pic.twitter.com/VmbMQA6tQB

— Rick Astley (@rickastley) July 27, 2017

No prizes for guessing what the media attached to that tweet was.

Yep: he rickrolled us. 

And it was beautiful.

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Starbucks is pinning its hopes for its future on China

28 July, by Yi Shu Ng[ —]

The world's largest coffee chain just sank $1.3 billion in China, to gain full control of all its 2,800 outlets there.

Starbucks had 50 percent ownership of 1,300 outlets in east China, via a joint venture with two Taiwanese firms. With the buyout — its biggest ever acquisition, it said — it now owns the 1,300 fully, together with the other 1,500 it already owned.

The joint venture with Taiwanese convenience and department store giant President Chain Store Corp., and Taiwan-based food giant Uni-President Enterprises Corp, covered stores in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Read more...

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Reverse engineer your favorite food with an app

28 July, by Sarah Spigelman Richter[ —]

Remember when "Julie and Julia" was the craziest thing to ever happen to the food world? We've come a long way, baby. 

Now, there's an app that claims to actually look at photos of food and know what the dish is and even how to prepare it. 

Pic2Recipe is the artificial intelligence system developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory that analyzes photos of food and actually tells you what the food is and how to cook it. 

The researchers used websites like All Recipes to create the Recipe 1M database with — you guessed it — over one million annotated recipes, complete information about various ingredients. The researchers then "used that data to train a neural network to find patterns and make connections between the food images and the corresponding ingredients and recipes." Read more...

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New Zealand is luring the world's tech talent over by flying them there for free

28 July, by Johnny Lieu[ —]

When people think of moving to New Zealand, they think of pretty images of lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. And then there's the draw of great work-life balance — and shelter from an apocalypse, no less.

But to build itself into a technology hub, it needs the specialised workforce. 

Wellington, the country's capital with a population just under 500,000, is working on that by offering 100 tech workers a free week-long trip to the city, under its LookSee Wellington programme.

The unconventional marketing plan will fly you out, if you agree to pre-arranged job interviews with companies in the area.  Read more...

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HAIM's cover of Shania Twain's 'That Don't Impress Me Much' is seriously unreal

28 July, by Johnny Lieu[ —]

The '90s song you probably won't admit you like — but secretly really, really do — got a cover from HAIM, and it's out of this world.

Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much" was covered on Australian radio station triple j, but instead of extending the rambunctiousness of the 1997 hit, the three piece went for a stripped back version that is really, seriously, quite unexpected.

HAIM also covered Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" last month, so look, it's probably not going to be the last cover of the Canadian country singer we'll hear from the band.

Can we get "From This Moment On" next?

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One of the world's longest electric car highways will be built in Australia

28 July, by Johnny Lieu[ —]

Flush with long stretches of road, Australia is now set to be home to one of the world's longest electric highways.

Queensland has unveiled plans for the Electric Super Highway, a series of fast-charging stations in 18 cities and towns it hopes will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

"This project is ambitious, but we want as many people as possible on board the electric vehicle revolution, as part of our transition to a low emissions future," the state's acting roads minister, Steven Miles, said in a statement. Read more...

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Expedition team heads to mysterious underwater continent of Zealandia

28 July, by Johnny Lieu[ —]

For millions of years, the underwater continent of Zealandia has done its own thing.

Once part of Australia, it broke off from the country about 75 million years ago and moved northeast. It stopped moving 53 million years ago, but recently the mysterious continent has attracted a lot of attention. 

On Friday, a team of researchers led by the Australian National University will embark on a two-month-long expedition to examine Zealandia, a 4.9-million square kilometer (1.9-million square mile) chunk of land now mostly submerged underwater. Read more...

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