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Preoccupations: Don’t Quit Social Media. Put It to Work for Your Career Instead.

3 December, by PATRICK GILLOOLY[ —]
Patrick Gillooly of Monster takes issue with Cal Newport, who recently urged professionals to quit social media. Mr. Gillooly says the career benefits far outweigh the pitfalls.

Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: More Debate Over Facebook’s Role in Media

3 December, by FARHAD MANJOO and MIKE ISAAC[ —]
Questions continue to swirl over Facebook’s handling of fake news stories and a tool it created that could potentially be used to censor content in China.

Command Z: On the Internet, to Be ‘Mom’ Is to Be Queen

3 December, by JESSICA BENNETT[ —]
When teenagers (and those of us who talk like them) call celebrities and their besties ‘Mom’ — explained.

Airbnb Ends Fight With New York City Over Fines

3 December, by KATIE BENNER[ —]
The short-term room rental service settled a lawsuit it had filed over a state law that it said could have deterred hosts and impaired its revenues.

Zenefits Chief Quitting and Is Said to Consider Trump Transition Team

3 December, by MIKE ISAAC and KATIE BENNER[ —]
David O. Sacks, who was charged with turning the embattled start-up around, is said to be possibly joining Donald J. Trump’s transition team.

Obama Moves to Block Chinese Acquisition of a German Chip Maker

3 December, by PAUL MOZUR[ —]
The White House’s intervention could set the stage for President-elect Donald Trump to take a tougher stance on foreign deals.

Ads Show Up on Breitbart and Brands Blame Technology

3 December, by SAPNA MAHESHWARI[ —]
How does a progressive company find itself pitched on a hard-right website? A third-party ad network is using consumer data and targeting technology.

Bits: Daily Report: Malware Damages Aviation Systems in Saudi Arabia

2 December, by JIM KERSTETTER[ —]
Just a month ago, someone managed to cripple whole chunks of the internet by attacking one company. There’s little reason to think it can’t happen again.

Tech Tip: The Built-In Accessibility Features of iOS

2 December, by J. D. BIERSDORFER[ —]
Apple’s software comes with several features to make the technology work for all users.

Financial Technology Start-Ups to Get a License to Bank

2 December, by NATHANIEL POPPER[ —]
So-called fintech companies, which take deposits, make electronic payments or lend money, will be able to apply for bank charters from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

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