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Microsoft Edge Receives Spellcheck Upgrade

30 de maig, per  KevinSundstrom[ —]

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser will gain an all-new mechanism for spellcheck in version 83. The new feature, which is powered by Windows Spellcheck, will be available on all systems using Windows 8.1 and above.

Motion Layout API Leads Android Studio 4 Features

29 de maig, per  EricZeman[ —]

Google this week released Android Studio 4, the newest version of its core Android developer environment. Android Studio 4 is meant to give developers more tools so they can design and build apps faster and smarter. The platform arrives mere days before the Android 11 beta launch, which is expected on June 11. Google pushed back the launch of Android 11 in response to COVID-19. Android Studio 3.6 arrived in February.

SmartStream Technologies Expands Breadth of Public API

29 de maig, per  ProgrammableWeb PR[ —]

SmartStream Technologies, a financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions provider, has extended its Public API for collateral management, to enable its clients with faster access technology to better service their individual business needs.

Strapi Community Edition Now Generally Available

29 de maig, per  ecarter[ —]

Strapi, an open-source headless CMS, has announced the general availability of the Strapi Community Edition. The project has been five years in the making, and the company is excited to see continued growth in the Strapi community now that it's generally available. In a blog post announcement, the Strapi team recapped the journey thus far, which includes over 1 million downloads, over 400 contributors, and almost 5,000 Strapi community projects on GitHub.

Torry Harris Integration Solutions Launches New Product Portal

29 de maig, per  ProgrammableWeb PR[ —]

Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), is an advisor to enterprises worldwide in extending the power of digital access through integration. The company recently announced the launch of its product portal with new SaaS plans to ease the purchasing journey of customers.

Project Soli Earns Developer App 6 Months Late

28 de maig, per  EricZeman[ —]

Google recently released Soli Sandbox, an Android app for Project Soli on the Pixel 4 phone. Project Soli, enabled by a dedicated chip on the Pixel 4, allows Pixel 4 owners to interact with their phone via certain gestures. The timing of the app's release is puzzling, given Soli's uncertain future.

Five Major Vulnerabilities in GraphQL

28 de maig, per  Katherine-Harrison-Adcock[ —]

GraphQL (GQL) is a data query language used commonly in modern web and mobile applications as a key part of the technology stack. GQL simplifies fetching data from a server to a client via an API call. This article recaps some thoughts from a post by, covering the five most common GraphQL vulnerabilities, how to use a GQL “goat” to exemplify vulnerabilities, and some tooling to evaluate GQL implementation.

Excelfore Launches SDK for eSync Standard Data Pipeline

28 de maig, per  ecarter[ —]

Excelfore, a connected automobile solution provider, has introduced a new SDK for the eSync standard data pipeline. eSync is a multi-company alliance for the development of over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics standards. Excelfore's new SDK provides an out of the box solution for embedding the eSync standard into the cloud platform of choice.

Western Union Shows How Use Cases Make for a Great Developer Experience

28 de maig, per  wsantos[ —]

If your organization provides APIs, the success of those APIs depends on how well your API developer portal highlights and explains them. Current and future stakeholders will go to your API developer portal to learn everything possible about your API(s) and even your company, both from a technical standpoint and also just as importantly, from a business standpoint. How do you make sure that your developer portal is best-in-class?

Google Cardboard Gains Unity SDK to Support Open-Source Dev

28 de maig, per  KevinSundstrom[ —]

Late last year Google discontinued active development of the company’s smartphone-based VR platform: Google Cardboard. At that time, the announcement was made that Google would open-source the project, an olive branch for developers hoping to continue improving the product. Google has now released the Cardboard Unity SDK to support these efforts.

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