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Instagram Users Finally Gain Control Over Third-Party App Access

17 October, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

Instagram has announced an upcoming feature that will provide users with a simple way to manage which third-party applications have access to their personal data. The new in-app feature is expected to roll-out over the next six months and will increase visibility into how user data is being shared.

Spire Expands Aviation Services With New AirSafe API

17 October, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

Spire is a company that operates with the stated goal of “collecting data from space to solve problems on Earth.” The company does this, in part, by using a constellation of satellites to identify and track global resources and weather systems. Spire has recently announced the release of the Spire Aviation AirSafe API.

eMoney Advisor Releases API-Centric Solution to Streamline Financial Planning

17 October, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

eMoney Advisor, a financial planning software company that provides technology aimed at empowering financial advisors, has announced the release of a new API-centric solution called eMoney Access. This new service provides APIs that support financial planning, client fact data collection, and document storage.

Qeexo AutoML Brings Machine Learning to Edge Devices

16 October, by ecarter[ —]

Qeexo, a machine learning at the edge solution provider, recently introduced Qeexo AutoML. The solution is a one-click, automated platform that performs machine learning functions on edge devices. Devices like cameras, RFID readers, and other edge products take in sensor data which is then analyzed by the AutoML platform directly on the edge device.

MolecularMatch Announces new SDK and Improved Drug Search

16 October, by ProgrammableWeb PR[ —]

MolecularMatch, a clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions for oncology, announced the release of MMPower v4, the latest update to its Clinical Decision Support platform. This new release adds expanded therapeutic guidance and a new Software Developer's Kit (SDK) to broaden language support and speed up time-to-market for software developers writing custom applications integrating with the MolecularMatch platform.

Daily API RoundUp: Scrapestack, Appwrite, BuddyPress, Impala, Humanity

15 October, by joyc[ —]

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

Facebook Deprecating Legacy Instagram API in Favor of Facebook Graph API

15 October, by ecarter[ —]

Facebook has announced the deprecation of the Instagram Legacy API platform. On March 2, 2020, the Legacy API will be deprecated in favor of the Facebook Graph API. Through the Facebook Graph API, developers have access to the Basic Display API that provides the ability to import photos from Instagram, connect to Instagram profiles, and more.

New Alexa Tools Empower Developers to Build, Test, and Tune Skills

14 October, by ecarter[ —]

Amazon recently announced three features that will help developers better build, test, and tune Alexa skills. A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Evaluation Tool allows developers to batch-test utterances for a skill's interpretation against expectations. Utterance Conflict Detection allows developers to uncover utterances accidentally mapped to multiple intents.

Okta Introduces DynamicScale for Authentication at Scale

14 October, by ecarter[ —]

Okta, an enterprise identity solution provider, has announced a high capacity identity solution: DynamicScale. DynamicScale was built to perform for the most highly-trafficked apps and sites around the world. It can conduct up to 500,000 authentications per minute.

Top 10 Air Travel APIs

14 October, by joyc[ —]

Despite tremendous progress in global transport options in the last few decades, air travel still tends to be a tedious chore for most people.

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