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Google’s Cloud Vision API Removes Gender Labels

21 February, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

The Google Cloud Vision API will no longer provide gender determination as part of its image analysis functionality. The announcement directly affects the ‘LABEL_DETECTION’ function of the API which prior to today would return labels such as ‘woman’ or ‘man’.

Android 11 Introduces Range of New and Updated APIs

20 February, by EricZeman[ —]

Google surprised many when it released the first developer preview of Android 11 this week. The forthcoming version of Android has loads of new and changed APIs for developers to sink their teeth into. The biggest features tackle fifth-generation wireless, privacy, folding phones, photography and machine learning. 

Twilio Study Reveals Erosion Of Consumer Trust in Telephone Infrastucture Due to Robocalls

20 February, by david_berlind[ —]
Twilio is by all accounts one of the darlings of the API economy. Prior to Twilio’s existence, if a developer wanted to programmatically send SMS messages to hundreds of cell phones all at once, that developer’s software had to independently (and arduously) interact with the wireless carriers associated with each of those phones. 

Intellect SEEC Announces Sentiment Analysis API for Financial Services

20 February, by ProgrammableWeb PR[ —]

Intellect SEEC, the insurance software division of Intellect Design Arena Ltd, announced today the launch of its Contextual Sentiment API on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace. This API uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to provide real-time text analysis and score/measure the contextual emotional response to a product/brand or a service.

Edamam Provides Update on Its Nutrition Data APIs

20 February, by ProgrammableWeb PR[ —]

Edamam, a provider of food and nutrition data solutions to businesses in the food, health and wellness sectors reached a new milestone of 40,000 API subscribers. Edamam’s nutrition data APIs allow developers and companies to build applications that leverage Edamam’s capabilities in real-time Nutrition Analysis and Personalized Meal Recommendations, as well as to query one of the most comprehensive food nutrition databases.

SWIFT Hackathon Aims to Create Cost-Effective Financial Services in Africa

20 February, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

SWIFT, a provider of global financial messaging services, is set to host a two-day hackathon at its annual African Regional Conference (ARC). The hackathon, which will take place on April 21st - 23rd in Cape Town, South Africa, will focus on developing solutions for cross-border financial services in Africa.

Google Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring Dashboards API Now Generally Available

19 February, by ecarter[ —]

Google has announced the general availability of its Stackdriver Cloud Monitoring dashboards API. The dashboards API is part of Google Cloud. It allows users to read the configuration for existing dashboards, create new dashboards, update existing dashboards and delete dashboards no longer used.

Chrome 81 Expands Support for Augmented Reality and NFC

19 February, by EricZeman[ —]

The latest version of Google's Chrome browser packs in a bevy of new features for developers and users alike. The two big additions are support for augmented reality and hit-testing thanks to new APIs, as well as web NFC for mobile. As always, there are lots of smaller changes to the browser. Let's dig in and go over each. 

UNOS Expands UNet APIs for Medical Transplant Data

19 February, by KevinSundstrom[ —]

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is a non-profit organization that manages a national medical transplant database in coordination with the U.S. federal government. The organization operates a platform called UNet, providing developers with several APIs that enable integration with transplant data.

Daily API RoundUp: Bosch, Democracy Works, Greenbook, PrimeBit

19 February, by joyc[ —]

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

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