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Amazon Launches AWS Cost Explorer API

22 November, by jwagner[ —]

Amazon has launched a new Interactive AWS Cost Explorer API which provides access to underlying Cost Explorer data. The AWS Cost Explorer is a free tool that can be used to view AWS costs and manage AWS Spending. Developers can view AWS spending data for the past thirteen months, and forecast likely expenditures for the next three months. The tool also provides recommendations as to which Reserved Instances should be purchased.

Xillio Announces Content Integration API

21 November, by ecarter[ —]

Xillio, a content migration and integration company, announced its cloud-based API for content integration services. Through the API, developers can connect applications to various content repositories. Whether such repositories are in the cloud or on-premise content systems, the Xillio API provides a single, unified API for access to disparate content repositories. The API eliminates the need to learn the various APIs of many content repositories.

Googles Play Referrer API Lets Developers Authenticate Referrals

21 November, by EricZeman[ —]

Google believes its latest API will provide developers with the app install data they need to make effective marketing decisions. The Play Referrer API grabs core information directly from the Play Store to help validate referral content.

How About a Standard for Issuing API Service Warnings Within Successful API Responses?

21 November, by david_berlind[ —]

When, a couple of weeks ago, developers kicked up a fury over Yahoo!’s surprise deactivation of a stock quote “API," I looked into the matter and discovered that it really wasn’t an API that they were using, nor was the service (a CSV download feature of Yahoo! Finance) intended for automated programmatic consumption by developers. 

ABN AMRO Launches Developer Portal and Commercial APIs

21 November, by jwagner[ —]

ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in Netherlands, has launched the first version of its developer portal and a set of commercial APIs. The developer portal will initially provide a number of APIs for commercial clients and basic banking capabilities.

How to Track a Storm With the Tableau JavaScript SDK

19 November, by mayela_g[ —]

Visualizations are a useful component of web applications because you can display data, build mental images, and engage your audience. Tableau, the business intelligence and analytics company, explained in this tutorial how to track a storm, exploring path and wind speed by consuming their JavaScript SDK.

Daily API RoundUp: Google, Bing, Flexport, nFusion, Mux

18 November, by joyc[ —]

Every day, the ProgrammableWeb team is busy, updating its three primary directories for APIs, clients (language-specific libraries or SDKs for consuming or providing APIs), and source code samples.

Google Introduces Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, a Conversational Apps Building Platform

17 November, by jwagner[ —]

Google has introduced Dialogflow Enterprise Edition (beta), a platform for building voice and text conversational applications. The Enterprise Edition expands on all the benefits of the Standard Edition of Dialogflow providing higher default quotas for greater scalability and flexibility.

Google Adds Developer Features, Including a Push Notification API

17 November, by PatricioRobles[ —]

In an effort to woo developers to build features for Google Assistant, the search giant's virtual personal assistant offering that competes with Amazon Alexa, Google this week announced a number of new functionality that is available or will be coming to its Google Assistant platform. 

How APIs Can Inspire The Complete Reinvention of an Old Business

17 November, by david_berlind[ —]

First, I want to start off by saying that ProgrammableWeb doesn't often report on partnerships or integrations (when one company announces it’s going to consume the API of another company). I think of it as "inside baseball” (behind the scenes business stuff) and judging by the traffic that we get to such stories, they’re largely a waste of time. Hardly anyone is interested.

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