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2 juin[ —]
Rodney King: Can We All Get Along?

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2 juin[ —]
Haven't heard this discussed on Twitter or in the news. Police are in trouble, their salaries are paid by localities whose tax base has crashed. We can’t take them for granted. I have no agenda, other than a need to be safe, and know that the police are an important part of that.

Warren's candidacy

2 juin[ —]

BTW, after Elizabeth Warren pulled out, we could have had a discussion about why her candidacy failed, but every time I tried to speak, I was told I couldn't understand because I am not a woman.

Too bad, but 1/2 the electorate is male, and if you want to win, you'll need a lot of male votes. It's the same old shit, drive a wedge in the electorate, your own electorate, as a supposed winning strategy? It's nuts to think that could work.

Warren appealed to imho the worst in women, based on the belief that men should shut up and do what we say. Not unlike the flavor of the #blm discussion, btw.

The women wanted some uninterrupted time to wallow about how fucked up the world is and how women would never gain full equality. There will never be a woman president, they explained, because Warren was the best, and she didn't get the nomination. But Warren wasn't the best, and that was not the message of the Warren failure. They didn't want to hear it, and some of them, people I (used to) respect were incredibly abusive about it. These people don't want to win, they want pity. They were pretty clear about it. But I don't offer my pity in situations like this, because I don't accept the premise.

Warren wasn't a good-enough candidate. We aren't doomed to never having a woman president. But it isn't going to be Warren, until she's ready to be president for everyone. Obama did that, he didn't try to be the president for blacks, though blacks were rightfully proud, as I was, that our country had finally broken through on race, or so it seemed at the time. I will cry the day a woman is elected president, as I cried the day Obama won.

I supported the hell out of HRC, and at first supported Warren, until she started dropping in nasty bits about men into her speeches. At that point I knew if she got the nomination, she'd never get enough votes from men to win. She would've gotten my vote, but I wouldn't have liked doing it.

Yet my women friends in politics still don't see the wedge they're putting in the electorate, and possibly haven't considered the idea for next time there's a woman candidate with something to offer. Listen when a friend says you've made a mistake. You have to do it to win. If you won't do it, don't blame the world, take the blame yourself because you don't deserve to win.

We wedge ourselves

2 juin[ —]

We have to stop being so modal about the big social issues.

We should be fighting to stop mass killings with guns -- all the time -- not just after a mass killing.

Same with #blm and #metoo and fighting against the virus.

Asians are blamed for the virus, btw.

Letting the news cycle control our lives is ceding too much power to the media corporations, platforms, political parties.

We can see the wedges the Repubs create to try to separate us, but we don't see the wedges we put between ourselves.

We can mourn a black man killed by a cop at the same time we mourn a country music fan killed by a shooter in Las Vegas or a school teacher killed in Connecticut. And we can stand between a mob and Asian-American doctors trying to save us from the virus.

Trump in charge! So there!

2 juin[ —]

The lights were out in the White House while the president hunkered in the bunker freaked out and humiliated. His enemy comes into focus, it's the people out there, complaining, again, like everyone else. They can't see how smart he is. He's got to do something about this. His speech on Saturday welcoming a new wave of space exploration didn't replace the protests as the top story. Alone in the dark White House, ignored, he hatched a plan to get the spotlight back on him.

One of his aides had discovered that he could order the military into DC, due to a loophole in some law, so he was going to use that to bust out of the bunker, and get back in charge. I'll show him (er them) he said to himself (the him he was referring to was his long-dead father). I'll bring in the military and have them do something spectacular, even better than the Blue Angels flying over the cities to get all their attention (another of his spectacular plans that didn't win him the adulation he feels he deserves).

Timed to perfectly coincide with his speech, like the music playing in Apocyalypse Now or Rocky or Patton, the soldiers, on horseback, zoom in and clear the park for Trump's dramatic escape from the bunker! Super Trump. Accompanied by his sidekicks, The Law (Barr), The Gun (Esper) and The Troop (the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). Wonder Woman, of course, and the The Boy Wonder (Ivanka and Jared). Should we bring the dogs? Nahh that's too much he thought to himself but accidentally said out loud.

He spent two full days planning it out, like Captain Queeg and the strawberries. He would prove conclusively he was really in charge, even if his father didn't think he was good for anything.

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1er juin[ —]
My friend Allen Wirfs-Brock, editor of various JavaScript-related specs, asked for the story of how Frontier came to be. So I recorded this 45-minute oral history as a podcast and for the record.

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1er juin[ —]
San Jose Mercury-News: "It takes about 15 minutes of close contact for the 'viral load' to reach a threshold that causes a nearby person to catch the disease."

Morning Coffee Tweets

1er juin[ —]

I make a point of RTing people who are:

  1. Smart.
  2. Creative.
  3. Have no stake in returning to how things were before Trump, Barr, Covid-19.

Most people who do have a stake fill the pipe with punditry that confirms their desire to return to the G.O.D's. *

People who are unemployed and either insolvent, approaching insolvency, or who have "essential" jobs, have every right to tear down the system because it has written them off as expendable. If the system had no use for me, and I had the strength to tear it down, I would too.

That's why this struggle is no longer just about race. Which is good for blacks, in a perverse way, because now a lot more people are in the same boat, with lives that don't matter. And given the Repubs' unwillingness to fund local government, that includes cops too, btw.

Another thing -- for a long time I've felt we needed to have a constant citizen's presence on the streets in DC. I had given up on the idea once Covid-19 came along.

But guess what -- it happened anyway. )

They turned the lights off in the White House and Trump went to the bunker. He's just Captain Queeg, Old Yellow Stain himself, scared of the people he was elected to (in his mind) rule.

Last night. The White House with the lights turned off.

I wonder how well Mitch McConnell slept last night.

During Vietnam we used to chant "Bring the war home."

Well it's happening again. When the people of government feel the fear we feel, then you've set up inevitable change, right now, in June 2020.

Poll: Will Trump resign today, tomorrow or next week?

If he had a tiny bit more imagination he could have seen CV-19 as the biggest opportunity any president ever had. He wouldn't have had to have developed any empathy, just pure greed. Imagine how dependent we would be if he had saved our lives. He'd win in a landslide.

A police car burns last night in NY.

*good old days

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