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ASUS' take on mesh WiFi is now available

24 July, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
Mesh networking is all the rage for people who want to fill every bit of their home with sweet high-speed Wi-Fi. Lynksys, Google, Netgear, TP-Link and Eero all have devices that use the new technology to smooth out the dead spots in your home. Now As...

Snopes needs money to continue fighting fake news

24 July, by Rob LeFebvre[ —]
When you want to find out if something on the internet is true, you head to Snopes.com. The venerable fact-checking site, established in 1994 by David Mikkelson, is now part of Poynters International Fact-Checking Network, the group that Google and...

Google ships final Android O beta before official launch

24 July, by Jon Fingas[ —]
You wont have to wait too much longer to get your hands on Android O. Google has posted its fourth Developer Preview for the mobile operating system, and its the last beta youll see -- after this, the next stop is the finished version that will r...

Fairphone will stop supporting its first 'ethical' phone

24 July, by Mallory Locklear[ —]
Fairphone has announced that it will no longer be supporting the Fairphone 1, which first hit the market in 2013. That means the company wont be supplying spare parts for the phone any longer and has ceased developing the Android software update.

Orii smart ring turns your fingertip into a Bluetooth earpiece

24 July, by Richard Lai[ —]
While modern Bluetooth earpieces are more compact than ever, chances are youll still need to leave at least one stuck in your ear. This can get uncomfortable over time, not to mention the dorkiness thats been haunting this form factor since day one...

JCPenney joins the modern age and adopts Apple Pay

24 July, by Swapna Krishna[ —]
The list of stores and merchants that accept Apple Pay seems to be growing on a daily basis, and now theres one more to add to the list. JCPenneys store credit card will now work with Apple Pay, and the department store will now accept Apple Pay at...

A Twitter joke gave rise to a truly original soccer game

24 July, by Daniel Cooper[ —]
The internet has a fantastic ability to embrace a joke, and then beat it to death faster than you can mumble "my names Jeff." From Hobo With a Shotgun and Kung Fury through to Goat Simulator and Snakes on a Plane, what works as a 60-second gag rarel...

At the Mercedes museum, your rental car parks itself

24 July, by Jon Fingas[ —]
The concept of a self-parking car certainly isnt new, but Daimler is about to take the next logical step on that front. Its partnering with Bosch to launch an Automated Valet Parking service at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. When it launc...

The UK wants smart homes to become one with the energy grid

24 July, by Jamie Rigg[ —]
The UK government imagines a near future where smart home devices and appliances can help balance the scales of energy supply and demand, as well as save consumers and businesses money. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has...

An iPod Shuffle for Spotify is surprisingly essential

24 July, by Billy Steele[ —]
Thanks to Baby Driver, weve all been reminded of our love affair for the MP3 player -- namely the iPod. Now that Apple Music, Spotify and others allow us to carry millions of songs on our phones at all times, the days of frantically loading a dedica...

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