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Dune Is a Hard Book to Adapt

18 de setembre, per  Geek's Guide to the Galaxy[ —]
Anyone who's seen David Lynch's 1984 film knows Frank Herbert's book doesn't translate easily to the screen.

The Progressive Case for a TikTok Sale

18 de setembre, per  Ganesh Sitaraman, Tim Wu[ —]
A principled, hands-off approach to the internet was easier to defend in the 1990s. Today it makes no sense.

Gen Z Has a Plan to Save the Election—Starting With the Polls

18 de setembre, per  Gilad Edelman[ —]
Poll workers, who skew elderly, are in short supply during the pandemic. Meet some of the young people trying to make up the gap.

Apple One Could Be a Bundle of Problems

18 de setembre, per  Steven Levy[ —]
Plus: U2’s iPod partnership, the public sector’s need for tech minds, and unwelcome hurricane visitors.

Apple Wants You to Smash That Subscribe Button

18 de setembre, per  WIRED Staff[ —]
This week, we break down Apple’s latest announcements, from new hardware to its push into bundles and home workouts.

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans (2020): Alternatives to the Big Carriers

18 de setembre, per  Matt Jancer[ —]
If you’re a Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T subscriber, these networks may save you a lot of money each month.

WIRED25 Day 1: Be Empathetic to Each Other

18 de setembre, per  Graham Hacia[ —]
Guests like Gabriela Cámara, Ghetto Gastro, Nia DaCosta, and Brie Larson discussed how to understand where others are coming from, whether through food or films.

WIRED25: Ghetto Gastro Sees Food as a Weapon

18 de setembre, per  Jason Parham[ —]
As part of a conversation with Gabriela Cámara at our virtual conference, the cofounders of the "Black Power kitchen of tomorrow” say that what we eat can both empower and oppress us.

Director Nia DaCosta on the Real-World Horrors in 'Candyman'

18 de setembre, per  Pia Ceres[ —]
At this year's WIRED25, the writer-director talked about rebooting the classic slasher and the future of filmmaking after the pandemic.

What’s in Wildfire Smoke, and How Dangerous Is It?

18 de setembre, per  Matt Simon[ —]
Blazes on the West Coast are spewing a haze clear across the country. Along the way, the complex chemistry of what we inhale gets even more complex.

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