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Rep. Blake Farenthold's Early '90s Internet Message Board Posts Show a Whole New Side

26 July, by Ashley Feinberg[ —]
The dueling Congressman had some strong opinions about telecom and nudity.

How They Make Those Squishy Air Pillows Inside Amazon Boxes

26 July, by Michael Calore[ —]
Call them pillows of love.

Meizu Pro 7: When One Screen Isn't Enough, Try Meizu's Two-Screen Phone

26 July, by Elizabeth Stinson[ —]
The Chinese phone manufacturer's unorthodox solution to screen addiction: add another screen.

Hollywood’s VR Fantasy Was Everywhere at Comic-Con—With a Catch

26 July, by Peter Rubin[ —]
Virtual reality grabbed plenty of attention at Comic-Con this year, but only rarely did it live up to its promise.

How 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Perfected the Podcasting Long Game

26 July, by Brian Raftery[ —]
Throughout its 500 episodes, the comedy podcast has revolutionized not just the medium, but our expectations of it.

Anti-Drone Tools Tested: From Shotguns To Superdrones

26 July, by Andy Greenberg[ —]
From anti-drone shotgun shells to a drone-snagging megadrone, security researchers put the drone defense arsenal to the test.

Inside Dodge’s Face-Warpingly Fast Demon Dragster

26 July, by Eric Adams[ —]
How to build a production car so speedy, it's been banned by the National Hot Rod Association.

Grasping Robots Compete to Rule Amazon’s Warehouses

26 July, by Tom Simonite[ —]
A warehouse-themed automated rodeo has robots auditioning to work in Amazon’s fulfillment centers

The Camera Drone Company That Fell to Earth

26 July, by Jessica Pishko[ —]
With two young founders and a much-hyped product, Lily Robotics promised that its camera drone would transform photography. Then it came crashing down.

The Tricked-Out Research Planes That Fly Through Wildfires

26 July, by Menaka Wilhelm[ —]
The best way to test the gases created by wildfires is to fly a plane directly above the conflagration.

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