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Open Source Software Vendor without raising Capital

15 February, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

I realized, we did not publish these slides and videos from a talk last year telling the "XWiki story" and how we grew from 0 to 2 MEuros revenues without raising money from VCs. It talks about XWiki SAS (the company) and XWiki the Open Source software. I hope this talk can give some advice to entrepreneurs who would like to build up their own company without "selling it" before it even started.

Supercharge your collaboration with an Open Source Wiki

15 February, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

At FOSDEM 2017 I had the talk "Supercharge your collaboration with an Open Source Wiki and stop using closed source like Atlassian Confluence". Here are the slides and video of this talk.


10 February, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

XWiki SAS has published an article on our participation to FOSDEM on the XWiki Blog.


8 February, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]


Pourquoi je soutiens la campagne d'Emmanuel Macron ?

7 January, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]
Cet article est aussi publié sur medium.

Nouvelles Contributions au CNNum

December 2016, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

Think European for our Digital Future

December 2016, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

I'm cross posting and translating here a contribution I made on the French CNNum (National Digital Council) consultation.

Les contrats Open-Bar bloquent le développement des PMEs françaises du logiciel

October 2016, by Ludovic Dubost[ —]

L'émission Cash Investigation du 18 Octobre a traité le sujet du contrat OpenBar de Microsoft avec le Ministère de la Défense, denoncé depuis des années par l'April.

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