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the shred dogz and shredlove.com present a video podcast from the gallery of shredlove.com. our podcast features videos from the sdzine (monthly (...)
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monday matinee - vacation time

the matinee took a break for two weeks. ft kevin romar, brandon drummond, steven butler, nick garcia, matt mcutcheon, julian davidson, chad (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.shredlove.com/ipod/monday%20matinee%20-%20vacation%20time.m4v

monday matinee - TA HA PROMO

no one cares. what boosh thinks :) ft alec jamir, kevin romar, nick garcia, brandon drummond, julian davidson, geralle estes, billy davenport, (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.shredlove.com/ipod/monday%20matinee%20-%20TA%20HA%20PROMO.m4v

monday matinee - arizona is cold

but michael o'toole is on fire ft. alec jamir, greg crain, steven butler, mark chavez, joe clower, marcus carr.

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.shredlove.com/ipod/monday%20matinee%20-%20arizona%20is%20cold.m4v

monday matinee - Greg Crain

Thats his name. filmed by nick @ irvinesucks.com ft greg crain

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.shredlove.com/ipod/monday%20matinee%20-%20Greg%20Crain.m4v

monday matinee - The Final Ta Ha Promo

featuring...all the homies, brandon drummond, alec jamir, kevin romar, nick garcia, steven buter, jordan, mikey otoole, billy davenport, joe (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.shredlove.com/ipod/monday%20matinee%20-%20The%20Final%20Ta%20Ha%20Promo.m4v

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