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If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it. Ask13 is the show where you submit the problems that plague your life and I fix (...)
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Spooktoberfest! 8 - The Nightmarish Death!

We did it without quitting! This is the final episode of the 2018 Spooktoberfest! Our features are Nightmare City and Cemetery Man AND as an (...)

Spooktoberfest 7 - Ascension of the mind.

Welcome my children, please join us as we attain the ultimate. Elevating our minds with Altered States and Beyond the Black Rainbow. The (...)

Spooktoberfest! 6 - Ghosts, Monsters and crap! Oh my!

Tributes to antiques and antiques paying tribute! This week we've got Ghostwatch and Monster Club. This episode subverts the dichotomy... or (...)

Spooktoberfest! 5 - Watery Wolves!

Reaching the final Spooktoberfest episodes and what do we find? Dog Solders and Neon Maniacs. An underrated Werewolf move and an overrated awful (...)

Spooktoberfest! 4 - Private Configurations!

Finally! Some great movies that we both loved! Maybe it wasn't a mistake to let you freaks choose what movies we covered. No it probably was. (...)

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