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If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it. Ask13 is the show where you submit the problems that plague your life and I fix (...)
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XXXmas 2014! (Kinda)

Well it's not really a show... BUT F13 does let you know what the hell is going on AND you get some terrible singing! So that's at least... (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1983

Meerrrrrrry non faith-based holidays! Here's your ridiculous show for 1983! Our features are Microwave Massacre (And unfortunately also The (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1982

It's 1982! Our features are Q: The Winged Serpent, Raw Force, and Eating Raoul! Just imagine that I typed something witty here, no time for show (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1981

Ten episodes left this year! On deck this time we've got New Years Evil, The Burning, and Ms.45! No time to type out show notes, we've got more (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1980 (For real this time)

Well now that we've backed ourselves into a corner we have 11 shows to finish before 2015 CAN WE DO IT?!? ... probably not. ANYWAY This week (...)

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