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If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it. Ask13 is the show where you submit the problems that plague your life and I fix (...)
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Diabolical Decades - 1968

This weeks features are: The Green Slime, Kuroneko, and a psychadelic slice of weird featuring the Monkees called "Head". One of these movies is (...)

Diabolical Bonus! - Godzilla 2014

To celebrate Gareth Edwards new Godzilla movie (and simultaneously condemn Roland Emmerich) we're doing a bonus show reviewing Godzilla 2014! (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1967

We've got Shit-sgetti Westerns, Blatant Attention-whoring and Skull-Finding fantasticness. It MUST be 1967! Out features this week are 7 Pistols (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1966

It's 1966 and t's the freakout episode!... except not really. Well you MIGHT freak out when you try to watch our features this week. Manos, the (...)

Diabolical Decades - 1965

Alright people 1965 is go! Five months into the year and we've done five episodes! We're fucked. But at any rate, our features this week are (...)

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