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If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it. Ask13 is the show where you submit the problems that plague your life and I fix (...)
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Cinema Diabolica - 66 - From Sergio, with love...

So it's a little late and it's a little long.. it's a show! THIS week we gently caress Sergio Martino in our Diabolical Directors love chamber! (...)

Cinema Diabolica - 65 - Masteriguanation

This week we not only bring you an episode title you cant pronounce but ALSO some voicemails, weirdness, insanity, and somewhere in there we (...)

Cinema Diabolica - 64 - Lenzi-biens

Gather round you mushmouthed freaks and I'll tell you a tale. A tale of a director with a wacky name. This week we've got Umberto Lenzi for (...)

Cinema Diabolica - 63 - The Moldy Killers

It's Mushroom time! Hooray! This week we tapdance around any actual content, until we get to this weeks features: MATANGO Attack of the Mushroom (...)

Cinema Diabolica - 62.5 - GIMMIE A SEC... GEEZ!

Alright alrght, so after Wondercon it was harder to recover than I thought! we'll have a regular show for you this weekend but in the MEANtime. (...)

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