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My name is Christopher Harley and I’m a cab driver living and working in Portland, Oregon. In my eight years of cabbing, I’ve ferried close to (...)
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Come Fly With Me: I’m a Gossip Monger!

Flight crews are always a gamble. It’s not like they’re going to give a cabbie any trouble or anything. It’s just that sometimes they’re so, so…well (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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Just Sit, Listen and Turn Left After Dairy Queen.

It goes without saying that cabbies have to be ready for anything. Sometimes that just means being there to listen. I seldom fight the urge to (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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Drunken Brawler Declines DVDs

I average close to 3000 customers in the course of a year. It still amazes me that I even consider letting a guy with a bloody gash over one eye (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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Thanksgiving Epilogue and Christmas Prologue

The older I get, the further I move, in an emotional sense, from familial traditions like holiday gatherings. That isn’t to imply that I’m making a (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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You’ve Got to Know, and the Operative Word is Know, When to Hold’em.

It’s no play on words to say that each time I record a podcast; I’m really just calling it in. That’s how the podcast is set up. I call from my cell (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
  • play episode https://pdxcabbie.podbean.com/mf/feed/57z2k6/Gambling.mp3

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