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The Psych Files is a blog and podcast written and hosted by an experienced psychology teacher and elearning specialist. The content is designed (...)
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Final Episode of The Psych Files

I’ve decided, after 13 years, to bring the show to a close. Time to move on to other things. It’s been great, I’ve learned so much and I wanted to (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Ep 340 What's a High Sensation Seeker?

Do you like to bungee jump? Perhaps you’re into parachuting or wing suit flying? If so, you’re probably a “high sensation seeker”. In this (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Ep 339: What Makes a Song Appealing?

Music researchers analyzed over 700 top Billboard songs (which included examining over 80,000 chords) and they determined that the (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Ep 338: What Role Are Women Really Playing? The Bechdel Test

In movies and TV, women are understandably tired of playing roles like the “Wife” or the “Girlfriend”. Nowadays we’re seeing more women in film and TV (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Ep 337: Why Do We Think Women Aren't Funny?

Have you ever heard someone say that they don’t think that women can be funny? I have to admit that I didn’t hear that until recently, so I looked (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
  • play episode https://audioboom.com/posts/7417932.mp3?modified=1574368630&source=rss&stitched=1

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