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Think Harry Potter is just for kids? Think again.
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Exciting Stuff From the Makers of HPProgs (That’s us)

Hey everyone!! Since we have started HP Progs, we have talked about doing podcasts on other subjects as well. We even had a podcast for the TV (...)

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Going to Azkatraz and Interested in Starting a Harry Potter Podcast?

HPEF announced some VERY exciting news today: The Next Biggest Podcast Idol Survivor Do you have what it takes to be the next Potter Podcast (...)

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Official Half Blood Prince Movie Posters Revealed

We can finally see some of the official Half Blood Prince Movie Posters and they are NICE! Tell us what you think of the posters! (Hat tip: A.S. (...)

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Japanese Half Blood Prince Trailer Now Online

You can now see the recently released Japanese Half Blood Prince Trailer on youtube. There are some new scenes that we haven’t seen before. (...)

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to Get a PG Rating

The website, Rope of Silicon is reporting that the MPAA has given Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince a PG Rating for “for scary images, some (...)

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