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Mad mashups, maniac mixes, tonal terrorism, bootiful bootlegs, cringeworthy covers and radical rants, presented by Tim from the (...)
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RC 330: Lost Stars

Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark? This episode is more of a downbeat/upbeat commemoration of some artists we have lost recently, (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
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Interesting Chords: The Girl From Ipanema

My dad – who was a jazz guitarist in his spare time – has a phrase ‘interesting chords’, like ‘some of those chords are interesting‘ i.e. unusual. He (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
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Chicken Attack OooHoOohHOh

I knew about Japanese yodeller Takeo Ischi but I didn’t know about his work with The Gregory Brothers…love the Spaghetti Western meets Japan via (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
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RC 329: One Nation Under A Roof

It’s Really Interesting Arse-kicking Audio, kids! Cease and desist what you’re doing and listen! A Universal middle finger response for those with (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
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RIP Peter Green

I actually have this lined up for the next podcast but one, it was supposed to be in 329 but ran out of time. The next but one podcast is called (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
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