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Two girls who’d rather watch a game than read a romance novel take you along as they discuss the world of sports. The Girls disect everything from (...)
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Episode 217 - Lessons Learned, French Riots and Fantoo Fans to Thank with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from...what we've learned. And it's aplenty, but it can be distilled down to two key things: judging (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.fantoo.com/podcast/mp3/fantoo_ep217.mp3

Episode 216 - Sabbaticals, Perfect Games and Bulging Discs with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from their second-to-last show! For a while anyway. We've decided to take a sabbatical. Carol is going to (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.fantoo.com/podcast/mp3/fantoo_ep216.mp3

Episode 215 - Cinco de Mayo, Tasers, Lap Bands and the Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from Cinco de Mayo, where we ponder the hardline stance taken by Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer against (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.fantoo.com/podcast/mp3/fantoo_ep215.mp3

Episode 214 - Contracts, Playoffs and What's In A Name? with The Girls!

Today The Girls are coming to you live from...the Today Show, where they finally have a reason to fire Tiki Barber. It wasn't enough for him to (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.fantoo.com/podcast/mp3/fantoo_ep214.mp3

Episode 213 - Devils, Angels and SHAQPLOSION with the Girls!

Today we're coming to you live from ground zero of the imminent Shaqplosion. What's that you ask? Well, that's when Shaq is brought to his knees (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://www.fantoo.com/podcast/mp3/fantoo_ep213.mp3

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