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The World’s Technology Podcast. Our podcast keeps you up to date on all the latest news in global technology. The World is a US-based (...)
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WHO releases new guidelines, sends team to China; Elections in Singapore and Poland; Turkish court annuls Hagia Sophia decree

Top of The World — our morning news round up written by editors at The World. Subscribe here. The World Health Organization released new guidelines (...)

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From Louisiana to Taiwan, environmental activists stand up to a major plastics company

From Southeast Asia to the United States, activists have called attention in recent years to the harmful impact of chemical companies such (...)

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Global network of young people writes poems to cope with climate crisis

Some people might find it naïve to talk about poetry as a climate solution, but the arts represent one of the more powerful ways that people (...)

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Can direct air capture make a real impact on climate change?

Christoph Beuttler, carbon dioxide removal manager and policy expert at Climeworks, said that since the company started 11 years ago in Zurich, (...)

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Fires and coronavirus are a deadly combination for the Amazon’s Indigenous people

Last year’s fires in the Amazon captured the world’s attention. They raged across Brazil, engulfing the recently deforested Amazon jungle. Smoke (...)

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