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Two short (5 minutes or less) podcasts every week in clearly spoken English will help you to improve your listening skills and learn new words (...)
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Dogs must be carried on the escalator.

A special steam train at Farringdon station, to celebrate 150 years of the London Underground. Photo by diamond geezer/flickr. Here in Britain, (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Mid-life Crisis

Will your mid-life crisis look like this?………. Do you know what I mean when I say that someone is “middle-aged”? If you are “middle-aged” you are (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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The King under the Car Park

King Richard III of England. Are the remains found under a car park in Leicester his? In the city of Leicester, in central England, a group of (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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School dinners

This is one of the school meals which Martha Payne photographed for her blog. She had carrot soup, pasta with meat and vegetables and more (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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Dull and Boring

Dull, twinned with Boring Do you know the English word “dull”? “Dull” is the opposite of “bright”. Often it means “uninteresting”. We can talk about (...)

  • Category: LEARNING
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