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Think is a daily, topic-driven interview and call-in program hosted by Krys Boyd covering a wide variety of topics ranging from history, (...)
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The Trial And (Mostly) Error Of Medieval Science

People who lived during the Middle Ages ran into many of the same health problems we see today. The biggest difference, of course, is they had (...)

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Meet Your Microglia: The Brain Cells That Heal And Harm Us

Most of the time, our immune system protects us – though there are times when it overreacts and harms us further. The same can happen with our (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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The Role Of Animals In Human Pandemics

Scientists have been on alert for years for the next pandemic, focusing on an animal-to-human zoonotic transmission. And now it’s here. Science (...)

  • Category: CULTURE-ARTS
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An Astrophysicist Searches The Cosmos For Meaning

When we look at the stars in the night sky, it’s easy to wonder about our personal significance to a universe so vast. Brian Greene, professor of (...)

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How Covid-19 Attacks Our Immune System

The world has been upended by coronavirus as we wait and hope for a vaccine. New York Times reporter Matt Richtel joins host Krys Boyd to talk (...)

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