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Steve Kaufmann, author of The Linguist and founder of www.thelinguist.com, shares his experiences in learning to speak 9 languages and on (...)
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Learning Multiple Languages at Once: Is It a Good Idea?

I don’t think it takes any special talent to learn multiple languages. Some people may do better than others, but everyone can do it. Some may (...)

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Online Language Learning & Measuring Progress

Traditionally, language learners have been divided into three groups: those who learn informally on their own, those who attend school, and those (...)

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How Long to Get to a Conversational Level in a Language?

Conversation implies a two-way exchange of language. Therefore, reaching a conversational level implies quite a high level of comprehension of (...)

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English Grammar 101

In order to speak English well you need to learn how words are used and how they come together to form phrases and sentences. Only a lot of (...)

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Learning a Language is Like Falling in Love

I have been asked to redo the recording for this podcast that I did over two years ago. Here it is again. This evening I have to give a short (...)

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