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Listen to some great little tunes you’’ll never hear on the radio. Vintage and obscure Soul, Ska, Surf, PowerPop and Rock & Roll, selected for (...)
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EPISODES Podcast #42

The Dorktones play some sloppy shit again in this forty-second episode of our Podcast. It features lots of those fine and obscure (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode here Podcast #41

A mellow podcast this week, full of dorky tunes. Our bad-mannered DJ, William J. le Petomane, realized he has tried too hard to please you, our (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode show Podcast #44

After last weeks strange Podcast episode you’ll be glad to know that this week all is back to normal. Our bad-mannered wannabe DJ, (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode here Podcast #43

A very weird episode #43 of the Podcast this week. Strange things happen in the studio and it involves Pieter, the dorky Dorktones (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode here Podcast #45

No Christmas special this week on the Podcast issue #45. Instead we present you a Christmas psychedelic pop present. We also (...)

  • Category: ROCK and POP
  • play episode here

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