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Robots is the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. In addition to insights from high-profile professionals, (...)
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#306: Microlocation, with David Mindell

David Mindell discusses a system developed to measure location at centimeter accuracy

  • Category: SCIENCE
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#305: Coordination, Cooperation, and Collaboration, with Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar, director of GRASP Lab at UPenn, on multi-robot systems.

  • Category: SCIENCE
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#304: Haptics and Virtual Interactions, with Heather Culbertson

Dr. Heather Culbertson discusses her research in haptics at the University of Southern California

  • Category: SCIENCE
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#303: Fostering Creativity: RSS Pioneers and the YOLO Robot, with Patrícia Alves-Oliveira

Patrícia Alves-Oliveira on RSS Pioneers and how robots can support creativity in children

  • Category: SCIENCE
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#302: Robots That Can See, Do, and Win, with Juxi Leitner

Juxi Leitner, co-founder of Lyro Robotics, on grasping and manipulation.

  • Category: SCIENCE
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