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Dave Dameshek: 7/14/08

Dameshek, Denholm, and Long discuss tonight's Home Run Derby and other MLB issues

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=5802xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/989/dameshek/source/dameshek080714.mp3

Dave Dameshek: 7/11/08

Dameshek, Denholm, and Long talk to ESPN's Chris Carter, ESPN's Matthew Berry, and Kevin Hench of foxsports.com

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=5802xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/989/dameshek/source/dameshek080711.mp3

Dave Dameshek: 7/8/08

Dameshek, Denholm, and Long talk to ESPN's Ric Bucher about Elton Brand leaving the Clippers plus Clipper Fans' reaction to the (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=5802xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/989/dameshek/source/dameshek080708.mp3

Dave Dameshek: 7/9/08

Dameshek, Denholm, and Long talk to Henry Bibby, former USC Basketball Head Coach who is now with the 76ers about Elton (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=5802xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/989/dameshek/source/dameshek080709.mp3

Dave Dameshek: 7/10/08

Dameshek, Denholm, and Long talk to Baron Davis the newest Clipper, Mark Sanchez, QB for USC, and Akexi Lalas, GM of the LA (...)

  • Category: SPORTS
  • play episode http://podloc.andomedia.com/dloadTrack.mp3?prm=5802xhttp://query-origin.andohs.net/8000A6/content-root3.andomedia.com/origin/mp3/stations/989/dameshek/source/dameshek080710.mp3

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